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Enter To Win: Anthropologie Pop Up Crafting Class in Berlin!

Hello everyone! I’m so excited to share a fun contest though I realize that few can enter because it’s for an event taking place in Berlin this Friday! BUT, if you happen to live nearby and want to take part, please read on… To celebrate Anthropologie’s new GERMAN website (they now ship free to Germany if you spend 75 € or more), they will present a special Anthropologie pop up cafe at the lovely Barcomi’s Cafe in Berlin for ONE WEEK ONLY from November 23 – 28th. How cool is THAT, Germany!?


As part of this very special event, I have been invited to teach a gift wrapping class on November 25th (Yes, THIS Friday!) in their pop up space at Barcomi’s Cafe from 4:00-6:00 p.m. and I can’t wait! All are allowed to visit (of course) and hang out with us but only 8 will have a seat in my crafty corner while I teach you one-on-one how to wrap your presents with personality using found papers, ribbons, rubber stamps, masking tape and other crafty things. I’ll bring the supplies, and you can take the things that you make home with you, too. Along with my special two hour class, we’ll chat over homemade Barcomi’s cakes and coffee (or tea) and each of my 8 special winners will receive a 25 € gift card to shop Anthropologie online. How fun is that!?

If you’d like to join us, please enter by:

1.) LIKING Anthropologie Deutschland on Facebook


2.) Sign up for their newsletter and finally…

3.) Leave a comment below with your name (first/last) and why you’d like to take my class. It’s that simple!

I’ll draw the winning names on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23 and you will be contacted by email on Wednesday IF YOU HAVE WON. Please only ENTER IF YOU CAN ATTEND THE CLASS otherwise this special contest and offer is not valid and will be awarded to another person.

I can’t wait to see you on Friday – remember ENTER TODAY!

(image: holly becker)

Posted in contests on November 21, 2011

What Liberty Ate

I’m so in love with e-mags but we need more spice and variety out there because they are basically starting to all look the same. Have you noticed? That’s why when a new one hits the web, I flip through it yearning to find a new perspective, fresh ideas, and something that makes me stop and say ohhh yes, that’s a nice idea… It’s funny how picky we are despite that this content is always free – I don’t know anyone charging for e-mags (though I think everyone should be but that’s a whole ‘nother conversation), BUT we the consumers are particular about what we consume – free or not – simply because most of us have zero “free” time and anything, even the pure pleasure of reading a magazine or book, requires setting aside the time to actually do it. When I consume anything lately, particularly online, I make sure it’s really good stuff. What I’m about to show you is quite worth your time to peruse – I think it’s really well done for a one-woman-show. Meet Gabriela and What Liberty Ate….

What Liberty Ate e-mag

It seems that most e-mags come out of America, though more and more are starting to pop up in the UK, Europe and abroad (which I love and wholeheartedly support – we need diversity!). That’s why when I heard from Gabriela Iancu, a graphic designer and photographer in the Czech Republic, I had to learn more about her brand new e-mag called What Liberty Ate. Here are a few of my favorite glimpses…

Desserts for Breakfast_spread

What Liberty Ate e-mag

What Liberty Ate e-mag

What Liberty Ate e-mag

Gabriela loves food and travel, and her beautiful blog deliciously shares her love with others. She thought to combine the two with some of her favorite food bloggers and created a magazine to shine a spotlight on the best food photography around the world. In What Liberty Ate, you can find interviews with American food bloggers like Sprouted Kitchen, Desserts for Breakfast and Not without Salt along with food bloggers in Romania like the ladies behind I’m Learning to Cook, the Delightful and Bite and Cook. There are also lots of delicious recipes for the season (cookies, my favorite!) and Gabriela traveled to Venice and the old town district of Prague to capture the mood of both cities and to talk about the foods there that she enjoyed.

Picture 49

What Liberty Ate e-mag

All I can say is nom, nom, nom! What a sweet magazine and I hope that you enjoy it as much as currently am. A big congratulations to Gabriela for the courage and confidence to pursue your dreams and turn them into a published e-mag. Woot woot!

(images: what liberty ate magazine)

Posted in Books + Magazines on November 18, 2011

Sweet William: New Prints

I’ve talked about Sweet William before since I’ve been a fan for quite awhile… I guess that’s why I perked up when I noticed a bit of a new direction in their recent work and felt incredibly inspired by it! I admire designers and artists who experiment outside of their comfort zone (and of that of their clients) and like this fresh look into the creative mind of Sweet William. They’re not changing their overall aesthetic at all, but they did just add-in a couple of new archival quality prints of paintings that are a bit different from all of their other things. And I like it…

Sweet William Prints

Sweet William Prints

I think it is daring and needed (for our own sanity!) at times to break things up. What do you think? Most artist reps out there would frown on my opinion and I can see why as one does need to be consistent and marketable with their vision and work to stay afloat, BUT I still applaud it when creatives allow themselves space and freedom to experiment and evolve.

When money enters the room, we tend to stick to creating what sells and forget the fact that we began as a creator, as an artist, and that we owe it to ourselves to let our passion and vision come before money and fame. I am such a believer in this.

I think these prints are great – nice work, Sweet William!

(images: sweet william)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on November 17, 2011

Kirath Ghundoo Wallpaper

I gave a lecture this past September at 100% Design in London and vowed to write about Kirath Ghundoo’s Mix ‘n’ Match 11 collection of wallpaper since she was exhibiting there and well, because it’s amazing!

Kirath Ghundoo Wallpaper

I love the color palette that she works with and the unique mix of patterns that she uses to communicate her vision. Inspired by fashion, geometric patterns, architecture and vivid, often unexpected color combinations, Kirath’s collection of wallpaper makes me happy.

Kirath Ghundoo Wallpaper

Her paper would make a bold statement in any room, I find it very unique and playful. I like how you can mix and match (hence the name) between seven different patterns to create your own feature wall. You can mix them or simply hang a single strip, mounting it to a wall, a door, wooden closet door, anything goes!

Kirath Ghundoo Wallpaper

Kirath Ghundoo Wallpaper

Kirath Ghundoo Wallpaper

Psst: If you like what you see, you can purchase it from her online shop here.

Love! Swoon! Gush! I’ve just exploded from so much happy!

(images: kirath ghundoo)

Posted in Rooms on November 17, 2011


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