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Filming In My Work Studio Today

Hello everyone! I’ve had such a fun day so far so I have to share it with you! This morning a film team came from Berlin to shoot a video in my work studio and in one of my favorite Hannover shops, Raumformplan, owned by lovely Janin. The film is for the Myself magazine (a Conde Nast publication) Liebling Awards in which I was nominated – it’s a very exciting honor and next week I’ll fly to Munich to attend their red carpet event and awards ceremony to see who will win. I’m so excited about it!

Photos from today - outtakes

Outtakes in my studio today

Photos from today - outtakes

(From left – Producer – Lutz Winde, Makeup artist – Miriam Spiegel, me, Camera – Sebastian Woithe.)

The film was for them to share at the show – very fun! In the shop I had to pretend I was interested in some Ferm Living pillows and in my work studio I was pretending to be writing and blogging — oh and of course working on a mood board on my table! It was lovely to work with producer Lutz Winde, camera man Sebastian Woithe and makeup artist Miriam Spiegel.

Outtakes in my studio today

Outtakes in my studio today

Outtakes in my studio today

Yes I have two desks in my work room and huge, long white conference table in the middle of the room. It’s a great space to teach, lay out projects and have a guest come work for the day.

I loved every minute of working with these lovely people today – we got through everything quickly and laughed a lot. I also gained three new friends from it – which made me even happier because I love making new friends in Germany – makes living here that much sweeter. Above are some outtakes of me at my desk in my hot pink tights and grey dress from kew159 in London. The other photo is of me and the crew in my work studio. I had such a great time, it felt good to be famous for minute. :)

Thank you Janin at Raumforplan for letting us use your shop and thanks to Miriam, Lutz and Sebastian for such a great time!

(images: portraits of me – thorsten becker + room views – holly becker)

Posted in Books + Magazines on October 11, 2011

Louise Body Designs

Did I tell you that I was able to see the highly regarded collection of designer Louise Body after my lecture at Decorex last month? Oh I did… And it was simply fantastic to be a part of it all. Here are some photos so you can see what her recent work looks like. I’ve been a fan for a long time and love seeing how she evolves. The shots of pink and yellow in these cushions below make me smile. It all looks very English, doesn’t it?

Louise Body Designs

Louise Body Designs

Louise Body Designs

Louise Body Designs

Louise Body Designs

What about you? Spot anything you like?

When I blog of these beautiful things designed by talented people I think of how I could have the most interesting interiors shop if I ever decided to open one with the bevy of contacts that I have. I truly love design and it would warm my heart to see my favorite things living together in one shared space – a decor8 shop! I’m returning to a dream I had for many years… to become a shop owner. I saw a few vacant places recently in my neighborhood and felt a chill of excitement as I peeked inside. I thought of the potential, my ideas, the events I could host… I once held the dream of shop ownership so closely to my chest but then decided to write a book and the dream was tucked into my back pocket. Though I plan to write more books, I’m reconsidering this idea of being a shop girl and well… perhaps in a few years… We shall see.

(images: louise body)

Posted in Designers + Stylists on October 10, 2011

Atelier Areti – New Lighting!

If you like birds then one of these lamps will surely light you up today! As mentioned in the previous post, I attended 100% Design in London last month as a speaker and was able to briefly walk around grabbing vendors materials who caught my eye as I went. One company, Atelier Areti, had some fabulous lighting on display. This interdisciplinary design practice is based in both London and France with partner studios in Sweden and Germany.

Atelier Areti

Atelier Areti Lighting

Atelier Areti Lighting

Atelier Areti Lighting

I love their Acorn and Alouette lights but for a more sophisticated pendant, the Gris shown directly above is sexy and gorgeous. I would love the Alouette lamp in black or white for my desk – the desk lamp with the bird on top – it’s the best isn’t it?!?

(images: atelier areti)

Posted in Objects on October 10, 2011

Katie Bourne Children’s Wallpapers

I recently spoke at 100% Design in London and while there, I walked around to check out the latest and greatest in the world of design and it was with pleasure that I met Katie Bourne of Katie Bourne Interiors. This charming illustrator was there to launch her exclusive children’s wallpapers based on her own childhood memories of growing up in rural Staffordshire, England. These wallcoverings are made and printed in England using traditional techniques on high quality, sustainable forest paper in gorgeous classic colorways that are soothing and lovely.

katie bourne interiors

About the small collection Katie says, “I thought about my friends and what they like when I was designing the range. My collection is created for parents who are design conscious and want the nursery to be an extension of their home’s design concept, whilst being something that their children can love growing up with too” Katie explains.

Katie’s inspiration came from traditional children’s books and her own childhood, “This collection really feels like an extension of me. The characters and scenes have been taken from scenes of my childhood; from the farm I grew up on, and fields I used to play in, to birthday celebrations and outings with my family and friends; they all stemmed from personal experiences,” Katie explained. Her goal in designing this range was to infuse it with not only her own past and personality but to feed children’s imaginations so that they may be able to create their own stories while looking upon it, or that parents could have a jumping off point and do some storytelling of their own.

To learn more or place an order, please visit Katie’s website.

(images: katie bourne)

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