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Color Inspiration

Color Inspiration From Sweden

January 14, 2011

I think we could all use a little color inspiration today! I’m already seeing it in stores here, but mostly in pastel tones for Easter. I’m thinking we turn up the volume this year and make the pastel-filled Easter a bit more graphic and strong. Perhaps mix your pastels with some stronger shades of the same hue (pale yellow with mustard, for instance, adding in some black for strength). These colorful rooms from Swedish magazine Skona Hem may spark some ideas for you.

Color Inspiration From Sweden

Color Inspiration From Sweden

Color Inspiration From Sweden

Do any of these looks excite you? Spot any corners that you’d like to try at home this Spring?

(images: skona hem)


The Creative Finder

January 14, 2011

I received some information about The Creative Finder and thought it could potentially be a good resource to share with those of you looking to either find or hire someone in a creative field OR if you want to find work or share your portfolio online. MySpace has become the spot for indie musicians to network, perhaps The Creative Finder will be a sort of MySpace for creatives? Only time will tell.

The Creative Finder

Orlagh Murphy, Illustrator, Ireland

For now, have a look around and tell me what you think. There are not many portfolios on the site yet but let’s hope they’ll grow because the potential is there. The only problem I see is that it doesn’t seem to be curated so it could become difficult for companies to use this site if it is not curated somehow — I think that is the main reason why so many companies work straight through agents to find talent, this work is all done for them. Perhaps The Creative Finder can think of a way to make it work long term.

About The Creative Finder, “The Creative Finder is a global directory that targets businesses looking to hire professional creatives such as illustrators, photographers, designers, and art directors…. it is also a platform that allows creatives to manage their works and maximize their exposure towards decision-makers across all industries and countries, via both online and offline channels.”

The Creative Finder

Alli Coate, Illustrator, USA

You can find the work of stylists, photographers, illustrators, music composers and more on this site AND if you are a creative looking to network, why not join (a basic account is free) and see what happens? Spread the word if you feel this site could be helpful to you and your friends, too!

(images: the creative finder)

Decorating Tips

Vintage Industrial Decorating Tips + HKLiving

January 13, 2011

Is vintage industrial a style that interests you? If so, you’ll like this find. I found out about HKLiving just yesterday after buying an industrial pendant light from them at Die Wohngeschwister in Hamburg. HKLiving is a home collection offering everything from lighting to furniture and interior accessories and is owned by Dutch designer Emiel Hetsen along with his partners Saskia Wesselius and Sander Klaver. Emiel launched his company in 2008 and along with product design, he also has a background in selling antique and vintage furniture and by the looks of his collection, his background resulted in a strong, cohesive collection. HKLiving has appeared in several European design magazines, you can see a few spreads below from VTWonen and Skona Hem.

Vintage Industrial Decorating Tips + HKLiving

Vintage Industrial Decorating Tips + HKLiving

What do you think of this look? These products are not offered yet in the US, though I’m sure you can find similar products at stores near you and I can bet that you’ll be seeing this look more and more in the states — the vintage industrial look is a big trend here.

If you like vintage industrial but want to mix some elements of it in with your own style to create a look, you can go a few ways with it, try these ideas:

* Go clean and graphic — Minimalistic with bold black as an accent, a large metal initial on the wall, chalkboard paint in the dining room, industrial stools at the bar in your kitchen. This look is mostly black and white with a shot of bold color if you wish. Orange is a nice accent and can be brought it by placing a bright orange metal chair at your desk or an orange vase on your table. Floors can be painted white, black or if you are lucky, natural hardwood that is original and a bit rough around the edges. Polished concrete is another option.

* Go country by bringing in pinstripes in black and white for your fabrics along with creamy white (with a yellow tone) mixed with your bright whites (which often have a blue or gray. Add some pastel color – a pale mint wooden cabinet for instance. Mix in original vintage elements like an old wooden farmhouse table, a farmhouse sink for the kitchen, etc. along with your faux vintage pieces. Style with fresh flowers (pink roses, white peonies or lavender for instance), layer blankets on your bed and mix the patterns of your linens, buy a comfy sofa (brown leathers or white linens work nicely), and add wicker baskets as storage for that pile of magazines near your favorite chair.

* Go bright and have fun by adding in patterns (try gray stars or petite floral prints) and bright colors like red, blue and pink. You can bring in a pink Smeg fridge and colorful Cath Kidston wallpaper. Add a vintage industrial light over your dining table in bold yellow. Paint a crate bright red and use for storage.

* Go the natural route by bringing in lots of warmth and texture with reindeer furs and cow hides (cruelty-free or faux), driftwood and branches in vases. Think “rustic” and natural. Mango wood tables, a whitewashed coffee table, comfortable seating that you can sink into, vintage industrial furniture like black metal lockers for storage or crates on wheels as a bedside table. This is purely optional, but you can bring in some ethnic accents into this look — silver Moroccan poufs, a white wooden tea table with silver metal tray, etc.

There are other ways to use vintage industrial items in a way that suits you. You can even mix and match some of these ideas above, for instance the natural and rustic style can work nicely combined with the country look. With clean and graphic, you can add in some country elements to make it a bit French flea market-esque.

Note: Don’t only go faux or else your home risks becoming a Faux Chateau, a slang term right up there with McMansion that my friend Laurie uses to describe the interior of a home that has all reproduction pieces in it and nothing genuinely vintage or antique. Mix your faux pieces that are beautifully made and look very authentic, like those at HKLiving with those that are actual vintage pieces that you found at a flea market for best decorating results. This is what I do and it works for me and hopefully can work for you, too. :)

What about where you live, do you see this look creeping in or is it already popular?

(images: hkliving + herzlich wohnen)

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