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Fresh Greens + Blues: Painted Furniture

I’m really tempted to paint a single piece of furniture in the house a minty beach glass green or a striking aqua right now. This obsession began over a year ago when I first saw a chippy country style sofa table on the blog of Fryd+Design… This one below, see?

via: Fryd+Design

I couldn’t get that image out of my head for the longest time, then one day POOF! it vanished but almost as quickly as I had forgotten it, I remembered all over again when I was at a store and saw a lovely old battered table in the same color. From that day forward, my obsession continues. Seems like a lot of people like just a smidgen of this color at home as an accent. Here are some recent examples that I found around the web.

Photographed by Nancy Nolan and designed by Tobi Fairley, shown in Traditional Home magazine via House of Turquoise.

Home of Jasna Janekovic in Germany via Tamar Schechner.

Urban Outfitters bookshelf, cabinet from Vita Ranunkler, cabinet from garden view cottage.

Stylist Tara Sloggett

ferm living.

Painted wooden stairs from light locations.

Le Versha Chair from Anthropologie

Debi Treloar’s amazing home in London (also available to rent as a location space).

VTWonen Inspired

VTWonen magazine

Don’t you want to run out and paint something quick!?

(images linked to their sources above.)

Posted in Decorating Tips on March 08, 2011

Happy Monday Inspirations

I thought that by approaching Monday with a positive “let’s do THIS” attitude today that it might help me to get through my painfully long task list this week. Gulp! I’ve got a lot on my plate but I wouldn’t have it any other way because the truth is that a busy schedule invigorates me if I’m busy doing things that I like. You must feel the same!

[Affordable furniture from UO: mint green bookshelf, gold chair, patchwork chair, metal storage shelf, birdcage hanging lamp and the concert folding chair.]

Truth is, I’ve been thinking a lot about my business lately and some new project ideas which has me very inspired and motivated because I believe that you have to be in the right place emotionally at the right time in order to put certain plans into motion — I believe that I’m ready for taking on some new (but still decor8-related) projects and as I go, I’ll certainly tell you about them.

We evolve as people and so does our decorating style, interests, friendships, even where we live and the foods we eat — life is really about knowledge, growth, change, improvement, working hard to make our life better and to help those around us amongst many other things. I think that when you begin a week on a positive note and view it as a way to evolve and grow – by Friday you will have learned a few new things and quite possibly found an illuminating realization or discovery along the way.

[I love this cabinet because I want one just like it for my office to store props and supplies in. This is from Purl Bee.]

Living At Home

[I’m inspired by how this book was wrapped in white paper and then decorated with Japanese masking tape as shown in German magazine Living At Home.]

[I love these patterns from Abbey Hendrickson.]

[Bolts of gorgeous Amy Butler fabric and a patch on a jeans pocket. Patches in general are inspiring me currently.]

[The 60s vibe of this white dress and the gorgeous details and these fresh colors from Lilly Pulitzer.]

[Sequin-toe shoes from J.Crew, lace bowls by Hideminy, Orla Kiely candles, sequin pillow from Urban Outfitters.]

Let’s face, you can’t have an “A-ha!” moment unless you are out there surrounding yourself with what you help you to connect the dots. Work, people, family, going outside of your comfort zone, pushing yourself a little hard, testing your ideas… Monday is the starting point to a new week and a new change to go out into the world to gather and give.

To begin the week on a positive note this post contains inspiring finds from around the web. Please click on the links under each image above to see more. It’s a nice way to begin the week – to share what is currently inspiring me with the goal to inspire you as well. Enjoy!

(images linked to their sources above)


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Decorate + decor8 on Facebook!

I got up this morning and felt so inspired to begin a new week… and I’m starting to feel really excited about my book launching on March 25 in the UK — I can’t wait! I have a Facebook fan page for Decorate and I’d love it if you would join because I’m not only sharing book contributors and their websites each day until the launch, but I’m also going to start listing upcoming book tour dates. So far, I have a book launch party secured in London on April 13 (I’ll tell you where soon) and a book signing and blogger meet up scheduled in Amsterdam on June 25.


I’ll also be speaking at the Blogher/Creative Connection event in St. Paul (please come if you can!!!) on September 15 and doing a book signing there that weekend, and on Sunday, September 18th I’ll be in Berlin speaking at a huge event for small business that Etsy is hosting called Hello Etsy. It feels good to be booking dates to get out there and meet lots of you – I can’t wait.

To stay in the loop please join the Decorate Facebook Page and if you’d like, the decor8 Facebook page too — I’m posting stuff regularly on both fan pages for the book and the blog. :)


Here’s to getting out there to mix +  mingle and sell some books – yay! These are exciting times for sure.

P.S. Thank you Casasugar for the great review!

(image: holly becker for decor8)

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Cotton Love Home

Would you like to go shopping with me for a moment today? We can… c’mon — let’s go visit Susan Sheller from Cotton Love Home in Woollahra, Sydney, Australia. This lovely shop is both chic and casual and specializes in Belgian interiors with an infusion of the Hamptons and a dash of ethnic chic. I love eclectic style – taking this from that corner of the world and combining it with something else from another favorite culture and boom – you have created a look of your own. How do you make it work? The common thread is usually the color palette that holds everything together.

In the case of Cotton Love Home, it’s color (mostly neutrals), patterns (subtle graphic prints) and texture (objects that are very tactile from nubby linens to woodgrains and wools. And like me, Susan loves products from Flamant, a leading decoration and furniture brand in Europe, which she carries in her Australian store.

Cotton Love Home

Cotton Love Home


I have to shout out Australian photographer Jillian Leiboff who shot all of the above photos for Susan and offered to share them with decor8 readers – beautiful work, Jillian – thank you!

(images: jillian leiboff)

Posted in Shop Tours on March 04, 2011


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