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Kylie Johnson: Poet and Ceramicist

Kylie Johnson is a talented poet and a ceramicist from Brisbane who has an online store but — good news for the US and Europe — Anthropologie recently picked up her ceramics though they already stock her poetry books (I own Count Me The Stars published by Murdoch Books, it’s lovely) and I think their choice is just perfect as Kylie’s work is stunning Anthropologie commissioned three vessels from her for their stores and Kylie wants to share them with decor8 readers today as they are just about to hit the shelves in both Europe and the US next week.

I love seeing poetry and ceramics merge – what a gorgeous combination of my two favorite things — meaningful words and delicate, tactile porcelain, for a true sensory experience. Australian photographer Jillian Leiboff recently did a portrait shoot with Kylie and so above is a little glimpse from that day these two ladies spent together, which I thought was really sweet… so now you see above Kylie’s gorgeous pieces.

Psst: Kylie blogs, too.

(images: jillian leiboff)

Posted in Handmade on March 02, 2011

Etsy Take Five Tuesday

Hello friends! It’s time for me to present this week’s picks from Etsy… no rhyme or reason, just some things that are quirky and caught my eye that may tickle your fancy too. I’m not spotlighting five sellers this week, in fact nothing has much to do with “five” at all but if you don’t tell I won’t. :) Enjoy!

Etsy Take Five

I Heart the Golden Girls Zine by Jackie Peppermint, Eco Ballerina Flats in Lime Green by the Generation, I was thinking of the sea print by Laura Amiss, In the Theater of Dreams print by A Fanciful Twist, Maple wooden clock from Off Cut Studio and placemats by Kathy Mellor.

Etsy Take Five

Life is Beautiful print by magalerie, vintage jewel bracelet with gold ribbon by Dreamy Vintage, Rubber stamps by Present and Correct, Sparkling Antique Silver sequin pillow by The Home Centric and a Cup of Tea card by Present & Correct.

Bonus items not shown: white lace porcelain butterfly brooch by andO Design, Gold zig zag headband by Ice Cream Candy and the zigzag pillow by decoyellow.

(images: linked to their sources above)

Posted in Etsy Faves on March 02, 2011

Brand New Issue of Sweet Paul Magazine

It was such a pleasure to hear personally from Brooklyn’s own Paul Lowe today about his new issue of Sweet Paul magazine with a focus on kids. It just released online less than 15 minutes ago and I just had a peek and wow, it’s gorgeous and so creative — some of the spreads gave me goosebumps, it was exciting to see something fresh and new for a change and digital publishing gives so many the opportunity (who should be doing magazines) to have their own magazine now…



All I can say is TGFSP! Thank goodness for Sweet Paul! If you’ve not heard of Paul before, his magazine is based on his wildly successful Sweet Paul blog – check it out!

(images: sweet paul magazine)

Posted in uncategorized on March 01, 2011

Stylist Twig Hutchinson

I thought about stylist Twig Hutchinson today and decided to visit her website to see if she had updated it at all — and yes she has, and it’s brilliant. I love how it looks like a real portfolio, a book, containing little notes and client lists along with side projects… it is all quite lovely to look upon and so enjoyable to flip through. Twig is such a visionary, she truly makes it easy for a photographer to take a beautiful photo. Have a look for yourself…

Be sure to visit her gorgeous online portfolio for dozens more delightful examples of her work.

And a big p.s. — I’m really in to silvered sequins right now, what about you?

(images: photographers listed on her website under contact.)

Posted in Decorating Tips on March 01, 2011


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