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Fabrics From Kerry Cassill

One of my readers, Shannon, reminded me recently of Kerry Cassill’s work and I thought I’d show some of her pretty Indian-inspired fabrics for a moment. Kerry’s shop, Lala, is located in Laguna Beach, California and I had the privilege of visiting her beautiful city in 2005 and loved it — but didn’t get to stop into her shop. I drove by Lala and I still recall how disappointed I was that it had already closed for the day! Once you see her incredible patterns and colorways before you’ll see why I was so sad… I love this laid back boho vibe because in the middle of February all I can think about right now is springtime!

Kerry Cassill

Kerry Cassill

Kerry Cassill

Kerry lives in such a gorgeous part of the world and I love how she takes her light-filled natural surroundings and combines the beauty of coastal southern California with her love of Indian prints and patterns to churn out what feels very much a mix west coast bohemian meets the pattern and color-filled streets of Mumbai. I would gladly flaunt Kerry’s textiles in my home and wish they were available in Germany because I’d love to design a Cassill-inspired guest bedroom.

Psst: You can shop for her lovely home things here.

(images: kerry cassill)

Posted in Objects on February 17, 2011

Mikkeller Bar In Copenhagen!

It’s Thursday, almost the weeeeekend! Yay! How are you? I’ve been working on a few projects which includes a little book tourand launch party so that has consumed lots of my time recently. It feels surreal to be a debut author and to be able to take it to the streets very soon. I’m not sure where or when yet, but as soon as I know more about my mini book tour I will be posting about it on decor8 (and on the Decorate fan page over on Facebook) and inviting each on you to come play! Now let’s talk stylish commercial spaces.

Mikkeller Bar In Copenhagen

I don’t write alot about commercial spaces because most of them don’t do it for me if you know what I mean. Seems lots of places follow very specific formats when it comes to bars, cafes, shops and though I understand why I often wish some designers could still follow codes to the letter yet manage to bend the rules ever so slightly to develop a few new concepts. That is why, when reader Mia sent me a press release announcing the fabulous Mikkeller Bar in Copenhagen located in the heart of Vesterbro (I love it there) and I had to share it on decor8 the moment I saw the photos. It opened last May and looks fantastic, wow!

Mikkeller Bar In Copenhagen

Mikkeller Bar In Copenhagen

Mikkeller Bar In Copenhagen

Mikkeller is one of the world’s best microbreweries known for experimental brewing and they recently teamed up with Danish design agency Femmes Regionales to create an elegant, charming spot to socialize and grab a beer in the center of Copenhagen.

“We found the contrast between the classical pub interior and something more modern really interesting,” says Caroline Hansen, one of the founders of Femmes Regionales.

Mikkeller Bar In Copenhagen

Mikkeller Bar In Copenhagen

Mikkeller Bar In Copenhagen

The bar is a casual, quirky and yet sophisticated space with wooden tables and benches, a shiny wall of black tiles and gold details found in lighting and hardware. They wanted to make the setting a bit tranquil so the crowds that it draws would chill out vs. bang their fists on tables and behave like your typical sports fans that you find in most pubs. “We like to demand something from our audience – beauty generates beauty”, Caroline explains. This pub is one posh place to grab a glass of ale! We need this in my city of Hannover! I love the fresh green and yellow accents, definitely not what I’d expect to see in a pub and is a very refreshing change for sure.

(images: mikkeller bar)

Posted in travel on February 17, 2011

Photographer Johnny Miller

I was reminded recently of Johnny Miller’s work from event planner Amy Atlas since she is documenting her new book project and recently revealed that she has teamed up with him to shoot some of it. Johnny is a true genius, he is definitely one of my top ten photographers in the world and Amy is a very lucky lady to have his creative vision for her book — but then again, he is very fortunate to have Amy because her dessert tables are stunning. Together Amy and Johnny make a winning team!

Johnny also photographed the newly released craft book, Paper & Craft, authored by the fabulous Minhee and Truman Cho (love this video of them and their cute baby) who run Paper + Cup — the book is available at Chronicle. I have a copy and I really liked the Mommy + Me Flower Shoes project and the Cone Wreath project, both show below.

Johnny is from Kansas but now lives in Brooklyn and works with some fancy pants clients like MSLO, Kate Spade and Anthropologie. He earned his BFA at the highly regarded Parsons School of Design and then went on to assist photographer Mary Ellen Mark for nearly three years which was no doubt the experience of a lifetime. Johnny blossomed into quite the photographer with his work in numerous ad campaigns, catalogs, magazines (Martha Stewart Living comes to mind), books and has been exhibited at the Center for Photography, New York Historical Society, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of the City of New York. Not too shabby!

If you aren’t already impressed and slightly jealous, there’s more! You can even find Johnny’s photography included in the permanent collections at the Library of Congress, New York Historical Society and the George Eastman House. What an amazing career Johnny has going for him and well… from the looks of things, he deserves every bit of success he’s earned.

(images: johnny miller)

Posted in Books + Magazines, inspiration on February 16, 2011

DAY Home

I shared some of the DAY collection for the home recently, but had to show more since I’m definitely spotting a slight nod to all things nautical lately, have you noticed? I believe that the trick to bringing coastal decor into the home and making it work (key!) is to keep the theme a bit understated and be careful not to overdo things. Pick an accent piece – your main character – then layer in a few supporting actors that do not compete with your star and see how things look.


It’s a good idea to vary the size of your patterns, make sure patterns are not all of the same scale… And also vary the tones of your colors — some should take the lead (coral and violet in this case below) and others should be a bit understated (beige and white for instance) and less punchy. One thing I love about this look from DAY is the smart combination of violet and coral with beige and crisp white — it’s a great look. I don’t think it’s common to see these two colors living together which is why I like it.


An alternate color palette that you could try if you want to bring a smart coastal palette to a room in your home is to work with coral (red-orange) and navy with crisp white and add some blue and white stripes. You can also mix in some Indian patterns — that way your room doesn’t scream, “Seafood Restaurant” if you know what I mean because match-y match-y nautical rooms rarely work unless you are in a seafood restaurant and well, even then… Who would have thought to combine Indian paisley prints with coral patterns? Not even me, and I can be pretty out there and quite quirky sometimes!

Do you like the nautical look? Would you try any of these colors and patterns at home? If not as a room scheme, have you considered throwing a lunch party incorporating these colors and patterns in your table linens and flower arrangements?

(images: day)

Posted in Decorating Tips on February 16, 2011


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