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Kelly Wearstler’s New Blog: My Vibe My Life

Great news everyone! Kelly Wearstler has a brand new blog called My Vibe My Life! Yay! I was so glad when her office contacted me today to share this great news and asked if I would like to share it with all of you. Why yes, of course! Kelly contributed to my upcoming book, Decorate with a few great design tips so of course I am inspired by her work. I think what I love most about her is that she is fearless when it comes to designing interiors — I can’t help but think her new blog will be a huge success because of her style but also her courage in just going for it.

My Vibe My Life

I like when people are fearless, when they have courage to go forth and do what their heart tells them to do. Unfortunately, so much of what we are exposed to goes through this giant filtering/editing process and the original beauty of it, the soul, becomes so completely watered down that the original voice gets lost.

My Vibe My Life

With Kelly Wearstler, you never ever get the sense that she holds back. What you see is what you get, even if someone may criticize her designs for being so “out there” (design is subjective after all), she doesn’t change her style to please the masses. She is authentic, true to her vision, and this is what makes her so admirable to me personally. I can’t wait to follow her blog regularly and watch this creative dynamo in action. Congrats on the new blog, Kelly!
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Posted in Bloggers on February 03, 2011

Story: New Online Shop

Monique Germon is the proprietor and creative director of Story, a sweet little shop that recently opened its online doors and features curated handmade goods from homewares to fashion and accessories. Story prides itself in, “Exhibiting the work of individuals who make a significant contribution through the production of exceptional art & design… [Story] reveres authenticity above all & pays homage to this as a style unto itself.” I love that thought, that authenticity is a style of its own that deserves as much respect as the creation itself. SO TRUE!

Fantastic stool made from paper

Gorgeous pillows

A dozen tiny ceramic mushrooms

More pretty things, including one-of-a-kind art and Australian magazine SOHI, one that I recently discovered and have formed quite a curiosity for because it looks quite fabulous and unique.

Story offers complimentary postage for all items shipped within Australia, but they also ship to locations worldwide so contact them directly for pricing and more information.

Thank you Monique for writing in and telling me about your new and delightful online shop!

(images: story)

Posted in shopping on February 03, 2011

NEW: Boston Prop Rental House, Mad Props

Calling all stylists, set designers and anyone else in need of props in Boston! Lauren Niles, Prop Stylist, wrote in today about Mad Props and I couldn’t resist sharing this new Boston-based business with you. Mad Props (great name!) is a full service prop rental house catering to stylists, photographers and of course the film and event industries who shoot in Boston and greater New England. They have an extensive collection housed in a 3,000 square foot space that is open weekdays along with their online space where you can browse what’s available.

Mad Props: In Boston

Mad Props carries everything from table settings to home decor, surfaces and furniture ranging from antique to vintage and modern pieces. Founded by owners Lauren Niles and Elizabeth Pond, they launched their business to fill a void and, “To make the propping experience more pleasant, convenient and efficient, and offer hard-to-find items for local clientele and out of town productions coordinating photo shoots in Boston.” Curated with care, Lauren and Elizabeth source items selected for their aesthetic photographic qualities and usefulness as props in general.

Mad Props: In Boston

Mad Props: In Boston

Mad Props: In Boston

Mad Props: In Boston

Mad Props: In Boston

Mad Props: In Boston

Mad Props: In Boston

Sounds (and looks) like a fun space to visit — and a valuable resource for those looking for a great prop house in Boston. Way to go, ladies!

(images: mad props)

Posted in Decorating Tips on February 03, 2011

Anthropologie: New For Spring!

I was at the London Anthropologie shopping drooling on Monday and spotted pieces from their Spring collection trickling in, they have a rather modern African theme in housewares currently… I felt both inspired and mesmerized by the patterns and saturated colors with all the ethnic influence though I’m more about small doses and definitely not into overdoing things… I love dots of color splashed against a neutral background, but some of you love a bright, saturated background with more color layered on top and lucky for all this line satisfies all. This season at Anthro African prints and patterns are all the rage along with  animal motifs but in addition to their pieces with African influence, they also have some industrial pieces and lots of flea market-inspired finds as they are best known (and loved) for. Here is a glimpse of a few of my favorite things.

Anthropologie Spring 2011

Animal wall hooks in white ceramic

Anthropologie Spring 2011

Block Begonia Wallpaper– I am dying to order 4 rolls of this for a wall in my dining room… I guess I should just go for it but I need samples first before I take the leap!

Anthropologie Spring 2011

Safari Study Pillow, Gazelle

Anthropologie Spring 2011

Flights and fancy salad plate, On-a-whim dinner plate, Wanderlust Journal – Chevron, Recipe bookmarks.

Anthropologie Spring 2011

Decker bookshelf

Anthropologie Spring 2011

Ethnic rugs – love that magenta one, perfect with a gorgeous black leather sofa or a sumptuous linen one.

Anthropologie Spring 2011

Coralie bed, Lunet chair and stackable animal pots.

Spot anything that speaks to you? What? Why? Do you like their modern safari style, industrial inspired finds and the overall eclectic, well-traveled look?

(images: anthropologie)

Posted in Decorating Tips on February 02, 2011


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