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iPhone cases by Alicia Bock for Society 6

I love these iPhone cases by Alicia Bock for Society 6.

Posted in uncategorized on March 26, 2012

Snurk Bedding & Cushions

Optical illusions are fun! You’ll see why perception isn’t always reality when it comes to bedding in just a moment… But first, this weekend was super duper beautiful so I ventured over to the Saturday farmers’ market where I bumped into some friends and made a few more which is one thing I love about my city – that I almost always run into peeps that I know when I exit my front door. It’s a great feeling to be part of a community, especially for me as I was always in a car running errands before and now since giving up my car nearly three years ago an entirely new world has opened up which includes human contact outdoors again! Yippee! :)


Anyway, while at the market, I popped into a favorite interiors shop called ComingHome Interior and noticed that they now carry a Dutch bedding and cushion brand called Snurk. I had already heard of Snurk in bloggyland but hadn’t checked out their recent stuff until now and I like it – so fresh – especially these cushions shown directly below. The quality is great — it made a BIG difference seeing Snurk stuff in person. I of course love that what you think it is isn’t what it really is…


For instance, the sheets look like crochet but are only pretending to be the real thing as upon close inspection it’s obvious that it is just a print. Same goes for the granny squares bedding. I admire this about the Dutch, they are always turning the traditional bits upside down to spin them into completely new, fresh products. Twirre is a favorite pattern of mine that they carry, very understated yet the faux crochet cracks me up – I love a dose of humor in home decorating!



If you live in or around Hannover, you can visit ComingHome to see Snurk things… or call ComingHome and ask to speak to my friend Claudia to see if you can order on the phone (+49 5112158196). :)

(images: snurk)

Posted in Rooms on March 26, 2012

Happy Weekend!

I really like this video called Lost Things that I stumbled upon recently. It’s been around forever, not sure where I HAVE BEEN (seriously?) but oh gee oh my it’s a delicious way to spend 2 minutes of your time today. Let’s call this, instead of Lost Things, the Happy Weekend song – shall we?

This video stars Fine Frenzy singer Alison Sudol and was written & directed by Angela Kohler and Ithyle Griffiths.

Enjoy and big hugs to you from me. xo

Posted in uncategorized on March 23, 2012

Wayfare Magazine

Hello lovely friends! It’s Friday and the sun is huge in the sky here shining all around like a total show off hot shot and I love it! The best part is that it will continue throughout the weekend and be hanging around for all of next week so I can get out and about to some gardens and parks, bring my camera, and snappity snap snap! Speaking of being out and about…

Wayfare Magazine

I JUST found out the scoop yesterday over at Little Brown Pen about Wayfare magazine and I flipped through the pilot issue of this lovely travel-focused e-mag about to make its grand debut this summer. Seems my friend Nichole knows (and blogged about) her meet up with the Prêt à Voyager blogger who works for Wayfare, Anne Ditmeyer (the magazine’s art director) which is how I found out about it. Good news travels fast thanks to wee little things called blogs and Nichole is always in the loop. She’s SUCH a star.

Wayfare Magazine

Wayfare is, in a nutshell, a more fancy pants travel mag meant to one up the cheesy newsstand variety out there since it’s presenting itself as more than just a place to find generic travel destinations. To me, Wayfare is all about embracing the wanderlust lifestyle that so many seem to have, especially lately. Most of us not only dream of travel but dream of leaving it all behind and relocating to our dream destination.

Wayfare Magazine

It’s funny though, ever since relocating from Boston to northern Germany, I’ve spent a lot of time discussing wanderlust with my friends here and in other European countries and unlike my American pals, a lot less of them are interested in relocating to a new country to start all over again. When I poll my American girlfriends it’s like 8 out of 10 want to relocate (mostly to Paris!) and nearly all of them would if family and jobs didn’t tie them to their current spot. If you have entertained the thought of leaving it all behind, feel like taking a virtual vacation, need new ideas as to where to travel or simply want to live vicariously through others, Wayfare promises to feed your wanderlust cravings with stories of daring souls who are out there doing their thing.

Wayfare Magazine

Wayfare mag

Wayfare mag

Wayfare is as much about travel and relocation as good presentation and well written text. Great layouts, good looking fonts and the fact that they go beyond theme parks, NYC, Paris, Vegas, London and Rome gives it a major thumbs up from me. Not that I don’t like mags featuring top destinations but hey, it’s cool to see what’s going on in Burundi, Ontario and western Oregon for instance — which their pilot issue just-so-happens to cover.

So there you have it, another e-mag on its way to digital newsstands nearest to you. Check out their pilot issue HERE.

(images: screenshots from wayfare mag)

Posted in travel on March 23, 2012


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