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Washi Tape Idea For Your Walls

I want to show you a cute decorating idea with washi tape but first, I heard from blogger Tina Fussell today from Traveling Mama, who is based in Copenhagen, about the new room for her daughter / guest bedroom that she’s been working on. It’s simply too cute to pass by so I thought I’d share it with you today, especially since I’m fond of how she’s used washi tape in both of these spaces…

Darling Room from Traveling Mama

Notice the washi tape and how it is used above? A art/headboard! What a cute way to use tape. You can also make your own affordable artwork and you will see that below in her work studio so watch for it. Super cool.

About this bedroom Tina says, “We just recently bought ourselves a new bed, so our daughter inherited our old bed. We thought it would be a nice treat for her and a great place for guests to stay when they come to visit because everyone wants to visit when you live in a wonderful place such as Copenhagen!”

She continues, “My biggest problem was the fact that I could not find a bed that I liked and after a couple weeks of hitting all the chain stores here and searching the Danish version of Craig’s List, I finally realized that it might take me some time to find something I really love. And I really believe that you should always wait to buy something you love rather than buying something that is convenient! So, I created a temporary headboard with washi tapi and actually, I kind of love it and I think it might have to stay! Her room still shows signs of the fact that she is not quite grown up and as her mom that kind of makes me happy! She was tired of the hot pink and bright colors and was wanting something that felt a little more grown up and soothing.”

Darling Room from Traveling Mama

Tina adds, “We put some fun artwork and a few boxes on her dresser. This dresser was originally a pine wood stain (just like the cabinet in our living room shown here) but it got a coat of white paint a while back and I just love it!” I think it’s pretty great also, Tina.

Darling Room from Traveling Mama

She also spruced up the hardware, “New knobs did wonders to the piece as well! They are from House Doctor.” Great idea!

Darling Room from Traveling Mama

This decorating project was also affordable as Tina explains, “The best part about this updated tween/guest bedroom is that it didn’t cost a single penny! I either grabbed something from a different room, incorporated what I already had, or more importantly, removed a lot from the room and simplified things! I was surprised by how much it made what we already had look so different, which is kind of awesome!”

Isn’t this a sweet room?

In addition, Tina has a lovely space for blogging and sewing in her Danish apartment that I have to share with you as I think it’s so light, bright and pretty. Check it out below…

Traveling Mama Workspace

Traveling Mama Workspace

Traveling Mama Workspace

Traveling Mama Workspace

Notice the washi tape art?!?!

So cute! Would you try this idea with washi tape?

(images: tina fussell)

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Style Guide To Hamburg, Germany

Several months ago I was approached by RUE magazine to spend the day with them shopping in a city of my choice in Germany. I thought to bring them to Hannover or nearby Hamburg or Berlin but since I was under deadline with my book, I sadly had to decline their lovely offer. Then I thought to refer them to Steffi from OhhhMhhh, a Hamburg-based blogger. I knew that Steffi was the lady for the job with her magazine experience.

Hamburg Germany with Steffi Luxat and Rue Magazine

This post is a bit belated as her style guide to Hamburg appeared in the last issue, number 12, but I still have to highlight it because she did a bang up job and well, Steffi is a good friend and I love to shine the light on her whenever possible because she is a tremendously supportive friend and all around total “it” girl – she rocks.

Style Guide to Hamburg

Style Guide to Hamburg

Hamburg Germany with Steffi Luxat and Rue Magazine

Style Guide to Hamburg

Hamburg Germany with Steffi Luxat and Rue Magazine

Style Guide to Hamburg

This Friday and Saturday I’ll be hanging out in Hamburg for a few days, I have a business meeting and I’ll be seeing my good Danish friend Charlotte and also Steffi, so I’m looking forward to being there and putting Steffi’s guide in RUE magazine to good use.

Hamburg Germany with Steffi Luxat and Rue Magazine

Hamburg Germany with Steffi Luxat and Rue Magazine

Hamburg Germany with Steffi Luxat and Rue Magazine

Hamburg Germany with Steffi Luxat and Rue Magazine

Hamburg Germany with Steffi Luxat and Rue Magazine

Hamburg Germany with Steffi Luxat and Rue Magazine

Hamburg Germany with Steffi Luxat and Rue Magazine

If you’re ever in Hamburg, definitely don’t miss this article which appears in issue 12 on pages 40-46. Lovely work, Frau Luxat!

(images: Felix Matthies)

Posted in travel on September 10, 2012

In The News…

It can be such a lift to hear that a magazine has written about what you do, am I right? I’ve been lucky because I regularly receive some of the most beautiful press mentions and I feel the exact same excitement when my name is in print now as I did when all of this first started happening to me in 2006.

Real Living Australia

REAL LIVING, Australia (also online here)

It’s a beautiful thing to be loved by others and appreciated. It makes life very sweet and certainly helps me to rise above the hard times. In fact, whenever I feel sorry for myself or down in general, I open this cabinet in my office and look through the stack of magazines where I’ve appeared and I think that I’m far to lucky to be sad. If you have been mentioned on blogs, in magazines, on television or in books like I have then you know that it is something to be cherished. I cherish everyone who has taken the time to feature me or my blog or classes – it is the warm, validating hug that I sometimes need so much!

Here are a few recent articles that I’m very appreciative for that brought new readers my way and gave me such a tremendous lift.

Holly Becker in Roco Mag

ROCO magazine, Ireland

Holly Becker in Roco Mag

ROCO magazine, Ireland

Holly Becker in Roco Mag

ROCO magazine, Ireland

Blogging Your Way in NEET Magazine

N.E.E.T. magazine, Australia

Blogging Your Way in NEET Magazine

N.E.E.T. magazine, Australia

Inside Out Australia July/Aug 2011 Issue
INSIDE OUT magazine, Australia

Canadian Style At Home interviews me

STYLE AT HOME magazine, Canada (online interview here).

Me in Deco Home magazine (Germany)

DECO HOME magazine, Germany



Me in 101 Woonideeen magazine

101 WOONIDEEEN, The Netherlands

Me in 101 Woonideeen magazine

101 WOONIDEEEN, The Netherlands

Me in 101 Woonideeen magazine

101 WOONIDEEEN, The Netherlands

Wohn Idee, January 2012

WOHN IDEE, Germany

I plan on trying to be a bit better about posting my press mentions again on a regular basis, perhaps one time each month. I stopped for a long time because I thought it may come across as bragging but then I realized that it could equally come across as being unappreciative so I think I’d rather show appreciation over fear offending someone who may think my ego is inflated. For those who know me, you know I’m far from that. ;)

Other great mentions include:

Many thanks to all who took the time to speak about me and my work. xo, Holly

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Weekend Report: Final Days of Summer

Hello and happy new week to you! I thought it may be nice to do a mini weekend report and though I may not do this every Monday, I think sharing my more personal life is a nice thing to do from time to time. Plus, I’m always keen on seeing what my blogger pals are up to when they’re not blogging – it’s fun to go behind the scenes and hear about their everyday adventures whether it is things they did, found, saw, what inspired them – all of it… So here is a recap of what I did this weekend in mostly photos that I took with my iPhone. I hope that you see something that makes you smile.

My flower market loot

Flowers from the farmers’ market put me in the weekend mood…

Having fun at the outdoor fabric market in Hannover

Then I visited an outdoor traveling fabric and notions market here from the Netherlands on Saturday. So much inspiration. I can’t wait until it returns again in November!

Cute prints by Westfalen

So many fun patterns and colors. Most of these are from Westfalen, a German fabric company that specializes in these cutesy country prints.

More fabrics I brought home from the fabric market

I couldn’t resist bringing some home with me…

Field flowers in my sitting area

I decided to put some of the flowers I picked up the day before in my sitting room…

English roses on my table

And some more in my dining room… These English roses are so romantic and I adore all of the intricate folds because they look like tissue paper yet feel like silk.

Preparing dinner

In addition to flowers, I picked up something else fresh this weekend – sweet corn brought in from the country! I prepared it as a simple meal for dinner and it was delish!

3 years since I moved here and I still haven't lost that first time feeling when I walk home admiring my neighborhood.

I walk everyday, but not always taking photos! This weekend, I took a walk around my neighborhood and snapped some photos for you because the architecture here inspires me so much. I have lived here for three years now and it still feels as exciting and new as it did the day I arrived. I really love living here.

I love my neighborhood

How could a neighborhood like this NOT inspire me?

Racing home to the one he loves?

The red phone booth is an British import and is not used, just left on display – I really don’t know where it came from, who brought it here or what the story really is behind it but it’s cute and makes me smile whenever I pass.

Sunset in my hood

I felt lucky to catch the sunset. It’s a magical time of night, don’t you think? I really enjoy strolling around, it helps me to collect and sort my thoughts.

A mini break in my neighborhood cafe

On Sunday, I went to this cafe nearby for lemonade. It was very quiet inside because everyone was out at the neighborhood street festival and flea market. This particular cafe is for parents and children so there is a play space and little tables dotted around for the kids. All of the shops were open yesterday, which is rare because Germans do not shop on Sundays. All of the stores are closed, only some bakeries are open, flower shops and cafes. But yesterday was a very special “Open Sunday” that is a pretty big deal. Stores put balloons outside and have prosecco, pastries, wine and other treats for their customers because it’s a special treat to be open.

Loved that this 14 year old boy was singing at the street fest today. Killer talent.

Here is a 14-year-old boy who was playing acoustic guitar in front of this shop that is new in our neighborhood and specializes in selling cork products handmade (and grown) in Portugal. His voice was amazing and he played so well. I liked some of his John Mayer tunes.

great stuff in Thomas' kitchen (my German friend)

I went to visit my friend, Thomas, and took a quick shot of his kitchen where he has the best display of wonderful things. He is a chef but could easily be a stylist. Such a talented man. He had a flea market on the street during the festival so I picked up a cute vintage board game circa 1971 shown below.

Brand new board game from 1971 - never used! Wooden pieces. Sooo cute! €2

This cute board game, complete with wooden play pieces, was a must have. It’s in German and still had the original letter from the manufacturer in it dated 1971. I love stuff like this…

Street flohmarkt in Hannover Germany (where I live).

I really enjoyed the festive atmosphere with open shops, tables in the streets where people were selling things, eating, drinking… And in general the vibe was so positive and laid back. Germans are so laid back in general.

Old typical German tiles where my friend lives

During the flea market, a friend invited me back to her apartment and I had to photograph the old German tile work in her hallway. So typical here in older buildings yet I never tire of it!

Field flowers

I popped into my friend Danielle’s shop, Sommerfugl, and then went to my other friends store called Sandras Kleinod. I picked up this pretty needlepoint pinboard that she made. I have to find wall space for it but had to show you — I really like it.

My weekend ended with wine and snacks on the outdoor patio with my friends by candlelight. What a gorgeous, happy ending.

What did you do this weekend?

(images: holly becker on my iphone)

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