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Fabric Wall Hanging DIY

Hello friends! I came across this stunning page in the August 2012 issue of Country Living (UK) and simply had to share it with hopes to inspire you today. Country Living produces some lovely DIY projects in their issues and online (here) so I invite you to check them out if you haven’t already.

Country Living UK

See that clever and easy wall hanging? This caught my eye because it’s an idea I’ve thought of many times but have not yet tried it. Does that ever happen to you? You have this really good idea but you sit on it, then it pops up in a book or magazine? Yeah, it happens to me all of the time too. I guess it’s a reminder that 1) our ideas are good ones and 2) that we need to put our ideas into motion more often! Seeing this idea in-situ vs. trapped in my brain only encourages me even more to try it out.

Country Living suggests using large-scale bold patterns when you decide to suspend fabric in this way above a bed. They also suggest hanging the fabric from a bamboo pole (most likely because it is hollow and lightweight but sturdy). It reminds me of those old-fashioned German and French charts from school, particularly with the fabric cord, don’t you think? To hang it, you could use ribbon that is sturdy, rope or leather, too. It is also suggested to change up the fabric to suit your mood or seasonal color theme.

I’d like to add that you’ll need to use fabric with a good weight to it so opt for upholstery fabrics and stitch in a simple pocket along the top to slip onto your piece of bamboo as you would secure a curtain to a rod. I suggest a clean pocket vs. ruffled for a look that is clean and modern. If it looks too much like a curtain it may not look nearly as good and even a bit misplaced. I think this look works so well because it is hung close to the top of the headboard, then the headboard is used as a little shelf for placing things (which works for a magazine shoot but not for real living, right?). This is why I suggest hanging your fabric a bit higher, then install a shelf to run beneath it in the exact same width of the fabric or a bit wider (not smaller) so you can then display a vase of flowers and some other pretty bits to add dimension and life to the overall display that you’ve created as a focal point above you bed.

For more wonderful crafty ideas, visit Country Living to see if you can find anything that clicks with your taste.

(photo: holly becker)

Posted in Decorating Tips on August 01, 2012

Decorate Workshop: My Next Baby!

Hello everyone! I’m so excited to finally get to share with you the covers from both my US and UK versions of my next book, Decorate Workshop! First, the US cover is shown below which is now in pre-order mode over on for half off the cover price so you’ll want to scoop this one up now – what a great offer!

Decorate Workshop US - Now in pre-orders!

Next is the beautiful UK cover which is also being offered at a terrific pre-sale discount on Amazon UK.

Decorate Workshop UK - Now in pre-orders!

Decorate Workshop was written, styled, shot and produced between February and July of this year so it kept me very busy between scouting, traveling, styling, working with the fabulous Debi Treloar again, writing (and writing and writing!), amongst the other things that keep a girl very busy when producing a book. My team in London at Jacqui Small Publishing was amazing and I cannot thank my editor, Sian Parkhouse, or the book designer, Sarah Rock, enough. I am so happy that my team was so dedicated and to have Chronicle Books and Jacqui Small publishing my second book to follow Decorate after they took such good care of me for my first book. It’s an honor beyond my wildest dreams to be able to write another and this time, I’ve gone solo and wrote it in the same voice as my blog which makes it an even more personal project for me.

I’ll tell you more about the book in the months to come and once it is printed, I’ll show you a copy, but I want to thank you all for your endless love and support and hope that you will love it. In it, I explain 8 creative steps to decorating and I show my own home, lots of mood boards and things I’ve pulled together to inspire you and of course, a bunch of gorgeous homes that we photographed in the US, UK and Europe.

Today is a happy day!

xo, Holly

Posted in Books + Magazines on July 31, 2012

New! The Simple Things

It was such a treat to hear from Lyndsey Mayhew, who heads up Marketing for UK crafty mag, Mollie Makes. Lyndsey is currently a student of mine in my online course, Blogging Your Way, and wrote in to thank me for the class which was such an honor to know that she enjoyed it so much.

New! The Simple Things

Lyndsey then told me about a new venture in addition to Mollie Makes… A magazine called The Simple Things that will soon be published in print as a sister title beginning in the UK on September 6th.

New! The Simple Things

About the magazine, “The Simple Things is a new monthly print magazine celebrating the things that matter most. It’s about knowing the greatest rewards come from the simplest things, that there’s no satisfaction like that at the end of a long muddy walk, no pink so pretty as freshly-cut rhubarb, no perfume to compare with your own home-grown flowers. It’s about making warm inviting homes – big or small – sharing food with friends, growing your own vegetables. It’s about shopping for a coffee table only to find you’re happy with a tea chest. It’s keeping your dad’s old typewriter just because it’s beautiful. It’s an empty beach on a Sunday morning. It’s backpedaling.” So many sweet thoughts!

New! The Simple Things

New! The Simple Things

New! The Simple Things

New! The Simple Things

Lyndsey wanted to show decor8 readers a glimpse of the pre-launch mag cover and some views of the inside of the magazine, which you can also view online here. Congrats to Lyndsey and her crew on their latest adventure!

(images: the simple things)

Posted in inspiration on July 30, 2012

Monday Inspiration From Anthropologie

When I woke up this morning and stumbled upon this video from the UK Anthropologie team that was filmed in their London shop on Regents Street, I felt inclined to share as it’s so inspiring to begin a week by seeing something so imaginative.


This video shows the result of a collaborative project between Anthro and the London College of Fashion. It’s what happens when you match them with two brilliant design students. Bliss overload! If you want to see this installation live, simply visit them in London this summer – it will be there until sometime this Autumn.

I am currently working with the London team to pull together something nice for Fall between Anthro and decor8 so once plans are ironed out I will definitely be posting about it here and you will be invited. :) In the meantime, please enjoy this lovely video.

Hope that you had a great weekend. I’ll be back in a moment with some pretty posts.



Posted in inspiration on July 30, 2012


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