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I Heart Kerry Layton

One of my dear students, Geraldine Tan, visited this past weekend from London and gave me the most beautiful assortment of presents wrapped beautifully in Liberty paper. There was one very special gift that I instantly fell in love with – a print by English artist Kerry Layton who lives in North London. Geraldine picked it up for me while attending a recent exhibition by Kerry. For now it will sit on my gray cabinet in my work room to give me wonderful thoughts of Geraldine each time I pass by…

New art I love

Later, I hope to have it framed because a print so lovely deserves a special spot on my wall. Thank you Geraldine for such a thoughtful and spot-on present!

By the way, Kerry has a beautiful Etsy shop called Seventy Tree in case you’d like to take a peek…

(image: holly becker for decor8)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on December 10, 2012

Happy Weekend, I’ll Be…

Hello everyone! I’m signing off for the weekend because I will be doing this (see below)….


I can’t wait to work with our lovely students who will be in my home for the weekend – there will be so much to tell you on Monday with lots of stories and photos! Until then…


Posted in uncategorized on December 08, 2012

Inspiration from Bloomingville

I recently ordered some lovely items from my new favorite Hamburg-based online shop Rosa Cosa and fell in love the moment my package arrived. It was a good day. Why? Because some things from Bloomingville that I ordered were tucked away so nicely inside and were far better than expected. I love that surprise… When something exceeds your expectations, don’t you?


I then started flipping through the pages of my Bloomingville catalog and thought to share some of my favorite views with you since you  may not have heard of this brand before in your part of the world. They are based in Denmark and have such a broad range of interiors objects from furniture to wonderful gift wrap and great neon baker’s twine (yes really) that it’s hard to pick just ONE item… And everything in their collection is so cohesive and works together so well. In Germany this brand is a huge hit – Germans seem to love Bloomingville (and everything interiors/fashion related from Denmark which I have no problem with because so do I!) and I’m a fan too. Here is some inspiration for you this week…









Don’t you want to order everything?!?

(images: bloomingville)

Posted in Inspiration on December 05, 2012

Thoughts On Feeling Shiny Again

I’ll confess, some days I just want to be Kelly Wearstler. Or anyone really rich, famous, super stylish and gorgeous. Sometimes it’s Ms. Paltrow. Other days it’s Rachel Bilson. Today was one of those Kelly days. I woke up and felt a bit like the end of the year cannot come soon enough because good goodness I need a fresh slate, some new projects and a boatload of amazingness for 2013.

Kelly rocks

But then I realized that I don’t need to be Kelly or anyone else, because I’m pretty awesome in my own skin and you know what, on the surface everyone appears just dandy but inside we’re all a big ball of anxiety and insecurity from time-to-time so it’s okay to wallow a bit. We are so much alike despite how our wrapping paper may vary. After a few minutes of poor, poor me I decided that instead of feeling sorry for myself, I’d take it to the trees. I laced up my shiny new Kurt Geiger metallic gold sneakers (oh yeahhhh) and headed to the forest for a really long walk in the cold brisk air. The more I walked, the more I stepped away from how I felt and stepped into how I should feel. I left a lot in that forest today, and when I emerged I felt as shiny and new as my sneaks. That’s what exercise, fresh air, dogs, cyclists, birds, trees shooting off into the clear blue sky and fallen twigs that crunch with every step can do for you.

It’s okay to feel bad sometimes. Life can deal a seriously good deck of cards and a few minutes later, your hand can change. I think the key is to move your body. Do something good for yourself. Pamper yourself when you feel like your own enemy. Put on shiny shoes and walk – and don’t stop walking until you are YOU again.

I wish you a wonderful weekend and loads of happy.

(image: kelly wearstler)

Posted in Inspiration on December 01, 2012


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