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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Home really is where the heart is, but what does that really mean? What does home mean to you? I find myself thinking about this more and more as I am writing my next book and exploring the topic of decorating in a much more personal way than my first book. This is both exciting and scary because one can feel so vulnerable as an author but my wish is that you will really like it as much as I am liking the process of putting it together for you. But on the topic of home is where the heart is, while it is true that your home can be with a person in a place that you love most, I think it can also be in the physical environment in which you live whether it’s your temporary home or one you’ve lived in for years. I’ve moved a lot in my life but each home that I’ve lived in always felt like home to me. I also believe that your home can be inside of your own heart, not always reliant on a place or person.

Heart Home Magazine

Lovely palette in the dining room of stylist and blogger Marie Nichols.

As I break away from my text for a moment though to blog, I found myself feeling inspired today by the Spring issue of Heart Home because I think they really show what it means to have heart in the home – their focus on British interiors really captures life and style there so well and I enjoy seeing these impressions through their eyes. This season I’m inspired by several images and encourage you to click here to check them out in full.

Heart Home Magazine

The home of designer Catherine Hammerton. The dress is fun and unexpected!

Heart Home Magazine

A retro modern dining room that belongs to Chelsea Cefai. So clean and harmonious!

Heart Home Magazine

This credenza top makes me happy. H is for Happy right? This is from the home of Keith and Mark from Mini Moderns.

Heart Home Magazine

Another pretty peek into Catherine Hammerton’s apartment, the quirky bits give me little spine tingles. I love quirk.

Heart Home Magazine

A photo taken by Debi Treloar for Selina Lake’s latest book, Homespun Style. Those green chairs really make this space, don’t they?

Heart Home Magazine

A pretty spread of patterns curated by lovely Heart Home editors, Arianna and Carole.

Heart Home Magazine

A very decorated and smart living room belonging to Chelsea Cefai. The bookcase is great, so often I wish I had a bookcase that allowed me to show off the beautiful covers like this!

Heart Home Magazine

This is a view of Chelsea Cefai’s bedroom, gorgeous bed! I just realized I have three views of her home in this post – I think I am drawn to her very neat home though I don’t live like this at all!

I have to get back to my book right now, but I wanted to pop my head in to say hello and wish you a very happy Monday. I’ll see you again soon! :)

(images: heart home)

Posted in Books + Magazines on April 02, 2012

Happy Weekend To You!

It has been so nice to visit with you this week through these digital pages — I have enjoyed connecting with each of you so much! It is now time for the weekend and I must sign off and do all of those weekend-y things that need to be done but I wanted to wish you well and hope that you have a very happy weekend!


Have a very nice & restful few days until we meet again and loads of love! xo, Holly.

(image: The Shop at Number 57 with permission.)

Posted in uncategorized on March 30, 2012

V.K. Rees Photography

Have you ever heard of V.K. Rees Photography out of Brooklyn? I hadn’t until recently and I am smitten by her blog so I’ve decided to make it the decor8 blog of the week. Vanessa Rees, aka V.K.Rees, is a photography studio specializing in food, still life, lifestyle, portrait, fashion, event, and weddings. This talented lady launched her studio only recently in 2010 after completing her MFA and has already made quite a name for herself with clients both near and far. She has shot weddings for clients all over the east coast and has contributed to Food & Wine magazine. I find her blog stunning and I love that each of her posts wraps up with a darling photo of her cat. It’s the little things, right?

Lovely Food Blog

Lovely Food Blog

Lovely Food Blog

Lovely Food Blog

Lovely Food Blog

Lovely Food Blog

What gorgeous photos and I’m sorry, but how cute is it that her cat is involved in her photo shoots? And I like that she sets up her shots near her bedroom window sometimes near to all of that gorgeous natural light. It’s inspiring to see such a simple set up and shows that talent doesn’t have to do with having a massive light studio and a crew, that it really boils down to having a vision and just going for it in any way that you can. What a nice way to wrap up a work week, for me at least…. Animals always make me smile and I love homecookin’, that doesn’t hurt either. I think the egg toast looks like a great Saturday morning breakfast idea for me tomorrow… Yum.

(images: Vanessa Rees)

Posted in food on March 30, 2012

Workspaces That Inspire Me

There are so many inspiring spaces to see both online and off in our favorite magazines, books and on blogs. There is no end to the inspiration. As I work on putting the final touches on my work studio before Debi Treloar arrives to shoot it next month, I’m drawing my inspiration from a bunch of beautiful rooms that I’ve been collecting online. It’s a great idea to build these style files so that you can keep all of your room ideas in one place. Here is my work room style file, see if there are any below that you feel a certain connection to.

Spring come soon!

Taken this morning with my iPhone of a nook in my office.

Workspaces that inspire

vtwonen can pull together a room like no other. I really like the tones in this room and that bookcase is painted so beautifully.
Workspaces that inspire

frau-p – This lady lives in Germany and really knows how to pull together a bookcase!

Workspaces that inspire

vtwonen – My favorite magazine and it always delivers the best of the best. I really love this glass wall!

Workspaces that inspire

lisa congdon – A kick butt artist in San Francisco with a kick butt space.

Workspaces that inspire

My workspace, at least as it was a year ago. I’ve updated since as I always do. :)

Here are a many more workspaces to inspire you today that I’ve rounded up for you >CLICK HERE<.

It is so important to have a nice work room, at least when you are a freelancer working from home as I do. It’s where everything begins and ends for me each day so I need it to support me. Do you feel the same way? Do you have a room in your home where you can escape? Do you have a creative nook if you don’t have an entire room?

(images: linked to their source above.)

Posted in Rooms on March 30, 2012


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