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Blog Tip: Make Your Own Font

I’m always on the look out for new ways to take a more personal approach to blogging so when I came across a font making app called iFontMaker, I had to give it a whirl. I’m sure the many graphic designers reading this will roll their eyes at my amateur first try, but I am so proud of my new font that I’m going to show you anyway.

Make Your Own Font

I put together my own font in about an hour and called it Happy Holly. Making it inspired me to try doing a few more in the future. It’s a great way to pretty up a blog post, don’t you think? Especially if you create your own font and you don’t distribute it publicly – then only your blog posts will have your font. How cool!

Make Your Own Font

When it comes to Happy Holly though, I’m not keeping it to myself because you may like to have it to play around with on cards, gift tags or anything else –  maybe your blog post collages? You are welcome to use it but only for non-commercial use only please though I seriously doubt anyone out there would get rich using my font. But I had to say that anyway.

Make Your Own Font

What do you think, care to try this at home? It’s simple! If you want to make your own font, you’ll need to download the iFontMaker app from iTunes on your iPad. You can use a pen (I suggest the Bamboo CS100W Stylus for iPad in White) made for tablets or simply, your finger – I used both for this font. Creating something very personal like this is a nice way to pretty up your blog posts with your own touch… 


Note: In the “Be So Happy” graphic I combined Happy Holly with a free font called Sail.

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Posted in blogs on January 31, 2013

DIY: Catalog To Wall

We always find it interesting to learn about how others gather inspiration – is it always from the usual places or, if we peer a bit beneath the surface, will a whole new world of ideas unfold? I think that is the case most of the time. Inspiration comes in corners and alleys, in many shapes and sizes and often hidden upon first glance though once found, you wonder how others don’t also see it? I wonder if you know what I mean?

Catalog DIY Project

Take for instance, catalogs. Lots of us get them and are often inspired by the color palettes and patterns found in clothing. It could also be the obvious location, like an Italian square around a fountain or in an English garden. In fashion, surroundings and backgrounds can be blurred or barely noticed simply because the focus is on the clothing. It is in these shots that I’d like for you to pay careful attention. Go beyond the obvious and consider what you could extract from an inspiration standpoint.

I recently tried this exercise with my new copy of the Boden catalog, a fashion brand that is colorful, happy and feminine. In some ways though, it was cheating because the location for the shoot (at least most of the indoor shots) was in the home of my friend, London-based photographer Debi Treloar. In fact, I recognized it in their video right away shown on their home page – at least that is where it was last week. When the catalog arrived today, I dug in quickly to check it out – I’ve been to Debi’s a few times so I wanted to play a game of spot Debi’s cool house. Like all good fashion catalogs, the eye should immediately fall upon the fashion upon opening it – and a good fashion photographer will make that happen – yet try to look at the surroundings a wee bit to take away some decorating inspiration. You can do this in any catalog – especially those shot indoors – cafes, homes, shops, etc. Here are 5 decorating ideas that I picked up on immediately from Boden, via Debi’s home.

Catalog DIY Project

Catalog DIY Project

Catalog DIY Project

Catalog DIY Project

Catalog DIY Project

Another fun exercise is, after you’ve shopped of course, to take the catalog apart at the seams (carefully) and display pages on your wall using washi tape and other elements you’d like to stick nearby for inspiration – a little hunt & gather. In the process, you may even find a pretty dress to order for Spring (oops!).

Catalog DIY Project

Catalog DIY Project

Now, what to do with the big mess on your table? Why not arrange everything on your wall in 10 minutes with washi tape? In fact, I thought to combine idea #1 and #2 above and use vintage wallpaper, maps and others misc. papers with pages from the catalog and look — now there is something fresh nearby my desk to inspire me until I’m ready for something new.

Catalog DIY Project

I’m loving fresh green right now combined with mint, hot pink, yellow and turquoise so this is the palette I went with. Not only did a simple (free) Boden catalog give me 5 good decorating ideas, also for free, but it gave me images to arrange on the wall, free again, with things I already had laying around and viola! something pretty for my workroom without spending a dime. Okay, the dime was spent on a dress but still… (smile).

What do you think?

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Posted in diy on January 31, 2013

Mia Blanche Ceramics

I can only imagine the faces of my food photographer friends the moment they see this post! They will drool on their keyboards simply because Mia Blanche ceramics from Sweden would make the best props ever. I am curious, what do you think? If you love to cook, entertain or simply enjoy a hot cup of cocoa near a warm fire, you’ll find something perfect to fit your cravings at Mia Blanche, too. They have a web shop in English so please go have a peek… But first, look at what is calling your name.

Mia Blanche Ceramics

Mia Blanche Ceramics

mia8_deMia Blanche Ceramicscor8

Mia Blanche Ceramics

Mia Blanche Ceramics

Mia Blanche Ceramics

Mia Blanche Ceramics

I’ve summarized my wish list below in case anyone is feeling generous (har har).

My wish list: 6 Lill Sven breakfast bowls (2 limegreen, 2 blue, 2 light turquoise), 6 Sven cups in white, 6 Oriental cups in white, 1 milk jug, 3 milk jugs with lace (for flowers!), 6 muffin bowls in white (for snacks on movie night!).

Now you must tell me, what would you like to have from this shop?

(images: mia blanche)

Posted in ceramics on January 30, 2013

#bloghug – Show Your Love!

It’s time for a hashtag party – care to join? It’s called #bloghug but first, why I’m bothering to do this? I was thinking a lot lately about the connections we make online and the connectors who lead the pack in this effort (maybe one of them is you) and how some have told me that they feel like their hard work isn’t a) getting them anywhere b) receiving much feedback OR that c) they aren’t really feeling so excited lately about blogging. I thought #bloghug could help spread a little internet cheer.


While you are out there pinning and dragging and dropping and clicking and scrolling please take a moment and think about where all of this content comes from and give a blogger a little high five if you can. I can’t imagine the world going back in time to when blogs didn’t exist BUT it is sooo super easy to take for granted those who blog and inspire us all day, isn’t it? I am so proud of our blogger community overall, aren’t you? To all of you out there who are connecting others through your blog, your website, etc. I value you. We value you! You have value – a lot of it! So, I ask you…

Have you hugged a blogger today?

Seriously, have you? Not in real life… I’m talking about a virtual hug, a virtual high five. Maybe this week you can comment on their blog, “like” their Facebook page, send them a friendly tweet – simply to say YOU ROCK.

How to be part of #bloghug

1) Write a blog post about your favorite bloggers or blogger and tweet it to me (@decor8) with hashtag #bloghug so I can pin it.

2) Make a video and post it on your blog and tweet the link to me (@decor8) with hashtag #bloghug so I can pin that, too!

3) Get creative! Have someone snap your photo of you reading a favorite blog on your iPad (just not your own LOL!), or holding a sign that says “I Love Blogs #bloghug” or something that just shows a little love. You can use Instagram for this too – just tweet the photo to me (@decor8) with hashtag #bloghug with a link to your page so I can pin it!

Deadline: February 15.

Here are some previous hashtag parties I’ve hosted with themes: #stripemania & #discomania to give you some ideas.

I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

Remember: #bloghug

Here is the #bloghug board on Pinterest where I’ll pin your stuff!

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Posted in real talk on January 30, 2013


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