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Blog Tip: Got Vine?

I’ve heard a lot of buzz about Vine all of a sudden so of course, I joined, and of course, I gave it a try. It’s a bit like the Tout app (I told you about Tout already here) but you can stop and start your video several times during recordings which gives you the added bonus to experiment with your very own stop motion video creation – which I think is fun!


I also like that the Vine format is nearly one-to-one with Instagram and though I do not like seeing sameness on one hand, yet on the other it works because now I don’t have to learn how to navigate yet another app that I use. Here is an example of what you can do on Vine below if you’re a blogger, for instance. You can share things that you love quickly and easily…

I uploaded the little clip above of some of my current favorite books (your Vine videos are saved in your camera roll) to Vimeo but you can also look at the source code of your Vine video in a browser if you don’t feel like doing it that way and simply copy the Mp4 file, paste the link of the file into a new browser window and download it, then upload to Vimeo or YouTube or where you personally like to host your video files. Easy!

Bright Side: You can use Vine to give your fans a glimpse into your day, show a very quick DIY project, share a quick book review, try stop motion animation and share other things that your readers may enjoy. It’s very easy to use which is both good and bad – as a blogger, you really need to consider that your image can be impacted in a positive or negative way by the content you are pushing out there. My advice is to avoid using it for just anything – put a little thought into it – allow it to push you in a creative sense – what could you do with it that would be fun and exciting for you and to your fans?

Dark Side: This could potentially become a playground for amateur p*rn vids or ones featuring violence, drug use, etc. The volume of obscene videos are on the rise so I’m concerned especially since some of it involves minors. Just be careful because there is no adult content filter – most of us are used to being able to have a choice as to whether or not we come across nudity (or other) on photo sharing sites – not on Vine. You most likely won’t find this stuff though unless you search for it.

Note: Vine only gives you 6 seconds of video making time and Tout gives you 15 seconds only Tout doesn’t (yet) give you the ability to stop and start video during recording, so you can get as much done in 6 seconds on Vine as you can on Tout if you record your video with a little thought. Also, Vine was purchased by Twitter so that is why you can easily tweet your videos using Vine.

Will you use Vine? How will you use it for blogging? Any ideas as to how you see it being used by bloggers? Would love your feedback. More and more I think video will blow up online but in ways we may not expect… And with the rise of these micro-video apps I think my predictions are slowly coming true.

(video: holly becker for vine)

Posted in Blogging on January 28, 2013

Coming Soon: Kate Spade Saturday

I’ve heard a faint buzz over the past few months that Kate Spade will soon launch a new lifestyle brand called Kate Spade Saturday – have you heard this too? Then recently the rumors were confirmed in Elle magazine and it’s true –Ohhhh, exciting!

Kate Spade Saturday

According to Elle, “Kate Spade is bringing a bit of weekend fun to your wardrobe and home decor with its new lifestyle brand, Kate Spade Saturday. The line will first debut in Tokyo in February and then in the U.S. for Spring 2013.” This looks like Kate’s hip little sister, doesn’t it? Very fresh and energetic and BRIGHT! I’ve read in other spots around the web that the line will priced a bit lower, too. Sounds good to me.

Kate Spade Saturday

In addition to fashion, they’re also planning a home and tabletop collection. I’m really looking forward to seeing it. From the photos I’ve seen online, the collection is very bold, graphic and mostly primary colors like yellow, red and blue but also tons of monochromatic love mixing crisp white with bold black.

Kate Spade Saturday

Kate Spade Saturday

I can’t wait to find out more about this collection and to finally SEE with my own eyes what all the fuss is about… What do you think based on what you’ve seen and heard so far? 

Speaking of Kate Spade, have you seen the shoes for Keds they are doing? Super cute and available in February. Also, do you own a copy of their new book, “Things We Love“? It just arrived from Amazon today, I’m in love with it! Check out my Instagram stream to see picks from inside.

(images: kate spade saturday)

Posted in Designers + Stylists on January 28, 2013

Pops of Yellow with zEST

Est magazine is zESTY! I went through a bunch of their gorgeous issues recently and found the most delicious tones of yellow! I’ve collected some of my favorites below to show a little love for yellow today simply because I need this color currently  – it’s been so gray and miserable outside for several weeks – where is the sun? Where is that golden orb that gives me so much energy!? I can’t wait until the sun shines again but until it does, let us focus on the color yellow hoping it does the trick. :)

yellowYellow Inspiration3

Yellow Inspiration

Yellow Inspiration

Yellow Inspiration

Yellow Inspiration

Yellow Inspiration

Yellow in small doses can really lift a room visually but most importantly, lift the emotions. Yellow is energizing and optimistic. It can also be mellow and relaxing depending on the tone. It’s a fun color to experiment with in the home and in your wardrobe. Mix in a little metallic while you’re at it too – brass and gold is a great start.

I added a bunch of yellow tulips to my desk today and it definitely improved my mood in addition to watching The Lumineers sing Ho Hey though I always want to call the song, “Hey, Ho!” just for giggles. :)

(images:est mag)

Posted in Color Inspiration on January 24, 2013

DIY Paper Wall Hanging

It’s rare these days to come across ideas not seen yet when it comes to decorating, isn’t it? Yet, I managed to find one despite how saturated the web is with images of cool ideas. I found this very cool paper wall hanging a moment ago via 101 Woonideeen and I just love it.

Fun DIY idea

This gorgeous paper wall hanging was made mostly by using a single roll of drawing paper, 120 gr., 1 × 10 m and a circle cutter from the art supply store! Here is how you make it and a list of supplies here.

(image: 101 woonideeen)

Posted in DIY on January 23, 2013


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