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Working With West Elm

Hi everyone! I need your help but first, I’ve been working with West Elm recently and it has resulted in being in their current catalog (here is an online glimpse!) and a Pinterest board called Globalist Mix. I’ve not seen the catalog yet but I’m told 2.5 million of their subscribers have and it’s in all of their stores so I’m waiting anxiously by my mailbox until I have a copy – can’t wait!

Thank you West Elm

Thank you West Elm

West Elm has me working with them on their next two catalogs, too. The idea is that I would pick three international bloggers based outside of North America and together in each issue one of those three would give decorating advise in their catalog along with me. For the current issue, I’ve chosen wonderful Will from Bright Bazaar (thanks, Will!) and for the next catalog I will be teamed up with the very sweet Irene from Bloesem (thanks, Irene!) and the final catalog I’ll be paired with uber stylish Lucy at The Design Files (thank you, Lucy!). I am delighted and honored that West Elm reached out to me in the first place and can’t wait to see how many of their peeps find Will, Irene, Lucy and I as a result. Exciting stuff – I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity.

Thank you West Elm

Thank you West Elm

Thank you West Elm

See more inspiration from Will and I here and here. Now… For the part where I need some help. Would you like to help Will and I pin on our Globalist Mix board for West Elm? If so, tag photos on Pinterest in your folders with #WEglobalist and Will and I will look for that tag and pin as many as we can and that are appropriate. Thank you!!!!

(image: west elm)

Posted in press on January 09, 2013

Meet Me & Friends at We Are Social / imm Cologne

We are social! Yes we are! Tweet me, like me, rah, rah, rah! Okay, social media cheerleading aside, I want to invite you to imm cologne, where more than 1,250 exhibitors from more than 50 countries come face to face with over 140k visitors from all over the world to present 100k+ pieces of furniture and other decorating items — and a big bonus for visitors is that about one third of these exhibitors are totally new. But that’s not all…

We Are Social

The most exciting part for me is that I’ll be there to speak on Monday, January 14th from 2-4 on, “Blogging Your Way To Success – 8 tips on how others can find success through blogging and social media” and lead a panel composed of 6 social media and blogging experts for, We Are Social, where we will explore the benefits of social media along with plenty of ideas for all who want to use social media platforms and their blogs in ways that can yield rich results.

Dr. Frank Huber from First Media organized this event for imm and asked me to select 3 bloggers that I thought would be a great fit to the panel that he had already begun to pull together when he approached me last year. Dr. Huber selected Costas Voyatzis from YatzerFerdinando Napoli from Archiportale and Micle Mihai-Cristian from Freshome because those are sites that he reads and admires and whom he regards as social media experts and success stories.

When it was my turn to choose my three panel experts, I wanted to go with a diverse group with different backgrounds so I selected Will Taylor from Bright Bazaar, Frederik Frede from Freunde von Freunden and Stefanie from the OhhMhh blog. Each of our panelists will give a 10 minute presentation so you will get to learn more about them and what they do along with their inspirational story and background. After that, we will break for some mingling and then everyone will be invited to take their seats as we’ll then begin the panel — I’ll ask questions so that everyone in attendance can learn from these inspirational people. My goal as the moderator will be to keep it REAL and RELATABLE. I want everyone in attendance, no matter how big or small your blog is, to walk away with plenty of ideas and creative fuel and most importantly, to feel inspired by all of us and our stories. Because really, our stories are your stories. We are a community. We are social!

If you cannot attend, please follow us on January 14th on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest by following us at #wearesocial

Location: imm Cologne
Congress-Centrum Ost 4. OG, Congress-Saal Sektion 3, Koelnmesse

Following the event, I’ll be at the Koelnmesse Passage Hall 3/ Hall 11 signing books at 4:45 (both English and German copies will be available for sale).

For more information, please check out the imm website – this event is completely free of charge so please come, bring a friend, and enjoy a few hours of learning, mingling and fun because we plan to make this an event that is not only worth your time but that can be enjoyed by all.

See you soon!

(image: imm cologne)

Posted in events on January 09, 2013

Hello & Happy New Year!

Hello, hello! I’m back from my holiday break but oh no! Please forgive me! I’m not feeling very motivated to get back to work though I’ve heard I’m not alone… You too? Hopefully with this first post I’ll be feelin’ my flow again. I need to get back into the game!

Back to blogging!

It’s like anything… Mind over body. I want to feel the groove but my body is a bit like “bleh”. So first thing I did on Monday morning was to make small but positive changes. I decided to drink more green tea and water, eat mostly salads and go on daily walks (Currently I’m doing 3.1 miles/5km). It’s time to get that energy back, focus and start planning ahead because this is going to be a very big year since I’m going on another book tour in May to North America hitting more cities this time and extending certain parts of my journey to teach a workshop, visit family and work on my next book when I’m out on the west coast. Must. Reboot. Mojo.

So! Did you have a nice holiday? What did you do? I didn’t really DO anything but that was sort of the point. It was healing to go into a fox hole and hideaway for three weeks. It allowed me time to think which sounds silly but stopping to really THINK isn’t something we find ourselves doing often, is it? I believe that is why topics like Slow Living and Mindfulness have become more and more a part of daily conversations happening around the world. We need to be asking ourselves questions like, “Do I want to be doing what I’m doing today by this time next year?” and “What changes do I need to make in my life now?” along with “Am I really happy and if not, what do I need to change to get more HAPPINESS into my life”. Oh yeah and of course the most important thing to ask is, “Ryan Gosling?”.

Okay maybe that one isn’t a question but it most certainly is always the answer (smile). I saw Drive over the holidays and though it’s one of those revenge action flicks (not really my thing), Ryan was so charming and authentic in his performance that I finally GOT why so many women are lured in. It’s not just the abs, really. If you’ve seen Drive, you will immediately know what I mean – the boy can act. You know what really struck me though about Mr. Gosling in that film? He comes across like the real deal and aren’t we all so much more attracted to people who are authentic? I think sincerity really goes the distance.

You don’t have to be perfect to succeed but wow, being genuine can make or break so many of us. In a funny way, watching Drive really highlighted that fact to me because his character was flawed but real and it made me think that all of us are flawed but often that’s what attracts us to one another so much. Flaws, imperfection, not being 100%. It’s relatable and we want relatable don’t we? It’s often that slowing down that we do mentally around the holidays that allows us room to think and for me, I have been thinking so much about the importance of being sincere, standing up for what we believe in, owning up to every piece of ourselves (even the flawed bits) and embracing imperfection, individuality and love for self.

I digress…

I’d like to welcome you back to a new year of decor8 and wish you all a very happy new year. I’ll be back in a moment with a post showing products photographed in the home of one of my favorite bloggers featuring newly designed products not shared yet online – in fact the photo above is a glimpse of what is to come. Stay tuned!

– Holly

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