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Bloggers Enjoy Holly Beckers Wunderbare Wohnideen!

This is my first ever Really Good News column, a column where I share once weekly some really good news related to my life, business, books, etc. This week I have really good news because the German version of Decorate Workshop, which is called Holly Beckers Wunderbare Wohnideen, is a #1 bestseller in Germany! This makes me VERY happy. I also am excited because so many German bloggers, actually some of the BEST blogs over here, wrote about my book, made cute videos, hosted giveaways, shot lovely photos of the book in their home showing favorite spreads, etc. which makes me even happier. It is hard to live abroad in a new market, new language, and to have your books translated into another language because you wonder what you sound like in German, you know? You wonder if people here will like your style? You wonder about a lot actually! But as I read the book in German, I feel like it is very much in my voice, and this makes me feel good inside.

Thank you German Bloggers

I really must shout out the bloggers here in Germany who featured my book because without their support, my book may not have gotten off to such a great start. And I have to thank my publisher, Callwey, along with my publicist, Isabel, because she is doing a great job on my book. Please click on all of the links below because even if you cannot read German, you will still find some beautiful blogs to add to your RSS feed and learn about some great new things. I want to thank everyone listed below, really, I am forever grateful!

I was so happy about these reviews that I made a special pinboard where I pinned them all and will continue to do so as I receive more mentions from German bloggers and the press here. It’s such a treat!

I also want to thank German magazine, Schoener Wohnen, who gave my book a shout out on their website here and the German version of Mollie Makes magazine for reviewing my book on page 70 in their May issue. I also love the web preview and beautiful article Brigitte magazine produced for their site which you can see here. You can also find a beautiful article about me in the May issue of Living At Home. I feel so blessed with press like this.

From my heart… THANK YOU!

(images: daniela müller, thorsten becker for decorate workshop)

Posted in Books + Magazines on April 19, 2013

The Socialite Family Blog

Have you checked out the newly launched bilingual (French/English) site called The Socialite Family? Founded by the amazing French journalist and stylist, Constance Gennari, whom I know from Milk magazine, the focus here is on creative families. It’s actually laid out a lot like Berlin-based Freunde von Freunden, only the focus is on families whereas FvonF tends to focus on singles and couples. I like that!

Socialite site

Socialite site

Socialite site

Socialite site

Socialite site

Socialite site

Socialite site

I loved finding amongst their many home tours the Nantes-based stylist, Aurélie Lecuyer, who happens to be one of my favorite bloggers from Le dans la.

What do you think of sites like this? Blogs acting as online magazines? Do you think we’ll be seeing more blogazines like this? I do, for sure. I love them!

(images: the socialite family)

Posted in Bloggers on April 17, 2013

How To Talk About Your Good News Without Annoying Everyone

I try not to post much on decor8 about my books or press stuff because I think it can get super annoying super fast. Bloggers who write books (guilty) then constantly push them (guilty again) and travel all over the planet to promote them (still guilty) annoy me sometimes, too because a blog you once read and loved suddenly turns into an infomercial where every post seems to drop yet another link to their book. Why do they do it then? Are bloggers bad people?

Really Good News Column

Oh my gosh, of course not! Quite the opposite really, most bloggers I know are absolute sweethearts. But being an author has become a huge numbers game, a popularity contest – something I never imagined authors even dealt with until I became one. I never thought about Amazon rankings and bestsellers lists or print runs or book tours… I never imagined any of it. I became an author to just write stuff and reach more people with my ideas with hopes of inspiring them and myself at the same time. I guess I was naive when I started writing books. I thought you just submitted your text to your editor and poof! the publisher did the rest and you just sat back and watched as you began pulling together another concept to pitch for your next title.

This is not the case. Anyone who writes books nowadays knows exactly what I’m talking about. You really have to work for your success as an author like anything else in life. I LOVE writing and feel tremendously honored to currently be working on my third book. So how do I talk about this stuff on my blog without making you guys feel annoyed, or jealous, or like you want to run away?

Well, I have a solution and I hope this helps bloggers everywhere who struggle with this.

But first, I want to mention that bloggers who write books and talk about them in every other post mean no harm. I mean no harm. I sit through it while reading my favorite blogs  because I know they mean well, it’s a big accomplishment, and they’re just doing it because they are excited and want their book to do well. It makes you feel good when you spend a year of your life writing a book that sells well upon release. No wants their book to flop! Plus, it means you can write more books and if you happen to love to write, then that is great. Promoting books is not what bloggers want to do, trust me, it’s super uncomfortable! This is coming from me, a total extrovert… Talking about my accomplishments like press mentions, books, and anything else that turns me into a business woman and not just a nice lady who enjoys writing stuff on my blog, makes me feel kind of awkward. But the truth is, I really am happy when people write about me and I want to talk about this stuff on my blog.

So I was thinking, how do I still shout out those who are writing reviews and talking about me in magazines, etc. ? In a really casual “by the way” kind of post . That’s how! I want to feel good about this and I want you to feel good about this. I want to promote what I am proud of doing, after all… So I’ve decided that once a week, if I have some good work-related news to share, I’ll bundle all of it into one lovely post called, “Really Good News”. I like that title because everyday we hear really bad news so something good is welcome and positive. Plus, with a dedicated column for this stuff, I don’t have to feel weird of guilty posting about my happy news and you don’t have to feel annoyed and bored. Great compromise!

Stay tuned for the first I Really Like This News post. Coming up soon! And Bloggers – if you battle with this too, I invite you to copy my column idea and make your own regular column with a cool name where you can really open up about your work accomplishments, press mentions, etc. It’s a good blog tip, right?

xo, Holly

Posted in Blogging on April 17, 2013

Gorgeous Rotterdam Home

Do you love open plan living? Then you’ll enjoy this home. It was such a treat to see this space in Rotterdam photographed for Houzz by the lovely Holly Marder, an American living in the Netherlands who writes a blog called Avenue. I don’t read Houzz regularly but I do read Holly’s blog, so I was so excited to see this home pop up today on her site. She is also such a doll, she visited me in Hannover last year and will come again in the Fall, she is my newest blogger pal. I love the dining room that opens into the kitchen, such a light and bright space. I think what really wows me is the overall architecture, I mean look at those windows! To die for!




This three-story, 2,368 square feet, 19th-century home is located in Rotterdam and along with the neighboring row of houses, was awarded the 2012 Rotterdam Architecture Prize for modern urban renewal. Wouldn’t you LOVE to take an old building and gut renovate it? MY DREAM is to do this.

In fact, I am currently on the look out for something in Hannover so we’ll see, perhaps in a year or two decor8 will turn into Holly Becker’s Home Renovation blog. :) Oh boy! I wonder what you guys would think of THAT?

See more on Houzz and on Avenue. Enjoy!

(images: holly marder)

Posted in Home Tours, Inspiration on April 17, 2013


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