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Macrame Plant Hangers

Okay so a few weeks ago I was talking about how I think plants in the home are trending, then today Gudy posts her trend report from Milan showing that hanging plants ARE trending, and now I open Real Living magazine Australia (never thanked them for this feature, but I was so honored to be in their mag and on their blog here) and spotted Ouch Flower and their hanging baskets of plants in macrame holders and I think – YES, hanging plants are trending. It’s sorta like when you start to look for a car to buy, and you decide on a red Fiat, and then that is all you see on the street – red fiats! Right!? So I guess all we will see now are plants.


Let’s talk though about macrame. Because to me this is full on 1970s. My mother used to go to classes to learn how to do this and she made plant holders (like these from Plumo), double plant holders, owls with beads and other wall art, she loved macrame so much. By the time I started to notice decorating stuff, it was early 80s and macrame was already fading into the sunset. Maybe this was a 60s trend, but I just remember my mother loving it SO MUCH and having these hanging plant holders in our family home for years and years until one day I leveled with her and told her the macrame must go. Now I actually wonder what she did with them all? They are back in trend mom! She outta pull ’em out and get on the trendwagon again! Do your mothers have these things stored in the basement too? I bet!

What do you think of hanging plants and plant holders involving macrame. Too boho for you? Or? I like them but…

When it comes to hanging plants, I personally like something a little more like the Michael Anastassiades hanging terrariums that Gudy spotted in Stockholm recently at Svenskt Tenn (shown here) and these gorgeous wall plants in ceramic holders. But you know, in the right room, maybe I could get a little macrame crazy… Hmmm.

Looking for more plant inspiration, following this perky pinboard I’ve made for you (and me) here.

(images: ouch flower)

Posted in trends on April 15, 2013

Milan Furniture Fair Trends: Top 6 For 2013

Would you like to see the 6 tops trends from the Milan Furniture Fair, Salone del Mobile, for 2013? Well hello there, this is Gudy Herder from Eclectic Trends and I am very happy to share my trend scrapbook on decor8 today about my recent trip to the Salone del Mobile so you can see which 6 trends I’ve spotted for this year. But before I get started, let me share a couple of things about myself: First, I am a friend of Holly’s which is why I’m here in the first place so when I asked her if I could do a guest post reporting on trends from Milan, she was happy to have me. Next, I’m an interior stylist and trainer living in Barcelona, Spain though I’m originally from northern Germany. I travel a lot for my job and attend THE best international trend shows in Europe which happens to be one of my true passions. The Salone is the third fair I’ve been to this year and I’m ready to share some snapshots from my trip, are you ready? Here are the top “must-see” trends for 2013:

Milan Furniture Fair Trends: Top 6 For 2013

#1 PASTELS: The use of pastel shades is more of a reality than a new trend and comes as a result of the bold colours we have been seeing for quite some time. Home decor has never been so feminine! We can see pale violet, mint, soft blue, lemon, pale coral and other sorbet-like hues. Pastel color used to be injected through small accessories but as consumers grow in confidence, they begin to decorate now with pastels as statement pieces. The porcelain and beech wood pastel Lù tables shown were designed by Pinwu, a Chinese design firm that Holly is fond of so she says you guys have to look them up! Holly also loves designer Patricia Urquiola, you can see her new and gorgeous Clarissa Hood chair above that she designed for Italian brand Moroso which launched in Milan as part of the “Clarissa family” which are geometric in form (on the outside) but soft and cozy on the inside.

Milan Furniture Fair Trends: Top 6 For 2013

#2 NEW COLOUR – TERRACOTTA: I first spotted this colour in Stockholm in February at the furniture fair. Very few companies are launching this new colour so it looks still more of an experiment than a real trend. But that’s what makes it exciting! NCS, the colour academy, calls it terracotta which I believe hits the mark. What is your feeling about it? Some examples above are by Billiani, Flexform and Vitra.

Milan Furniture Fair Trends: Top 6 For 2013

#3 VERTICAL PLANTS: Hanging baskets, bulbs, wooden and metalic grids are innovative ways to grow vertically and one of the innovative gardening trends for your home. At the fair, many stands worked with hanging garden walls as part of the stand concept. Flower pots on display were not as common as specific furniture pieces designed to decorate with plants. Shown are some examples in the stands of Roda, Booo, MatteoGrassi and Moroso.

Milan Furniture Fair Trends: Top 6 For 2013

#4 MARBLE: Marble is culturally associated with a more luxurious taste, social status and, well, bathrooms. This trend appeared last year in Milan but is still to be seen and even growing – this year I spotted it developing in different ways for table tops and pedestal tables (Covo had a good example in solid marble shown above), seating structures, wall sculptures and accessories. There is almost no contemporary furniture label which is not at least offering one or two marble pieces in their collection. Others shown that I snapped and included above are from Poliform and also Flexform.

Milan Furniture Fair Trends: Top 6 For 2013

#5 CLUSTERED LIGHTING: Although I didn’t visit the lighting fair that took place at the same time (it’s a huge event and I didn’t have enough time), I still have observed that the aesthetics of the setting have become as important as the lamp design itself. All technical components are carefully designed and the lamp cable itself can be a playful item, as seen on the lights from Merry-Go-Round based in Sweden. Pendants are grouped with similar or equal pieces to create a dramatic lighting sculpture. And all kinds of materials are allowed: baskets, porcelain, glass, silk, wood, metal, etc. Other examples shown above are by Vuorivirta and Rossana Orlandi.

Milan Furniture Fair Trends: Top 6 For 2013

#6 AIRY STRUCTURES: This is one of the trends I love most: metal and wood structures are carved in an organic, light and very airy way becoming almost an art object or sculpture. Craftmenship is key here! I have seen this trend mostly at Italian brands so far like Ceccotti, Galotti&Radice, Porada and Porro.

So that’s my take on some of the trends this year. Which is your favorite? Where are you getting your trend updates from? Would you like to share your inspiration sources? Have you visited any inspiring fairs lately?

Thank you so much Holly for having me! – Gudy

(images: gudy herder)

Posted in trends on April 15, 2013

DIY: Malm Dresser by IKEA

Oh my gosh! I spotted this DIY project for the Malm dresser by IKEA on Pinterest today (thanks to Noor) and loved it. I discovered it was done by Pinja over at the Pinja Colada blog which is based out of Helsinki. What a sweet idea, I love this for a kid’s room!

DIY: Malm Dresser by IKEA

Happy Saturday everyone!

(image: pinjacolada)

Posted in DIY on April 13, 2013

Dear Sania Pell

Hello friends, how are you doing today? I wanted to continue with my Dear Friend/Inspiring Person letters but for some reason, after I wrote the first in the series to Emily Chalmers (here), I sort of gave up. I think I felt a bit overwhelmed by pouring out my emotions so publicly, and perhaps that this would be somehow embarrassing for those who are shy to read – like maybe Emily sat there thinking that I was a crazy stalker or maybe that my letter was a bit over-the-top?

Dear Sania

The truth is, I’m not half-hearted and when I enjoy something I enjoy it completely. And there are so many people that I enjoy. So I thought perhaps to continue with the series but in a much lighter way (ha, we’ll see how that goes, I have a hard time holding back) so I’m starting today with Sania Pell. Sania Pell is an interiors stylist and best-selling author of two books, Homemade Home and The Homemade Home for Children (I have and love them both), and lives and works in London as a freelance stylist for magazines and catalogs. She has a super lovely home in Chiswick (my dream neighborhood to live in) and a beautiful family with a great designer/photographer husband, Mark Wilson, who actually is responsible for how beautiful decor8 looks.

Sania is such an inspiration to me. I really adore her style and how she looks at the world. I also like how take charge she is. She makes stuff happen and doesn’t sit idle. I love that about her. So this little letter is for you, Sania.

Dear Sania

Dear Sania


Dear Sania,

Thank you for being such a great friend to me. Ever since first having dinner with you in Camden Town in 2010, I knew you’d be my friend. I remember when you showed up at my hotel with a gift you had handmade for me – a project from your first book – a beautiful wall hanging that you presented rolled up in a tube. I was so overwhelmed by such a generous act of kindness. It’s on my wall to this day and every time I see it, I think of our first meeting and how lucky I am to have met you. I couldn’t believe you were a fan of my blog and that you appreciated the review I posted about your first book so much that you wanted to meet me to thank me personally. No one does stuff like that anymore, really. You are super special.

Since that day, we’ve been friends – something I value immensely. We’ve done many nice things together ever since in-person, including your wonderful help in planning my book party at Liberty in 2011. I can’t believe it’s already been so long already, time flies! You’ve let us shoot in your home on two occasions, so when your living room ended up on the cover of the first book, I couldn’t believe Chronicle had chosen the room of my dear friend. To have your home on my book cover is a big deal to me. Whenever I look at Decorate on my coffee table, I don’t just see my book but I think about you.

Sania, thank you for being so talented and giving to me and now, to others, through your blog. I love that you have a blog and that I can keep up with you there because honestly, when I am feeling a little homesick or a bit uninspired, I have these plug-in points for inspiration and your blog is high on my list. I visit nearly every day to see if you’ve posted. From your posts about travel to shops you’ve been to, shoots you’ve done on location, your book projects, pictures you take of landscapes that I love so much (because they remind me of that gorgeous painting you did in your bedroom)… Whenever I visit At Home, I feel like I’m at your home and I recall the times I’ve spent with you in your craft loft or in your kitchen and feel really cozy and happy.

Dear Sania

Dear Sania

Dear Sania

Dear Sania

Thank you Sania, you are a beautiful friend that I admire so much. I imagine being grannies looking back at this “blog” era saying to one another, “Well wasn’t that something else.” I am so glad your first book, which resulted in my blog review, which caused us to have dinner one summer’s night in London, turned us into friends. Thank goodness for blogs and books but even more, thank you for reaching out to me in the first place because London wouldn’t be the same without you there. In fact, whenever I go to London, I’m always excited because I know we’ll meet up and be total girls together and I love that so much. You’re the best.


NOW it is YOUR TURN dear readers. Why don’t you join me and write a DEAR X letter to someone you love on your blog and post your link below. :)

(images: sania pell)

Posted in Dear Friend on April 12, 2013


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