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Call Me Cupcake

More food posts! Ha! This time from blogger Linda Lomelino from Call Me Cupcake. No, not Call Me Maybe like the song that drives me a little bonkers at this point, Call Me Cupcake! Okay, so people I want to know, what has gotten into my lately?  Or it’s more like what hasn’t gotten into me lately? I’ve gone off sugar and gluten for a month to get an energy and health boost and though I feel great, food prep is on my mind more often because I’m looking for creative ways to prepare what I can eat that will also make me feel like a million dollar super woman.

Call Me Cupcake

It’s amazing how creative you get when your nutritionist puts limits on you. But wow, the things you can do and explore with limits – definitely sparks a lot of imagination. It’s like interiors really… Think about it, when you don’t have a lot of money you are forced to get more creative, right? With limitations, creativity seems to flow. It’s funny how that works, don’t you think?

Call Me Cupcake

But back to Call Me Cupcake, who is really blogger and author Linda Lomelino who lives on coast of Sweden. But that’s not all… She is also in a band. And she does gorgeous food videos that she shares on Vimeo. I love her videos, they are beautiful. I cannot believe I just found out about this amazing lady today. I’m so blown away and inspired.

Call Me Cupcake

Call Me Cupcake

Call Me Cupcake

Call Me Cupcake

Call Me Cupcake

So here is yet another beautiful food blog for you (and I) to drool over.

Hope you are having a happy day!

(images: call me cupcake)

Posted in food on April 11, 2013

Two Loves Studio + DIY Photography Backgrounds

This is a really sweet Australian cooking blog that I found on Pinterest called Two Loves by twenty-something Australian Rachel Jane. I’m on the fly today, not a lot of time to write, but I wanted to get some nice posts up anyone to direct you to some super inspirational spots online. Hope you are doing well – it’s still freezing, gray and stormy here in northern Germany but my hopes are that next week we will be transported to sunshine and spring-like weather, I’m dying to do over my balcony, it’s such a mess!

Two Loves

Two Loves

Oh and don’t miss her HOW TO for creating backgrounds to shoot food on – perfect for the food photographer’s and stylists out there who are just learning how to get started with shooting your own yummy creations.

two loves

Enjoy Two Loves and try not to lick the screen!

(images: two loves studio)

Posted in Bloggers on April 11, 2013

Crafty Handmade Envelopes DIY

I love this handmade envelope DIY that I found yesterday on the Living At Home website. Living At Home is a German interiors magazine and they’ve been featuring more and more handmade stuff lately in their mag which is so close to my heart, like this handmade envelope DIY that you can see and read about here (but it’s in German, sorry).

Handmade Envelopes DIY

Some of the supplies that you see are from a sweet shop online called Franks Home. I love taking a creative approach to simple things, like an envelope, though honestly I would never send one of these – I’d most likely just attach them to gifts or maybe frame the more artsy looking ones for a kid’s room or in my own work studio which is really a giant playroom for me!

Handmade Envelopes DIY

Handmade Envelopes DIY

Handmade Envelopes DIY

Sweet idea though, right? And…. I’ll be in the upcoming May issue of Living At Home with my newly released German book, Holly Beckers Wunderbare Wohnideen – so excited to be in their magazine again, they so beautifully promoted my first book so to have their support on my second title means so much to me. It will be on newsstands in a few weeks so if you have access to Living At Home, pick up the May issue and look for your blogger friend (me!).

(Photos: Styling: Katja Graumann, Anke Schütz)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on April 11, 2013

Pistachio Marble Cake Recipe

Hello everyone! I have added two lovely columnists to join me here on decor8, Lisa Nieschlag and Julia Cawley, who will team up to produce Food In Motion, a new video series for decor8 that will appear once a month with a yummy video for to watch along with the recipe for you to try. Sounds fun, right?

Food In Motion: Pistachio Marble Cake

You may know Lisa and Julia as Liz and Jewels, two friends who love to cook and produce beautiful books together in addition to their blog and workshops. Liz lives in northern Germany and Jewels is also German but relocated to Brooklyn. I met both of these ladies last summer when I was a guest speaker at a food and styling workshop they did along with Meeta Wolf. I’m so pleased that Liz and Jewels will join me until the end of 2013 with Food In Motion. So, without further ado… Here’s Liz introducing their new column AND video AND recipe to you!

aaaFood In Motion: Pistachio Marble Cake

Hello from two continents! We are Liz and Jewels. The two of us share the same love for food and photos and challenge each other every week on our blog Liz & Jewels. We cook, style and photograph the same dish, without knowing what the other does, and whatever the outcome, we share it on our blog. Here is an example of our most recent post called, We eat Americans. My version of this recipe is on the left and Jewels’ recipe is on the right.

Food In Motion: Pistachio Marble Cake

I’m Liz, a graphic designer and cookbook author. My first cookbook was published in 2010, which was so successful, that two more followed immediately. Currently I’m working on my fourth cookbook. Jewels is the photographer for all of the cookbooks.

Food In Motion: Pistachio Marble Cake

We love working together and also love sharing our knowledge with others who love food, too. In 2012 we started teaching workshops for “Food Styling & Photography” and have done so in Weimar, Münster and New York so far. Here is a glimpse into a recent workshop in New York that we hosted before all of our students arrived…

Food In Motion: Pistachio Marble Cake

For decor8, we are bringing our Food In Motion! Every month we will pop up on decor8 and show you a little video of how we are preparing our favorite dish and leave you with the recipe so you can make it yourself. Our first recipe and video is below, we hope you enjoy it and that you enjoy having us on decor8 for 2013!

How to make what you see in our video…

Pistachio Marble Cake
3 eggs
150 g sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla sugar
50 g soft butter
100 ml milk
200 g flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
pinch of salt
50 g pistachios
1 teaspoon of powdered sugar

Heat the oven to 175 C degrees. Generously butter a loaf pan. In a bowl beat the eggs, sugar and vanilla sugar on high speed with the electric mixer until the mixture turns light and thick. Add the soft butter and mix in. Whisk together the flour, bakingpowder and salt and add to the mixture gradually. Pour in the milk and beat until combined. In an electric blender pulverize the pistachios. Add the powdered sugar. In another bowl pour 1/3 of the batter and mix in the pistachios. Pour the reserved cake batter in the loaf pan and top with the pistachio batter. Run a fork through the batters in swirling motion. Bake until cake tester comes out clean, about 45 minutes.

Yum! Yum! Enjoy! See you in May with another edition of Food In Motion. Let us know if you have any special ideas in mind – things you’d love to see us make, etc. You can comment below.

– Liz & Jewels

(Photos: liz & jewels. For video credits, click here.)

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