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November 11, 2015

Hello everyone! How are you? I’m going to Hamburg this week to attend a design show, Blickfang, with my new French friend who is also working with me on partnerships and advertising for decor8. Not only does she have the perfect French name, Amelie, but she has the Garance Dore accent and this wonderful, positive spirit. I adore Amelie – we just started to work together a few weeks ago and it’s been great having her around. So yes, I’m off to Hamburg soon and so I wonder, Hamburg experts, any good suggestions for shopping, eating, cafes, etc.? We’ll have 5 hours to burn so we want to burn them wonderfully (wink).

Photography + Styling For Your Blog + Instagram

Okay so onto the meat of this post. Blogging. What the heck is happening with blogs and the internet and what is the future? We can all speculate which is sorta fun but I firmly believe in one thing (the rest is a blur): that the folks behind blogs, Instagram, etc. for lifestyle categories, foodies, design, etc. only have a chance at reaching a certain status or level of success (or earning money) if they have great styling and photography. I could sit around and tell you it doesn’t matter but I’d be a liar. It does matter. When I really put my all into my Instagram account (I’m @decor8 if you are curious and wanna follow me), I get hundreds of new followers overnight. When I flake out, like I have been the past few months because I’m working on my 4th book (I turn it in in Sunday, omg you guys!), my followers massively slow down when it comes to interacting with me, liking my pics… Not to mention how few new followers I see. So yeah, I can bs you and say photography and styling aren’t important, just wing it, but that is not the case at all.

In the Blogging Your Way Instagram e-course earlier this year, I promised a follow-up to that class. In it, we taught the nitty gritty on how IG works from algorithms (yes really) to “the grid” and the importance of this, that and the other. Now it’s time for the follow-up, for you to LEARN how to style (aka arrange stuff in a nice way) and compose your shot (like angles, SO important) and how to take photos way better than you thought you ever could. And we’re not just including Instagram for this class but bloggers in general who want to also style and take better photos for their blog.

I’ve teamed up with Tina Fussell, Jack Fussell and Holly Marder who will tell you everything they know and I’ve already seen their lessons – GUYS YOU ARE IN FOR A TREAT. Take this class!

The e-course is self-paced and runs for three weeks from 15 November until 7 December. Then you have all of the holiday break and new year to practice your new skills on friends and family! Weeeee! You will also walk into the new year with your head high because you have major ammo, mega mojo and monster-size mad skills so you’re not starting the new year thinking, “Oh my god, resolution time, I don’t know where to begin!”, rather you are beginning the year thinking, “I’ve got this, internet WATCH OUT”.

This is the last one we’ll be teaching on these topics until Fall/Winter 2016 so don’t wait another year, too much time to not make any progress! Come learn with us – see you soon!

CLICK HERE for e-course outline and to sign up. It’s like unicorn magic how that works.

(images: holly marder, tina fussell, jack fussell)


  • Reply Julia (mammilade) November 12, 2015 at 11:52 am

    Dear Holly,

    I am very interested in this e-course…
    But I am afraid, if my english language knowledge is good enough for this!?

    Yours Julia

  • Reply Valerie / November 12, 2015 at 12:53 pm

    Hello Holly! So great to hear you are visiting Hamburg. I have a few great tips for you:
    1. MUTERELAND CAFE Ernst-Merck-Straße 9
    2. HAFEN CITY (a must to see). If you stay in a Hotel I recommend the crazy creative design Hotel 25H in Hafen City.(an article about their decor is already on my schedule :))) If you do not stay there overnight you can still enjoy the decor by eating in their Heimat Cafe. You can even just order coffee there (try the ”flat white”) and drink it in one of their cool lobbies, also upstairs.
    3. Hamburg I think is the only city which have IKEA in the middle of the city and not in industry area. And besides the IKEA in Altona is a Nordic Style Cafe klippkroog – Große Bergstraße 255. Really interesting cosy decor Atmosphäre and yami food.
    4. DIE SCHANZE – alternative creative area with boutiques, design agencies and TIM MÄLZER’s Restaurant called die bullerei !
    5. STILLWERK – a great mall with only design furniture and decor, with Skandinavian Firms and Artek, Vitra, etc…
    6. Also an upscale neighborhood EPPENDORF has great shops and cafes, and the great artsy neighborhood ALTONA is to recommend.

    I hope my recommendations will inspire you and you enjoy Hamburg. Hay If you will feature them in your article just say ”inspired by Valerie from ;)))))

    Will you have the styling ? Photography e-course next year again? I sadly have to say that I will not be able to make it this november to the course, but would love to take it surely next time.


  • Reply Izzy November 12, 2015 at 2:08 pm

    I signed up for this course, Holly, and I’m very excited to start :-) ! I do have one tiny question: will there be some sort of recap of the course you gave back in June (so the IG nitty gritty like said algorithms etc.)? I was on holidays back then and am still sad I wasn’t able to join. Thanks in advance for your feedback – can’t wait till Sunday!

  • Reply T / RAKO6 November 12, 2015 at 3:02 pm

    Welcome to Hamburg! :) I would suggest you visit my neighborhood Eppendorf. We have here a ton of a really nice cafes, restaurants and small shops for you to get to know! If you are looking for something more alternative scene you should go to Sternschanze, my second best place in the city. ;) Right now the sun is shining, so I’m off now to the streets of Eppendorf to practice my photography skills.. Thanks for the advices!

  • Reply Mary Jo December 3, 2015 at 7:57 pm

    Hi Holly!

    I agree that photography and styling is one of the most important if not the most important element for branding. The internet is heavily concentrated on visuals. We as humans love visuals and they make a certain connection portrayed by the author. If one is going to spend their time and money I would suggest taking your e-class for a understanding of styling.

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