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Spotlight On: Little Owl + Swarm

I love it when creatives collaborate, the results are often fabulous! Take for instance the work of Little Owl (Bruce Wayland and Marcello De Simone) and Swarm (Leslie Oschmann). Perfect. These paintings on plates are so intriguing and unique and are part of the Altered Perspective series. I don’t recall seeing anything like them before which is exciting and why I find Leslie, in particular, so talented — she really creates.

Little Owl + Swarm

“Taking two usually separate objects [Paintings & Blue and White Transferware] each containing scenes, or ‘perspectives’, and through artful alteration produced unexpected new images from the combination of both. The juxtaposition results in something that becomes a conversation piece as the canvas of the painting merges with the printed images of the plates. A landscape painted in the Netherlands blends into an English country scene on the plate, and in the process a new image is made through the merging of both. The roughness of canvas from the paintings and the smooth gloss of the plates makes for an appealing contrast of surfaces.” – Little Owl.

A new batch of one-of-a-kind plates just released, visit this page to see what is available. Quickly! They sell out fast!

(images: little owl)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on July 27, 2011

Illustrator + Graphic Designer Luci Everett

I talked about Luci Everett awhile ago but I’m so in love with the work of dear Luci in Melbourne, Australia that I have to share what she does over and over again. Do you know this amazing lady? If not, I totally think you should because she never ceases to amaze and inspire with her gorgeous drawings, collages, graphics and watercolors. I totally dig her use of color, too. She uses all of my favorite tints and tones.

Luci Everett

Her blog is filled with wonderful things and she sells some of her work in her big cartel shop called Paper Soup. Watercolor illustrations are all the rage at the moment, have you noticed? They’re a big trend and I can’t get enough. I love how Luci does lots of band and event posters, I think they are so attractive… I wish more bands put thought into their gig posters, sometimes it’s so depressing how ugly some can be. But not Luci’s posters – they must sell tickets because even if I’ve not heard of a band before, if they put this much effort into their promotional materials I’d reason that they’d have to be worth checking out. Same goes for events, especially handmade markets and art fairs. If the posters look good (or flyers, website, etc.), I’m so there.

Luci Everett

Luci Everett

I especially love this party book below which was part of a small project that Luci worked on which is, “A handmade, french-folded book playfully exploring the theme of party”. Oh swoon…This is so whimsical, feminine, detailed and just charming!

Luci Everett

Luci Everett

Luci Everett

This is such a special piece to me (the book above) that I’d love to see in person – it seems so precious (in a good way). Books never go out of style when they’re so thoughtfully created, do they?

(images: luci everett)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on July 01, 2011

All The Buildings In New York

I’m so in love with the illustrative style of the amazing Aussie James Gulliver Hancock who is currently based out of Brooklyn, New York where he is working in a super cool project called All The Buildings In New York. His goal is to draw all of the buildings in New York, and I’m thrilled he has taken on that challenge as the architecture there is just so diverse and beautiful and I know so many would love to see their buildings drawn by him – how nice to own one of his prints if you happen to live in the building that he so nicely sketched and painted.

James Gulliver Hancock

James Gulliver Hancock

James Gulliver Hancock

James Gulliver Hancock

James Gulliver Hancock

There’s no question, illustrations are a huge trend at the moment. You see them everywhere now, on books, on magazines, on fabric, product packaging, cd covers, on magazines, inside of them, more than ever before illustrations are on and in everything. It’s a trend I love! What do you think of James’ work? I can’t get enough of what he’s doing personally and I feel so inspired by it and his gorgeous colorways and how he embellishes his images beyond the house to create doodles and such. I wish he’d come to Germany and draw some of the Jugenstil buildings where I live, or can you imagine him drawing the buildings in Amsterdam or Greece or perhaps modern homes in LA? I wonder what he’ll draw after he finishes his New York project?

I’m sooo lovin’ James at the moment though… you too?

(images: james gulliver hancock)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on June 28, 2011

Gemma Milly Illustration

Oh oh oh oh everybody! Red alert! Gemma Milly, an artist and illustrator in southeast England, has taken my heart captive today. Her work is such a delight and I’m certain it will tickle you too. I’m so happy that I found her today via lovely Mary Beth on Pinterest. I adore her painterly style and colorways and well her drawing of William and Katherine kissing on the balcony and Buckingham Palace is just so charming (you can buy it here). I hope they somehow see it — I’m sure they’d love it to pieces that cute Will and Katherine.

Gemma Milly

Gemma draws her images first by hand using  pen or pencil, then adds ink and watercolor, and finally she digitally enhances them to give them that final “just so” touch. I love how she uses her color outside of the lines at times. This is gorgeous. Her inspiration comes from, “The ethereal, the sensual, the female form, the exquisite and the beautiful. Her aim is to create strikingly beautiful images that please the eye and delight the senses.” I’d say she accomplishes her goal!

But she hasn’t always been an illustrator… Gemma once worked in advertising and design for six years at a traditional desk job, but like so many creative types who dream of “what if”, the atmosphere wasn’t for her and she started to wonder about her future… So she jumped ship, returned to university where she earned her Master’s in Illustration and Animation and now she is a happy freelancer.

Gemma produces prints, greetings cards, portraits and fashion illustration for her big cartel shop and for her clients and well… we’re all happier for it – but most importantly, Gemma found her calling and we all love those kinds of stories, don’t we?

Isn’t Gemma divine?

(images: gemma milly)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on June 13, 2011


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