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Kate Wilson Illustrations

I love photography, but find some of what I see much more interesting, almost poetic, when translated into an illustration. There’s something about the combination of paper, graphite, and watercolor that is very emotional, stimulating, it’s this blending of life and elegance (like a beautiful woman or gorgeous shoes), then filtered through the eye, and now caught in time on paper. No movement, frozen, raw, serene.

When Kate Wilson wrote to me about her illustrative work, I knew I had to share it because it’s exactly what I love – not too fussy, almost dreamlike, soothing, and very mature. Kate, a final year illustration student at the London College of Fashion, just completed a project based around the mundane things in life that bring her joy. Inspired by the natural world around her, as well as antiques, fashion (of course), food, and her own quirky sense of humor, her illustrations show depth, a sense of self, and a definite style that is uniquely Kate. Here’s some of her illustrations framed on a wall… So haphazard, I can’t help but like it.

You can view her portfolio here on her website, where you can also inquire about purchasing.

Thank you Kate for writing to me and introducing us to your work – stellar!

(images from kate wilson)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on April 03, 2007

Camilla Engman + Port2Port Press = Limited Edition Prints!

Camilla Engman + Port2Port Press joined forces to create the Spring Prints Set, two limited edition prints (only 150 created) merging Swedish & English, featuring Camilla’s illustrations and Meg’s antique wood type. Each set is numbered and packed in a glassine bag, available here for only $16. I just purchased mine, now it’s your turn!

Thanks Mav for the tip! :)

(images from port2port press)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, Rooms on April 02, 2007

Bailey Saliwanchik @ Three Graces Gallery

I love spending time at the coast, and this weekend was particularly beautiful and relaxing – sunny, warm, the perfect weather for strolling one of my favorite coastal New England towns, Portsmouth, New Hampshire. While there, I had to stop by the Three Graces Gallery, owned by New Hampshire artist Kim Ferreira, and once again, I was pleasantly surprised by the art on display. Kim always has the best work, and this visit left me so inspired, I had to share.

‘Memory of Conversations’ is the current exhibit at Three Graces, combining the works of Maine artist Bailey Saliwanchik and Rhode Island artist Alexandra Mathis.

Although Ms. Mathis displays great strength and talent in her oversized mixed media works on canvas (stunning), it was Saliwanchik’s work, gorgeous girls in full, vibrant color, that captivated me (shown above and below), plus I could picture it in my own space. If I had a home with higher ceilings, I would consider Mathis’ work as well, I really loved how she incorporated graphite, dye, and fabric on canvas — gorgeous.

Soon to relocate to Brooklyn, New York, Bailey Salivanchik is one to watch. The moment I laid eyes on her work, I had this feeling… Like she is bound to go places very, very soon. Read her bio here, and if you’re interested in her work, contact Kim Ferreira directly at the Three Graces (show runs only until April 5th, so hurry!). If you’d like to order her prints, visit DeviantART online.

And… If you ever find yourself in charming Portsmouth, stop by Three Graces Gallery at 105 Market Street – great gallery, gorgeous work, a breathe of fresh air for sure!

(images from bailey saliwanchik)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, travel on April 02, 2007

Happy April!

I had to jump on the blog this morning to wish everyone a Happy April! Have a great day, beware of the April Fool’s pranksters, and I’ll see you tomorrow. Until then, Kirin & Co, the online etsy shop of Aussie designer Lara Cameron, added some fresh new prints to her shop, so enjoy!

(images from lara cameron)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, Etsy Faves, Rooms on April 01, 2007


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