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All The Buildings In New York

I’m so in love with the illustrative style of the amazing Aussie James Gulliver Hancock who is currently based out of Brooklyn, New York where he is working in a super cool project called All The Buildings In New York. His goal is to draw all of the buildings in New York, and I’m thrilled he has taken on that challenge as the architecture there is just so diverse and beautiful and I know so many would love to see their buildings drawn by him – how nice to own one of his prints if you happen to live in the building that he so nicely sketched and painted.

James Gulliver Hancock

James Gulliver Hancock

James Gulliver Hancock

James Gulliver Hancock

James Gulliver Hancock

There’s no question, illustrations are a huge trend at the moment. You see them everywhere now, on books, on magazines, on fabric, product packaging, cd covers, on magazines, inside of them, more than ever before illustrations are on and in everything. It’s a trend I love! What do you think of James’ work? I can’t get enough of what he’s doing personally and I feel so inspired by it and his gorgeous colorways and how he embellishes his images beyond the house to create doodles and such. I wish he’d come to Germany and draw some of the Jugenstil buildings where I live, or can you imagine him drawing the buildings in Amsterdam or Greece or perhaps modern homes in LA? I wonder what he’ll draw after he finishes his New York project?

I’m sooo lovin’ James at the moment though… you too?

(images: james gulliver hancock)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on June 28, 2011

Gemma Milly Illustration

Oh oh oh oh everybody! Red alert! Gemma Milly, an artist and illustrator in southeast England, has taken my heart captive today. Her work is such a delight and I’m certain it will tickle you too. I’m so happy that I found her today via lovely Mary Beth on Pinterest. I adore her painterly style and colorways and well her drawing of William and Katherine kissing on the balcony and Buckingham Palace is just so charming (you can buy it here). I hope they somehow see it — I’m sure they’d love it to pieces that cute Will and Katherine.

Gemma Milly

Gemma draws her images first by hand using  pen or pencil, then adds ink and watercolor, and finally she digitally enhances them to give them that final “just so” touch. I love how she uses her color outside of the lines at times. This is gorgeous. Her inspiration comes from, “The ethereal, the sensual, the female form, the exquisite and the beautiful. Her aim is to create strikingly beautiful images that please the eye and delight the senses.” I’d say she accomplishes her goal!

But she hasn’t always been an illustrator… Gemma once worked in advertising and design for six years at a traditional desk job, but like so many creative types who dream of “what if”, the atmosphere wasn’t for her and she started to wonder about her future… So she jumped ship, returned to university where she earned her Master’s in Illustration and Animation and now she is a happy freelancer.

Gemma produces prints, greetings cards, portraits and fashion illustration for her big cartel shop and for her clients and well… we’re all happier for it – but most importantly, Gemma found her calling and we all love those kinds of stories, don’t we?

Isn’t Gemma divine?

(images: gemma milly)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on June 13, 2011

Melissa Jaine Fashion Illustrations

Melissa Jaine is a creative blogger who lives in Australia that I recently discovered thanks to my husband and I fell in love with her blog and the way she snaps stills from music videos highlighting either what she loved about them or inserting the lyrics, laying text on top of images… Such a smart lady she is. We also love all of the same musicians from Sophie Ellis-Bextor to Natasha Bedingfield.But there’s more to love about Melissa…

Melissa Jaine Fashion Illustrations

She also has a thing for airports, as do I… Do you have a thing for airports? I love to arrive extra early for flights and just people watch while sipping on a soy latte. Plus airport energy is amazing. I think the best airport for “energy” is LAX. I really love the vibe there. But back to lovely Melissa. As I was exploring her blog I found out that she draws and I particularly took to liking these fashion illustrations of hers shown both above and below. They hardly look like the result of someone just playing around but they are, and that speaks volumes about her talent. If I played around there would be a blob of something unrecognizable in the center of a piece of paper. When Melissa experiments you get these lovely ladies…

Melissa Jaine Fashion Illustrations

My favorites from her portfolio are above because love the runway style with the simple backgrounds and typed text tape and those great patterned clothes. Totally something I’d love to see in a book or magazine.

Melissa Jaine Fashion Illustrations

This is a newly discovered passion of hers, drawing these ladies, and I feel that she could go really far with them and I hope that she keeps developing her concepts because they are fresh and wonderful. I love the merging of the full view runway-esque drawings with the street scapes in pencil, I’ve not seen that elsewhere and can totally imagine these designs being applied to surfaces and even as illustrations in magazines.

What do you think?

(images: melissa jaine)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on June 10, 2011

Katie Vernon Art + Illustration

I was so happy when a reader, Amy M., commented today to share the work of her talented friend, Katie Vernon, and her beautiful watercolor illustrations. I am always so touched when someone recommends a friend, it’s so sweet – she didn’t even include a link to her blog or website in the process because she simply wanted me to know about her friend Katie. This speaks volumes about a person, to be willing to do something nice for no reward in return, and I just had to write about Ms. Vernon as a result of Amy’s kindness. Well, that and the fact that her work is stunning and inspirational and well, it will make you feel a bit happier after seeing it. At least that is exactly what it did for me.

Katie Vernon Art + Illustration

Katie Vernon Art + Illustration

Katie creates one of a kind prints and original pieces to artfully preserve floral memories from events such as weddings and birthdays, graduations and launch parties. I think this idea of sketching something vs. freeze drying flowers, which was a big trend ten years ago, is so much more interesting. I can see freeze drying a boutonnière but not an entire bridal arrangement, where would you put it for goodness sake!?

If you love these beautiful drawings above, you can purchase many of them in her shop online called Chipmunk Cheeks.

Thank you again Amy and also to Katie for such inspirational work!

(images: katie vernon)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on June 09, 2011


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