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Isak (England)

A new product just in! It was exciting to hear from Sandra Isaksson, a Swedish graphic designer and illustrator, this morning. Based in England, she wants to introduce you to her world of “exciting happy things”, Isak, which are adorable gifts and home accessories that I think you’ll really love.
Wallpaper, greeting cards, trays, cutting boards, cups, dish towels, prints for your walls, an adorable counting poster for the kids, and more! With a retro vibe and plenty of sweet apple prints, Isak will definitely lead you into temptation…

You can purchase online or, if you’re a shop owner scouting for fresh new products and would like to carry Isak in your store, please contact Sandra directly at info[at]isak[dot]co[dot]uk.

Thanks for the tip, Sandra!

(images from isak)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, ceramics, shopping, travel, walls on October 30, 2006

Random Images to Inspire

We spent the day roaming the cobblestone streets of Hannover Linden today, where I met an old friend who is the largest book seller in Germany, with over 1 million books for sale on Amazon. We browsed his extensive collection on towering bookshelves, all which overflowed with rare titles, mostly published between the early 1900’s-1985.
I loved the children’s books I found, and he was nice enough to give me 3 of my favorites, which I happily accepted. Not only do they help me practice my German, but the pretty illustrations and typefaces are so lovely, I can’t stop looking at them. Two appeared as good as new, but it’s the one that is clearly used that appears to me the most. Inside the front cover, there is a handwritten dedication from oma to granddaughter Nadine. Nadine stamped her Berlin address, along with a maus sticker, inside. To think that a little girl from Berlin once owned this book in 1972, a book that now belongs to me… I don’t know, it’s somewhat touching. This story was once read to her and tucked away on a bookshelf… I wonder what became of young Nadine?

While roaming the narrow halls of books, I noticed an old poster taped to the side of a wooden bookcase, and thought it was lovely enough to capture and share with you. The print was already in sephia, so I think the photo came out rather nicely… Her porcelin complexion and his adoring gaze couldn’t resist my lens. Too bad they’re smoking and not simply about to engage in a kiss.

After visiting the warehouse, we stumbled upon my new favorite coffee shop, Cafe Petit in Hannover Linden.
I snapped a few photos while there, and since I’ve been big into sephia shots lately, I thought I’d experiment a little. I clearly need more practice with my camera, but I really like how these came out.

Note: I’ll be returning to Linden on Saturday for a studio tour and to meet a designer that I love, so I will post some photos from that tour on Monday. See you later today with some great design finds! I’m off to dinner, but upon my return, I promise to post some more goodies for you today.

(images from holly becker for decor8)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, inspiration, shopping, travel, walls on October 19, 2006

Melissa Moss Art + Greeting Cards (LA)

The very sweet Marisa from Creative Thursday sent me a tip about her friend, Melissa Moss. Based in Venice, California, Melissa is an artist to watch. She is currently the featured artist at the Hive Gallery in LA (now until October 31st) and was interviewed here via podcast over at Creative Thursday.

After learning more about Melissa and viewing her work, I’m charmed for sure. I love how candid she is in her bio and can’t wait until I have the time to listen to the podcast, too.

Melissa loves color and begins each nature-inspired painting by choosing an emotion that she wishes to convey. Leaving a career behind in the publishing world, she studied color psychology, where she found her true calling: Painting. As a trained color psychologist, she understands color theory thoroughly – how hues relate to emotions and through subtle tints and tones, she applies her knowledge to create an emotion through the strokes of her brush using acrylic and gouache mediums for contrasting both matte and gloss finishes. From jellyfish to toadstools, trees and flowers, her color combinations breathe the 21st century into a 1970’s color palette. Her paintings are on wood, which upon close inspection, the wood grain can be seen.

Her paintings are available via her website. Simply send her an email. Or if you’re in the LA area, stop by the Hive Gallery before October 31st to view her work in person. Archival prints and prints on wood, along with greeting cards are also available here on her website. Prices are listed.

(images from melissa moss)

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La Marelle en Papier

I’m sure you know about 19-year old Coxi, the blogger and fashion design student behind Life*Fever based in Portugal (check out his new blog design and his many new writers – he is amazing, especially for such a young man!). His mother, Gra?a Pereira da Costa, an interior designer and artist, who seems to know a lot about who’s who in Europe when it comes to illustrators and mixed media collage artists.
One illustrator I found out about via Gra?a is Bobi + Bobi (shown above). From there, I also came across La Marelle en Papier – limited edition cards, illustrative art, and notes. If you’d like to view Bobi + Bobi’s work, check out their blog and online store. Their work is very youthful and free, using techniques that are often mixed – drawing, painting, and scraping.

Another illustrator whom I love on La Marelle en Papier is of course, Camilla Engmann, who has her lovely cards listed there. Chiaki Miyamo, Delphine, Olivier Philpponneau, Peggy Nille, Princesse Camcam, Sophie Adde, and Sophie Leblanc are all amongst my other favorites. Dreamy!

Chiaki Miyamo – Ah!

Delphine – Such soft hues!Olivier Philpponneau – Would make for great wallpaper, am I right?

Peggy Nille – Lots of vibrant hues and loaded with details.

Princesse Camcam

Sophie Adde – Collage art with an Asian theme.

Sophie Leblanc

I’m heading out to dinner with a couple of friends, but I’ll be back a little later to post some more. Thanks to everyone for your emails concerning my brother-in-law, your support means so much to me. Thank you!

(images from la marelle en papier)

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