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Marga Marina

Love rubber stamps? Into forest themes? Do you like to find unique cards to give to your friends? Yes, yes, yes! I do! So then, it’s time to meet Marga Marina who really is the talented Tine Pagenberg, an illustrator who lives nearby in Bielefeld, Germany which is a lovely town located between the northern and southern Teutoburg forest. I’m guessing Tine finds her inspiration from her town and all of the natural beauty around her, it’s hard to not dream of pastel bears and foxes with picnic baskets when you live near a German forest, the place where fairy tales and magic come to life. She makes rubber stamps, postcards, brooches, pillows and many other crafty things available in her cute DaWanda shop.

Marga Marina

Marga Marina

Marga Marina

I was so excited when my package arrived today and I pulled out three sets of rubber stamps: “Nachteule” which means Night Owl, “Hörnchen” and on the package there are chipmunks which we don’t have in Germany, but they from the Hörnchen family but would technically be called Streifenhörnchen, and “Igel” which are hedgehogs. In the package I found some lovely cards and tags too. Now I have to use my stamps for some crafty projects. :)

I can really see Tine’s work being licensed and sold on products, can’t you? I’d love to see her work in stores, she is so talented and has a very cohesive collection and her style is very unique and special. I’m a big fan of Marga Marina and hope that you like her work too. There are so many talented German illustrators over here, and designers in general — it’s fun to be able to share some of them with you from time to time. :)

(images: photographs taken by holly becker, all others from marga marina)

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Karen Barbé Textile Designer

Want to peek in on a very creative lady? I feel so stuck on gift wrap and paper products lately which is quite obvious over the past few days, right!? Well my cute friends, I promise to branch out so let’s switch gears and look at this super amazing textile designer, Karen Barbé (it sounds like saying Barbie in a thick French accent I imagine) who lives in Santiago, Chile. She creates beautiful bed linens, fabric squares, pillows and all sorts of crafty things that are available for sale in her online shop. Look at all of this fantastic pattern and color! Eep!

Karen Barbé Textile Designer

Karen Barbé Textile Designer

Karen Barbé Textile Designer

Karen Barbé Textile Designer

In her shop you can find pretty scarves too (see above).

And you must check out her tree! She used bottle caps from things around her home that she has been collecting, cut them into circles, and decorated her pretty fab tree. Amazing!
Karen Barbé Textile Designer

What a cool, crafty lady Karen is! I love her blog and the glimpses of her home and handmade work, it’s so inspiring, definitely a new favorite blog of mine!

(images: karen barbe)

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Boxbird: Prints From Great Artists

I’m so sorry that I missed Etsy Take Five Tuesdays yesterday, I will make it up to you in a moment with an Etsy shopping post so stay tuned for that! Yesterday was not only a bad internet day (we had problems with our wireless router for 16 hours straight so I just gave up writing online and did some work around the house instead. It ended up being quite hectic around here, my new desk and work chair arrived and it inspired me to transform my guest bedroom into a working office until the other things that I ordered arrive for what will be my permanent work studio complete with crafting table and sitting area. It could be another month, and I got tired of working from the sofa and the coffee table over the past few months. In an afternoon I pulled together a space that I feel cozy and creative in, on a budget. Now I’m in my cute little guest bedroom with a huge window and great light. I blogged about it on Haus Maus if you want to take a peek. Speaking of peeks, do you want to catch a peek of the beautiful works of art found over at Boxbird in the UK?

Ruth Green on Boxbird
The work above is by artist Patrick Edgeley and I just love these bold, colorful graphics — don’t you?

Patrick Edgeley on Boxbird
These are by Ruth Green, another talented favorite of mine from the Boxbird collection of artists.

Hello Marine on Boxbird

More graphic color and pattern, this time from Hello Marine.

Back in a jiffy with more finds! :)

(images: boxbird)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on December 15, 2010

Ellen Calvert: Recycled With Love

Before I sign off for the week I must share the charming work of British textile and pattern designer Ellen Calvert who just wrote to me a few minutes ago to talk about her handmade things. I like her work so much that it simply can’t wait until Monday — I must share a glimpse now! These up-cycled home items are part of a limited edition collection and were created using both new and recycled products rejuvenated using several techniques such as screen print, embroidery and hand knitting. I like how familiar these things feel yet also how fresh!

Ellen Calvert

Ellen Calvert

Ellen Calvert

Ellen Calvert

I love her reclaimed 1930s school chairs. They are powder-coated and using her hand-knitted fabric, freshly upholstered so the chair is brought into the modern world though the frame still gives away its age. The fabric on the chair seats is made using quality British wool that is very sturdy and then printed and embroidered on top with original patterns designed by Ellen. She also creates complimentary hand-knitted cushions that you can see above, I simply can’t stop looking at them because I want to own them all! Each pillow has her knitted fabric on front and then the back is vintage cross-stitched table linens. Clever use of materials!

Aren’t these things lovely? You can find out more on Ellen’s website here.

(images: ellen calvert)

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