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Art By Anne Siems

The darling and sweet Melissa from the Melissa Loves blog finds some of the best things — like German artist Anne Siems, who I’d not heard of before. Melissa is always spotlighting the rare and beautiful out there in blogland, her site is such a delight.

Anne Siems

Anne Siems

Anne Siems moved from Berlin to Seattle in 1991 after finishing her MFA at the Hochschule der Kunste in Berlin. About her work Anne says, “I continue with my interest in the human figure and the attributes that surround it. These attributes reflect something about the being without giving a specific narrative. Ideas about life and death, sensuality, sexuality, nature, experiences in the realm of dreams, psyche and spirit are my ongoing topic. A lot of inspiration for these pieces stem from my ongoing love for the art of the European Masters, Early American Folk Art, as well as vintage and modern photography.”

So nice to know of Anne and her work.

(images: anne siems)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on December 24, 2010

Artist Paola Zakimi

I came across the illustrations and paintings of artist Paola Zakimi of LaSrtaPil yesterday while I was out shopping with a new friend, Katja Behre, who is visiting from London. I found Paola’s work while flipping through a DaWanda lookbook at the Snug shop and instantly fell in love. Would you like to see why?

Paola Zakimi Illustrations

Paola Zakimi Illustrations

Paola Zakimi Illustrations

What’s not to love, right? And here are some of her paintings in-situ — I always like to see the art living in a space to get a better idea of how it would work in my own. These paintings are very interesting… I like the contrast of the black art against the crisp white wall. Her work would be beautiful in a children’s book.

Paola Zakimi Illustrations

Paola, who lives and works in Argentina, can be found online at her DaWanda shop, on Etsy and at her personal blog. In addition to her beautiful art, she also is a doll maker. Her drawings really speak to me… I wonder if her style speaks to you and if so, what does it say? Okay, other than “buyyyy meeeee”. :)

(images: paola zakimi)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on December 23, 2010

Swarm: New Finds From Leslie Oschmann

I woke up this morning thinking about Leslie Oschmann of Swarm, no clue why really, and so I thought I’d check out her website to see what she has been up to since I visited her atelier over the summer (read about that here). Well first things first, Leslie is blogging! I’m thrilled because now I can keep up with her work as she goes.

Swarm, Leslie Oschmann

Above are some of her latest creations… “Myriad” necklaces! When we were chatting in person, Leslie was talking about some of her ideas for jewelry making so it’s exciting for me to see the results above. I love how she used wooden discs and applied mini paintings to them on both sides so that you can flip them over to change the look of the necklace. Beautiful work, Leslie!

Swarm, Leslie Oschmann

Her new “Altered Ego” chairs are clever as well. Something once old and considered boring even is suddenly desirable again and has a quirky twist, I like that. It’s inspiring to see Leslie working on new projects and I can’t wait to see what 2011 brings for her.

(images: leslie oschmann)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on December 22, 2010

Anna-Wili Highfield Paper Artist

I couldn’t pass by a chance to feature Anna-Wili Highfield today, because this Sydney-based artist makes the most beautiful sculptures of animals using paper but also copper pipe and I find them fascinating. Using archival cotton paper that is painted and sewn together, she breathes life into her beautiful work making it absolutely gorgeous to behold. Wouldn’t you love to have a bird from Anna-Wili and keep it beneath a glass cloche on your table? I sure would… Or perhaps an owl suspended from your ceiling?

Anna-Wili Highfield

From her bio, “Anna-Wili was born in 1980. The daughter of a puppeteer, she spent her childhood exposed to people making wonderful creatures. Anna-Wili has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the National Art School. She worked for two years for Opera Australia as a scenic artist and has exhibited in small artist run spaces around Sydney.”
Brilliant work!

(images: anna-wili highfield)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on December 21, 2010


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