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Free Calendar For Owl Lovers

I absolutely love and support this kind of generosity, it’s lovely to see. What am I talking about? Shivani who authors My Owl Barn. She recently worked with over 30 artists to make the Owl Lover 2011 Calendar, a free calendar that you can customize and then download.

Free Calendar!

About the project Shivani says, “This calendar is the outcome of my desire to work closely with them and to create something great for all the owl lovers! When I contacted them with my idea for this owl-themed calendar, not only did I receive the custom made wonderful owl art work, but also words of encouragement and best wishes which kept me going. All the beautiful art in this calendar will warm any owl lover’s heart. As beautiful as it is – you can still improve the calendar by customizing it, and picking and choosing the images that you love the most. Yes, that’s right, there are a lot more than 12 images for to choose from, so you can browse through our gallery, and select the ones that you love the most.”

I selected my favorites shown above, I felt they best fit their month, in fact the pair of cute owls in July were chosen since that is my wedding anniversary month. :)

I wonder what you will choose? Will you download this pretty calendar? Or share it with a friend? I hope that you will — I love seeing creative projects like this one get lots of attention so please – share! share! share!

(images: My Owl Barn)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on December 04, 2010

Jurianne Matter Paper Angels

I told you about Dutch artist Jurianne Matter in May ’09 but have you been to her site since to see what she’s been up to? Well I have and I found these lovely singing angels that I thought you’d like to see today. They would be so pretty displayed on a branch suspended above a table, attached to a mood board or window, decorating a child’s room, or displayed on a pretty present wrapped in kraft paper. These product shots are so, so pretty, don’t you think?

Jurianne Matter Paper Angels

Jurianne Matter Paper Angels

Jurianne Matter Paper Angels

How are you doing today dear friends? Are you well? Enjoying the season? I am! It’s very cold where I live but all of the outdoor markets with the hot mulled spice wine and hot chocolate and candied almonds and, and, and! Well all I can say is that this is the best place in the world to be cold and outdoors in November/December because the markets run all day, every day and night, until December 24th. It’s such a great time. We walked a few miles tonight in freezing temps but had such a nice time as we enjoyed the sights and sounds (and smells! ah!). If you ever have an opportunity to visit Germany this time of year, do it – go to a city and just enjoy the markets. I heard Trier and Dresden have beautiful markets, but you really cannot go wrong in larger cities like Hannover, Hamburg, and Berlin as well.

I love the four seasons, despite it being so cold and that darkness falls around 4pm each day (we live in northern Germany so we have less light), but at least it feels like winter and so it is really cozy and festive. I went to a nice designer’s indoor “Weihnachtsschau” today at the Handwerksform too, everything was beautiful and displayed so nicely and entry is free so if you are local, you should try to go.

There is another market that will be here next month too, it’s called Designachten and will be more for emerging and established independent artists and designers… I know some of those who will be there displaying their wares and they are really talented and have great stuff so again, if you are local please try to make it to Designnachten because it’s going to be a great time for sure.

What have you been up to? Are you in winter mode yet or???

(images: jurianne matter)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on December 01, 2010

100 Layer Cake: New Website + Market!

I first told you about the 100 Layer Cake blog nearly two years ago and I’ve been waiting for them to roll out their website ever since… and voila! Today is our lucky day! It’s live, baby! I love their marketplace, it’s great for connecting brides with vendors and vice versa. In the market, you can buy and sell pieces for your wedding and also bid and post on vendor requests.

NEW: 100 Layer Cake website

“Vendor requests are posted by brides (say, floral arrangements for 12 tables), and bid on by vendors. Vendors have their own portfolios on our site that brides can review before accepting a bid. We think it’s an awesome way for brides and vendors who might not normally connect, to get together and create something beautiful!” Great concept!

NEW: 100 Layer Cake website

NEW: 100 Layer Cake website

NEW: 100 Layer Cake website

I found some great things on 100 Layer Cake shown throughout this post but perhaps you feel like clicking over for some products + inspiration of your own? Also pay special attention to their directory of DIY projects and don’t forget to look over their directory of online resources for crafting your own wedding.

And congrats 100 Layer Cake… Great new site!

(images: 100 Layer Cake)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on November 29, 2010

Once & Again Pop-Up Exhibition

What do you think of pop-up shops and pop-up exhibitions? From stores like Target to small boutiques that bring in a limited line, what do you think of the overall concept? I love it and predict that it’s going to be awhile for some time — it’s been growing all over the world for some time now and personally I think it’s a great way for people to explore new revenue streams, get in front of a new customer, explore a different city, and in general it’s a great experimental thing to try without investing enormous amounts of money. Have you heard of Once & Again, a pop-up exhibition that is being held simultaneously at the Bass Museum of Art in Miami Beach and online at Gretal Home? I *love* the things in this shop… I sat here this morning going through the photos positively drooling! Want to see?

Once & Again

Bear Face Mirror: By All Lovely Stuff. “By referencing childhood nostalgia with their Bear Face mirror All Lovely Stuff have created a comforting yet fresh and modern piece.”Pillows: Cien Años de Soledad embroidered pillows by Ana Gonzalez (Series of six pillows, each one unique, exclusive to Gretel). “The beautiful embroidery of artist Ana Gonzalez is inspired by symbolism from classic Colombian literature. The story of revival in these pillows is completed by the vintage English fabric which Gonzalez has used as her canvas.” Bowl: Gold-plated Flawed bowl by Studiomake.

Once & Again

Once & Again

Splash bowls by Tim Parsons for AR Wentworth. “Pewter, an old fashioned material, has been rejuvenated by Tim Parsons and the craftspeople that hand-make the unique Splash bowls. Because the form of each bowl is determined by the ‘splash’ of the molten material, each and every piece is different.”

Once & Again

Left/Center: Giant yarn rubber crocheted bowls by Rosanna Contadini for Neo. “By combining the traditional craft of crocheting with a thoroughly modern material (neoprene rubber) Contadini has created a collection that is innovative and intriguing. The giant yarn bowl (21 inches wide) uses rubber yarn that is one inch thick and is a new addition to her incredibly popular series of rubber crocheted bowls.” Right: Hand-carved wood cake pedestals by Iacoli & McAllister (special edition, exclusive to Gretel). “Seattle-based design duo Iacoli & McAllister are well known for giving new significance to ordinary vintage candlesticks. Now, in this extension of their Mini Pedestal series, and also inspired by flea-market finds, I&M has created delicately carved wood pedestals (stained with tea and coffee) topped with Corian plates.”

Once & Again

Spica Light by Iacoli & McAllister. “Like many of the designers featured in Once & Again, Iacoli & McAllister proudly produce all of their work by hand. Thanks to the industrial processes they incorporate however, I&M’s designs are far from rustic. Their brand new Spica light features a sleek powder-coated steel frame wrapped with soft embroidery floss. One of the designers, Jamie Iacoli, recently inherited her mother’s collection of hundreds of skeins of thread and the incorporation of them into this modern piece is a contemporary interpretation of the needlework she did as a child.”

Once & Again

Gold-plated Flawed cups and bowls by Studiomake (special edition, exclusive to Gretel).”The gold-plated drips of Studiomake’s Flawed cups and bowls are gilded by artists in Thailand. The process not only refers to traditional Thai craft but also to the craftsmen’s refusal to follow popular ceramic-ware trends of other culture.”

Once & Again

Wonderland candlesticks by Stephen Johnson for Artecnica (Series of 24, including three designs; Bird, Lady and Rabbit, exclusive to Gretel). “Johnson refers to the familiar forms of ceramic figurines in the design of his whimsical Wonderland candlesticks. They have been produced in a striking matte black finish especially for Once & Again.”

What do you fancy from these lovely items above? I love the bear face mirror for a kid’s room, the Spica light for an office, the gold-plated flawed bowls for my china cabinet and the Ana Gonzalez embroidered pillows for my sofa!

Psst: This collection is only available until December 5th so if you see something you like, act fast!

(images: once & again)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, events on November 29, 2010


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