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Fresh Wreath Ideas

I’ll share some more inspirations from Istanbul throughout the week but I don’t want to overwhelm you with too many travel notes, I know that can be a bit much and I like a good mix on decor8. :) How about a little winter decorating inspiration? Whether you are looking for holiday ideas or simply enjoy decorating for the season well past December 25th, I think wreaths are a great way to cozy up your home for the winter. I usually make my own wreaths out of yarn or flowers, but this year I may give a photo wreath a try. The moment I spotted this one over at Country Living magazine online, I had to share with you because I bet you’ll love it.

Love This Wreath Idea!

Here is another wreath idea, this time it’s a bit more crafty. These lovely poinsettia blooms crafted out of felt are part of a kit that you can buy here and make yourself — then place them in a frame (with no glass). Very fun and somewhat easy to DIY.

Love This Wreath Idea!

What do you think, any ideas for wreaths this year?

Psst: More tips on seasonal decorating here.

(images; country living magazine)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on November 22, 2010

Mood Board Bags

Hello dear readers! How are you today? I had quite a productive work day and look forward to bringing you the great 2011 calendar round-up here on decor8 tomorrow and Friday. It’s going to be huge and amazing so stay tuned for that! But first, I want to show you a quick glimpse of the gifts that I help to design for students who attended the decor8 retreat week in Marrakesh (I blogged about it here). I designed 10 bags from scratch (well 11 since I kept one as a memory of our wonderful week) with my friend Ingrid and her sewer… and so I was sitting on my floor for HOURS, days even, cutting and pinning and tracing and measuring… it was a labor of love and I truly adored doing it for my students because I know they loved their bags and how much I loved giving them something from my heart.

My Bags...

I hand stamped the inside with white fabric paint using a stamp that I hand cut with my name on it. I also designed brooches for the bags that have gold pins on the back so they can move the brooches around on the bag, wear them on a jacket, pin them to something at home or even adorn their wall with a pretty brooch. The fabrics were taken from my stash — I have so many gorgeous prints and patterns, it was fun to sit down and combine fabrics from America, Europe and Japan, some vintage and others brand new, to build a custom bag for each student. I tried to experiment with many colors and patterns and loved doing them patchwork-style. I wanted to give students something from my own studio — that really mattered to me — and not simply hand them something that I found in a store. Plus I wanted to inspire them to think about how to combine patterns and colors to create something unique and special. You can take do so much with a stack of fabrics from make a bag to design a pillow, some curtains, even a duvet.

My Bags...

My Bags...

My Bags...

My Bags...

My Bags...

My inspiration: I’m big on applique work and hand stitching, and I went with the idea of having the bag look like a mood board with a linen back and handles and then the patchwork style fabrics and appliques on the front. I don’t share a lot of my crafty work on decor8, but so many of you emailed me asking about what it was that I made for my dear students so I am happy to share them since you asked so nicely. ;) I guess this is the side of me that I keep hidden because I always felt like if I posted the things that I make then what is my motive — to seek praise? To stroke my ego? But then today I thought that when I look at the work of others I feel inspired and encouraged so why would you not feel inspired and encouraged by my work as well? These bags took me a lot of time and patience, why not share the fruits of my labor! I am very proud of how they turned out. I’m so happy I had my friend Ingrid available to help me and her sewer who did a beautiful job stitching them together.

My Bags...

Edie taking notes...

My Bags...

Unfortunately, my battery died in Morocco on the second day and I had no spare with me (I left it at home on my bed!) so I don’t have any photos (that I took) of the bags or of the beautiful journals that I prepared for them which contained vellum envelopes filled with inspirational papers, trims, ribbons… and some rubber stamping that I did inside – simple touches but I think they were cute. :) Thankfully, photographer Tiffany Kirschner, who was on the trip with us, shot some nice photos of the bags close up so those are shown in this post above. If I find any more images of them where you can see entire bag views, I’ll let you know but for now I only have these.

I hope my dear students will always think of me and our special week in Marrakesh whenever they use their bags — I miss them all so much, I’m having withdrawal symptoms! I imagine if I had spent another week with them I would be in so much pain of heart right now. I loved getting to know these 10 women and connecting with them but also being a source of friendship, encouragement and inspiration to them but in return they gave wayyyyy more back to me than I even feel that I gave.

I took a long walk today and felt sad that I may never see them again as a group altogether. But then I thought of how we are all together online and then I smiled, like the internet made it all better again. :) I don’t know if you’ve ever gone on a creative retreat but man, you really start to find yourself thinking in new ways when you are unplugged from the world but also immersed in a creative, inspiring environment around people who are so open, who have so much courage, rich life experiences and who just want to soak it all in and learn together without judgment or fear. I wish I could have spent more time with each lady, it is my only regret, but hopefully they can continue to tap into me through my blog and also via email over the years. I will always remember them and I know they will always remember me and together all we have to do is see something Moroccan and we’ll forever be transported back to that very time and space. If you are ever in a position to go on a retreat, save the money and DO IT. Really. It’s the best experience and worth every cent.

Now back to my bags… now I want to make patchwork pillows for my guest bedroom! :) I feel a future project coming on!

xo, Holly

(images: Tiffany Kirschner from The Fancy Farm Girl)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on October 27, 2010

Jennifer Davis – New Prints!

I’m so drawn to the work of Jennifer Davis, she is one of my favorite artists working today and I own several of her original paintings and some prints, too. I can’t wait to display them in my new home because the walls feel so empty and are screaming for color and pattern and art is my favorite way to bring beauty into the home. You can purchase her work, including three new prints, over at Sebastian Foster which happens to have lots of other great art to adorn your walls.

Jennifer Davis

Jennifer Davis

Jennifer Davis

Aren’t these color combinations just fab? So many of Jennifer’s peices could inspire a palette for an outfit, table setting, party or room design don’t you think?

It’s Friday everyone! Aren’t you happy? This was a very challenging week for me, I was so busy with a million projects and now I have to read and edit the entire Decorate book from start to finish so wish me luck, I hope I make it through!!! :) And I need to get prepared for Morocco – I leave in one week! Yay!

How are you doing? What’s new?

(images: jennifer davis)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on October 08, 2010

V&A Prints

I know I mentioned them briefly as I swooned over Lobster & Swan earlier, but I can’t help myself — I must point you over to V&A Prints! You can order high quality prints and have them delivered to your home to frame and enjoy. I love some of the Grace Kelly photographs and even found this one below of Jerry Lewis quite lovely – he is shown in such a thoughtful pose, I love it!

V&A Prints

Which reminds me, as I was packing last weekend I watched an old Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis film from the 1950s, Living It Up, have you seen it? This is the cutest clip where they sing, “Every street’s a boulevard in old New York…” It makes me feel close to my grandmother when I watched Dean and Jerry. She always loved to watch their films and sing along to them. When I see black and white photographs of Hollywood film stars such as these above, I always think of my dear, sweet Millie.

(images: v&a)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on September 30, 2010


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