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Samantha Robinson Ceramics

I’ve featured the work of Australian ceramicist Samantha Robinson before but I keep going back to her work because I find it so simple yet so very captivating. I can’t stop looking at her coffee cups today in these pretty Spring hues…

Samantha Robinson

I imagine arranging a single grouping on my windowsill with a pretty, large bloom in each… a rose, a floppy peony… Nothing complicated because often the simple things are the best things.

(images: samantha robinson)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on March 18, 2010
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Etsy Take Five Tuesday

I need to be brief, I’m on the fly and it’s getting late… but I could not miss Etsy Take Five Tuesday this week because there are some real gems to share. No detailed descriptions this time around boys and girls… just pure sticky sweet eye candy glowing from the screen. Here you go — my five picks for the week. I do hope that you enjoy them. The first find is a riot.. I want the lemon print AND the pink heart ‘cos Home is where the heART is!

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Dear Colleen has bright and cheery stationery for spring. Gotta love the wisdom in this print, “When life hands you lemons make a gin and tonic.” A woman after my own heart.

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Bella Drummer art, gift tags, and other pretty things…

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

One Canoe Two has loads of letterpress goodness but this amazing DIY town blew me away when I read about it on Handmade Charlotte today.

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Wicked Mint in Brooklyn has some wicked awesome pillows.

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Gingiber prints are quirky and colorful and well, they just make me smile.

Spot any insta-faves? (images: linked to their source above)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, etsy, Etsy Take 5 Tuesday on March 09, 2010

The Time Is Now

I shared the delightful handwork of artist Naomi Shiek today over at Real Simple and I loved this image from her portfolio so much that I thought I’d post it here too.

The Time Is Now

Naomi has an etsy shop that I’ve featured on decor8 before but in case you’d not heard it is called The Time Is Now. Lovely.

(image: naomi sheik)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, etsy on March 08, 2010

Lisa Grue at Gallery Hanahou

Danish illustrator Lisa Grue’s solo show “Owls Have More Fun” opened last Thursday at gallery hanahou in New York and was a smashing success. Lisa is my kind of girl — an oversized graphic woodland of black and white owls — sign me UP! Check out a few photos of the work in situ. Fabulous, right?

Owls Have More Fun

Owls Have More Fun

The show runs until March 26th so do me a favor if you live in NYC, attend and make me very, very jealous! :) And for those unable to attend, you can now view Lisa’s available plates by downloading the PDF at the gallery hanahou shop. (Click on the link directly below the “Go Shopping” button.) And you can see the show in the gallery hanahou flickr page.

Are Celeb Designers Sharing Enough?

Are Celeb Designers Sharing Enough?

And in case Lisa Grue sounds familiar, I showed her Copenhagen home back in 2008 because it appeared then in BoligLiv magazine. You can still see the article on the BoligLiv website here. Above shows just a glimpse into her colorful, bold world.

(images: gallery hanahou and boligliv magazine)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on March 05, 2010


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