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Andrea Heimer {pop art}

January 18, 2008

I adore the work of Andrea Heimer so when an email arrived the other day announcing her revamped website, I thought I’d take a moment to give this artist a shout out here on decor8. Great bold color in her work, perfect for those bleh walls that you can’t or do not want to paint but that desperately need some TLC. I can imagine her work in one of my favorite bedrooms featured once in Domino magazine shown below.

Andrea Heimer {pop art}Andrea Heimer {pop art}
If I were a bedroom, this is what I’d be. :)

(images top: andrea heimer. bottom: domino)

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Lindsay Art {prints}

January 14, 2008

An encouraging email arrived from established artist Lindsay Brackeen who originally sold her mixed media paintings online but recently decided to move her business over to Etsy to offer affordable prints of her darling originals (just $20!).

Lindsay Art {prints}
Lindsay runs a home business in addition to her duties as a mom of two. She fits in time creating art during their naps so that she’s still able to do what she loves in addition to her favorite role as mommy. It always warms my heart to hear from independent mothers who are online and use all the great resources that exist out there to build a small business so that they’re able to spend more time with their children. The best part is that they’re not feeling trapped at home detached from the outside “adult” world, they’re connecting online and building a small business. No mom should have to sacrifice her dreams to raise a child, it’s just a matter of figuring out how to do both really well because we all know a happy, emotionally fulfilled mom is a better parent all around.

I think you’ll enjoy some of these prints from her shop. Thank you Lindsay for sharing your work with us and for telling me about your blog, which I’m clicking over to visit el pronto!

(images from lindsay art)

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Samantha Lamb {photography}

January 10, 2008

Designers and other creative types draw inspiration from everything, especially the natural world – there is so much outside of your own front door to explore and love. So many patterns, colors, textures await you — we’re so lucky to live in a world filled with the beauty that we sometimes take for granted. What inspires you about where you live?

Samantha Lamb {photography}An inspiring series, If Trees Will Talk.
For photographer Samantha Lamb, it’s the beautiful farm she lives on in Oklahoma where she captures the beauty of everyday life in a way that is almost poetic. She appreciates her life there, and it shows. Sam’s work will keep you staring at your screen envisioning Spring days spent in golden fields of wheat under a big blue sky – go ahead, see for yourself…
Samantha Lamb {photography} This series is called The Sea, The Surge & The Seamstress.
Samantha Lamb {photography}From Faceless portraiture of a Country Girl.

Sam sells her work if you are interested, nearly everything you see is available in a range of sizes and prices start at $25. If you view her photos on Flickr, you’ll quickly learn that she loves to shoot according to a theme and she groups each theme into sets. Most of her photos come complete with a thought or short story below them as she’s clearly a storyteller at heart. I can imagine that Sam could pull together several beautiful books on Country life in a second using her stories and captivating photos (a publisher seriously needs to contact her!). I’m so happy to have discovered this talented lady and I hope you find joy by viewing her work today, too.

(images from samantha lamb photography)

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Keep it Moving + Tudor Studio

January 9, 2008

I love it when friends recommend friends to decor8, this spirit of sharing and giving is just so sweet. Of course, presenting your own work is equally wonderful because I like to learn about you and what you do, but when someone as talented as Philadelphia-based artist Sarah Tudor writes in simply to tell me about her friend Kim Hamlin without even mentioning her own work, I’m deeply impressed. To show my appreciation for Sarah’s generous spirit, I’ve decided to write about both of these great ladies together here in one post. Good deeds deserve to be rewarded. :)

Keep it Moving + Tudor Studio
Sarah from the Tudor Studio produces lovely paintings and transforms some into affordable artwork by professionally photographing them and reproducing her work using archival Gicl?e inks on fine hand-moulded paper or linen canvas. Sarah is also available for commissioned work from portrait settings to murals in the Philadelphia area. Her work seems to be inspired by European adventures, each painting feels like a travel memory. It’s almost like she walks along charming city streets (perhaps in Paris) and translates all of her memories of that moment into her work, layering everything from the feelings she had to the buildings or windows she recalls seeing.

Keep it Moving + Tudor Studio
Sarah’s friend Kim Hamlin has a shop on etsy called Keep in Moving where she offers handmade creations from knit tree branches to crochet necklaces and grab bags filled with pretty things for turning your own DIY dreams into reality. She once worked at the yarn/fabric store Purl in Soho and contributed to the owner’s popular book Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Kim also authors the blog Inspired Living.

I’d like to thank Sarah for writing in – it means a lot to me to see artists supporting one another as some can be competitive and this never benefits anyone because I truly believe that in the end, what you put out into the world eventually makes it way back on your doorstep.

(images from keep it moving and tudor studio)

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Photography: Jake Curtis

January 9, 2008

I recently discovered London-based photographer Jake Curtis in the pages of the January 2008 issue of Livingetc magazine. Wow. This man knows how to work some serious magic.

Photography: Jake Curtis
Jake shot the home of artist Kate Dineen, a flat that totally captivates the whole Boho Modern style (more Boho than anything, her home is so artistic) that we discussed here on Friday. Anyway, I don’t have photos of Kate’s home, you have to pick up Livingetc and peek at pages 66-74. But I do have some work to show you from Jake Curtis’ portfolio that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Swoon away!

Photography: Jake CurtisPhotography: Jake Curtis

Capiz shell chandelier, a wall of empty frames, stools as dining room chairs,
and lots of lovely letters. We all love our collections.

Photography: Jake Curtis
Psst: Also in this Jan. 08 issue, Livingetc gives a shout out to fellow blogger Bowie of Print and Pattern, such a honor to be featured as a site the magazine looks to for inspiration. Congrats Bowie!

(images from the portfolio of Jake Curtis)