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Malinki Design {dress forms}

I spotted Malinki Design in the February issue of LivingEtc and had to learn more. Seems they are in the business of creating elegant mannequins out of funky florals and feminine silks, including custom designs (bespoke). I like the idea of owning a lovely French mannequin and though the intention I assume is to use it for tailoring, they also make a great accent in the home because you can drape them with accessories (handbags, brooches, a scarf, etc.) so that they’re functional. You can even use them as an inspiration spot for pinning fabric swatches, magazine clippings, etc.

If you’d like to learn more, you can contact owners Fiona and
Lucy though LivingEtc tells us that these start at around $1,300 USD.

On a budget? If you’re feeling creative you can buy a dress form with a wooden base for only $60 from vendors like Only Mannequins and customize it yourself. Try a patchwork technique or decoupage if you cannot sew. Paint the base in a fun color or hand paint it with a motif you love. You can also find vintage dress forms on sites like Craigslist and eBay. Search: mannequin, vintage dress form, dress form, it’s super easy to find these things on the web.

Here’s a dress form that I love from the wardrobe
queen herself, Tricia Royal aka BitsandBobbins on Flickr.

An Anthropologie store window photographed by Skitzo Leezra. By the way, when is Anthropologie going to give us a book? I mean seriously. I think about this all the time, why don’t they have a book compiling images of their store displays with how-to’s on exactly the materials used to make each display? They pull together some of the best DIY projects and then, a few weeks later, they disappear forever. They need a book. I digress…

I took this photograph through the window of boutique
in Hannover, Germany back in 2006.

Here’s a pretty form from Impressionen.

Display your vintage brooches like Lannon787 does.

A 1950’s dress form found on Craigslist by Jessica in Portland, Oregon also known on Flickr as ThriftCraft. Wow. This is a great piece, I especially like how the breasts are so worn — those have seen a lot of action in their day I guess! :)

Or if you prefer the look of a wire dress form, try Ballard Designs.

Click here for some more dress form inspiration. Do you decorate using a mannequin? Do you sew or just use it to display things? Care to send in any photos? :)

(images linked to sources above)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, DIY, Trends on February 14, 2008

I rarely hear friends in my circle or other bloggers talk about so either it’s not trendy to shop there or people are shopping them and just keeping it on the down low, but hey I’m willing to try ’em out. And though I may instantly disqualify myself from the cool kids club by admitting it, I actually like some of the prints over on At least the stuff I unearthed below. These are gems. I haven’t browsed their site for at least as long as I’ve been blogging so I wasn’t aware that they’ve expanded and now do custom framing and everything for amazingly low prices compared to the common frame shop.

The more I browsed the site, the more I found that while it’s loaded with your typical The Kiss and Starry Night prints, there’s a lot of really nice work there including some of the fabulous work of Egon Schiele (Seated Nude with Violet Stockings is a favorite of mine), Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso (I’ve always wanted the owl serigraph or war and peace), the beautiful work of Norman Parkinson, Yuko Lau (great for kids), Lauren Hamilton (also a good one for the children), and Yoshitomo Nara to name a few.

And they’re having a 20% off sale for three days only in case you are interested…

(images from

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Amy Butler Craft Bags + Stuff

Some quick news for you to report… While I was out shopping for paint this weekend, I ran across the new line of craft bags at A.C. Moore by Amy Butler for K&Company. The A.C. Moore site says that they’re not in stock, but they are in stores just not online yet. They also had lots of other Amy products, but the bags were to cute and fully lined with a coordinating print from her Sola and Belle collection. I appreciated the cell phone pocket on the side and that they’re roomy enough to carry lots of things around in but not so huge that you need to hire help to tote it around.

Another bonus — it’s a great bag for bringing with you to the flea market. Best part, if you go to A.C. Moore online, search for a store nearest you, and click on ‘special offers’ you may find a coupon. The coupon for my area is good for 40% off any one item, so I can get my very own Amy bag for only $22!

(images from a.c. moore)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on February 11, 2008

Winfried Heinze {photography}

Winfried Heinze is another awesome photographer with a portfolio to drool for, his interior shots are terrific. German born but now based in London with his wife and two children, Winfried works mostly for magazines and books published in Europe and has an impressive list of clients — his work has been featured on the cover of some of our favorite magazines like LivingEtc, Elle Decoration, Designers Guild and Nina Campbell. Here are some of my favorite rooms, I thought you’d like to see his work as it appeared in various publications – a little something to get our wheels turning as we begin a new week here on decor8!

Happy Monday everyone!

(images: winfried heinze)

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