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7 Cool Brands For Baby Boys

I thought to quickly pop in this weekend to highlight 7 cool brands for baby boys to check out. Most of these shops have things for baby girls too but it seems like stuff for boys can be harder to find, at least cute stuff, so I want to write these posts from time-to-time to highlight brands I love and use. Here’s the first post I wrote with 5 brands for baby boys that was also super cute, so click here to check out that round up too.


1. Baby mocs from Hubble and Duke. I have three pairs for Aidan (tan, mustard and gold) and he wore one out the other day and everyone who saw them thought they were the cutest. And they are. I LOVE these mocs sooo much. These shoes are decor8 tested and approved.


2. A cozy baby blanket (and all of the baby blankets) from Designed By Artists. I especially love that they are dated with the year of birth so I’ll cherish my blanket, And So The Adventure Begins 2014, for years to come. This blanket is decor8 tested and approved.


3. Zuzii footwear from Los Angeles in suedes and leathers. I know, more shoes. I can’t get enough.



4. Cool clothes from France by emile et ida- so cute! You can get there things here. I really like the little sweater with the mask on it.


5. Super cool trainers handmade in Spain from MAA. When Aidan is walking around I’m definitely picking up a pair for him because they’re just so unique.


6. Petit Bateau clothing from France, the iconic label that everyone loves. I have their sleep suits and some rompers and really like them. Clothing from Petit Bateau is decor8 tested and approved.


7. Mini Boden. I had no clue that Boden had baby stuff until recently. I must order a few things for winter for little Aidan because I love their bright, happy colors and we need that during our gray days ahead. And c’mon, star patches on the knees? Super cute.

Do you have a baby boy (or toddler)? Where do you shop for him? Leave your links and tips below, I’d love to know!

(images linked to their sources above)

Posted in baby on August 31, 2014

Special Edition Olli + Ella Rug

Yeah, I know, I know. I am going to show you something in my shop. Horror! But I must disclose that this came about by the demands of my readers, not from me so maybe it won’t feel so commercial and evil now that you know that. Ok, so I posted this rug that I co-designed for Olli + Ella for Aidan’s nursery and the internet blew up (in a good way) because so many people wanted this rug – the room tour even ended up in magazines (Fit Pregnancy in the US and Luna Mum in Germany) and online over at Apartment Therapy. It wasn’t available because it was a custom job BUT for the next 25 days in my little shop you can buy it! And yes, I earn a wee commission if it sells which may earn me a dinner out… I’m not going to buy a yacht so I can go blog on the Riviera. But I want to at least notify you guys since so many loved the rug in my nursery reveal, so now you can have a chance to own a rug that I worked on designing the colorway of. That’s pretty cool, I’m proud of it!


Details: Colors – A little monty aqua, a splash of ecru, a hint of white, some sunny yellow and a dash of our warm musk. Size – 100cm diameter. Material – 100% wool. HANDMADE IN ENGLAND.

Psst: You can also buy the matching felt ball garland too for BOYS (or girls) or for GIRLS (or boys!!). Get your rug on right here.

(images: thorsten becker)

Posted in baby on July 28, 2014

5 Cool Brands For Baby Boy Clothes

Okay you guys. This is not going to turn into a baby blog, though I’ll confess that my Instagram has been invaded by a certain wee lad named Aidan. I’ve tried to keep him and baby stuff in general off of decor8, since lots of you get squirmy about kids’ stuff and I totally get it because for non-parents it’s a real snooze fest to suffer through, “My Baby Loves This” and “Today My Baby Did That” posts. BUT. But… I really have to inject a little bit of baby boy on here now and then because maybe 20 lots of moms email me asking where I shop for cool boy’s clothes. Apparently, most boy’s clothing sucks or at least has that reputation and you know what, if you shop at most stores I’d have to agree. Transformers this and Elmo that and blue Blue BLue BLUe and more BLUE. I don’t mind blue AT ALL but yeah, there’s more to life than the powder blue stuff that new mamas are swamped with at their baby shower. And while Transformers can be cute (?) and I’m sure Aidan will be dying for a Batman tee eventually (which is kinda cool), for now his wardrobe is in my control (insert evil laugh here) and I’m not about to put him in something that makes him look like he doesn’t have a fashion gene in his body because I foolishly believe that if I dress him right today then tomorrow when he’s in school he’ll care about matching his socks to his trousers.



A little back story. Before Aidan was born, I searched high and low for cool kid’s clothes. I wasn’t sure if I was going to have a boy or a girl at first. If I was going to have a girl her name would be Stella and baby Stella would have dressed in a very fun style – lots of polka dot tights with skirts and dresses and super cute shoes – a little edgy feminine boho girl. If that is even a style. When I found out I was having a boy, which is exactly what I wanted my first child to be, I suddenly received a slew of comments all over the web about how I won’t have much fun dressing a boy and how terrible baby boy clothes are. And is sorta annoyed me because those comments were more commonly left than ones telling me how great it would be to dress a little boy.

Seems a baby boy, according to the internet, is not so much fun fashion-wise. Well, I like a challenge.

And so the fashion search began. Cute boy’s clothes for newborns to 12 months old THAT was my mission. In this post, I’ve added some of my research – my list of 5 of my go-to brands below and a few of my favorite things for each. I’ll do another post with 5 next week and so on until I’ve covered them all.

***And a big BY THE WAY because blogs have become a bit infested with affiliate links and stuff passed under the table… None of this is sponsored, none of my links give me any kick back and nobody gave me any of this stuff so I’d blog about it. I just like these brands, want to shout them out, and most importantly – I want baby boy mamas-to-be and new baby boy mamas to not feel like they are missing out on all of the fashion fun. It’s pretty damn cool to have a baby boy to dress up. In fact, my nearly 5-month-old has a better wardrobe than I do.


MINI RODINI: I love their stuff. Mini Rodini is really on trend and a bit edgy too.

My wish list: Pineapple sweatshirt // Giraffe body // Penguin long sleeve shirt // Tucan body with bib


STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS: If her stuff for grown up girls wasn’t enough, you have to check out her kids line, particularly for babies.

My wish list: Dewberry body, Tinker body, Bitsy body, Twiddle body.


KIDS CASE: I love Kids Case bodysuits (so soft and look nice after many washes) and their jackets are great.

My wish list: Still baby green collection // Still baby blue collection // Ginger Baby suit // Jones Baby jacket


IMPS & ELFS: This Dutch brand is so cute. I have lots of their baby hats.

My wish list: This cardi with this body // Extremely funny shirt // these gray striped pant/tights combo // Little Monkey shirt


ZARA KIDS: This is such an affordable and beautiful line of fashion for children, especially for the baby boy. I own a ton of Zara stuff and it’s great and wears better than H&M, though I buy from H&M too. Also don’t miss the Brothers & Sisters photographs on the Zara site. They are seriously so lovely.

My wish list: Swallow print shirt // Striped leggings //classic leather Basketball boot // vintage leather Basketball boot // whale shorts // pineapple t-shirt

Okay so next week I’ll profile 5 more kids clothes makers with a wish list for each that focus on the little guy. I need to go feed my wee lad now and prep him for nap time. See you soon, everyone!

(image top two: zara, everything else linked above)

Posted in baby on July 07, 2014

Review: Evomove Nomi Highchair

Looking for a high chair for baby with an infant seat attachment? Look no further! Recently Evomove, who are fans of decor8, contacted me since they’d heard I was looking for a high chair. They’d recently worked with designer Peter Opsvik (he designed the iconic Tripp Trapp chair) to create a chair for them called the Nomi. Since the Nomi just won the “Red Dot: Best of the Best 2014” award, a prestigious international design award only given to 1% of 5,000 competing products, I was interested in receiving and trying out the chair and if I liked it, I would keep it and if not, I’d give it to a friend. My neighbor is expecting twins in August!


Well, from these two photos it’s evident that I am KEEPING THIS CHAIR. I love the Nomi but more importantly SO DOES AIDAN. That should win an award on its own because Aidan is VERY fussy about where he is placed. He only falls asleep in his Stokke stroller, his car seat, his bed at night, or on one of our shoulders. That’s IT.


Until today. He passed out in his Evomove Nomi Chair and that was enough convincing for me – in fact, it made me SO HAPPY that I snapped a few photos then ran over to my computer to write this post. When your baby falls asleep without any props, singing, rocking, motion, etc. it’s like OH MY GOD what did I do to deserve this? Did all of the volunteer work I did for years at Habitat For Humanity finally pay off? Because my baby fell freaking asleep ON HIS OWN.

A little about the chair… The Nomi can be used from birth until the teenage years (so from the time they want you around every second until they can’t wait for you to leave the room/house/this planet) because it has a fixed ‘stem’ with interchangeable sitting and lying elements. I selected the white version with the white oak stem and the Nomi Baby recliner (for babies up to 6 months) in sand AND later, I have the Nomi Mini restraint for when he is able to sit up on his own. This chair looks beautiful in my home and is so lightweight and easy to move around from room to room – it’s pretty awesome. My four-month-old son thinks so too… Just look at this face. TOTAL CONTENTMENT.


Any negatives? Yes*. The first is that because it’s on wheels, you really shouldn’t pull the baby up to the table if his legs can touch the side because there is a chance that your baby could “push off” the sides of the table with his feet, and if he is a strong baby like our little guy, this could be a bad thing. So just be mindful of that. I wish the wheels locked. The only other negative, which is a really BIG negative so PLEASE don’t order this chair unless you read this… But the Nomi Baby Recliner has instructions on how to mount it on the stem but the actual cushion with the “T” strap on top with the belt does NOT have instructions. Not on the website or in the boxes, so BEWARE. If you put the straps in the belt once, the belt is not secure enough and the baby can EASILY slip right out onto the floor. It’s really dangerous. The trick is, and we had to spend over an hour just trying every possible idea to secure the belt/strap, is to loop the belt through on each side twice and really pull it through super tight so that it’s as strong as steel. I honestly think the design of this strap could have been better and when I looked at lots of the EvoMove pictures on Instagram from their customers, it looks like lots of the parents just sort of “winged it” and looped the belt through only once and that is super duper dangerous. My husband wasn’t pleased with this at all. So please, if you buy the Nomi with the baby recliner for the chair, make sure you really make sure that belt is secured well.

In the end, we are so happy with this chair and thank EvoMove for sending it to us. By the way, this is not a sponsored post. I didn’t promise them to blog about it – that’s not my thing, I don’t play that way… and I didn’t even plan to blog it – but Aidan is always so happy in this chair , we are finally able to eat at the dinner table again after 4 months AND well, seeing him passed out and happy in the chair today for the first time inspired me to blog it. I figure if it can make Aidan happy, it can most likely make lots of little cuties out there (and their parents) happy, too.

(images: holly becker for decor8)

*UPDATE June 19, 2014: Evomove now has manuals on their website and that will be included in their boxes which have specific instructions on how to mount the cushion and secure the belt. I’m very pleased by this. Also, the wheels on the chair have been tested and are indeed safe, another very good thing. See comments on this post for details. Thank you Evomove for making sure our children are happy and safe in your chairs!

Posted in baby on June 18, 2014


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