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Kate Spade for Bed, Bath & Beyond

Kate Spade has quite an extensive collection going on over at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Have you seen it? One of their newest editions is this About Town shower curtain and bath accessories, which could be a super cute and really affordable bathroom makeover for spring. I would have really been into this stuff when I was 22 years old settling into my first Boston apartment – fun!

Kate spade

Do you own any of the Kate Spade for Bed, Bath & Beyond collection? Is it nice in person? What do you own? Tell me more!

(image: kate spade)

Posted in bathroom on April 09, 2013

Lollia Life

There’s nothing quite like simply luxuries. Breaking a fresh loaf of bread, crisp on the outside and soft within… Air drying your bed linens in the summer sun, a nice lathering soap that smells divine, jumping in a swimming pool on a hot summer’s day, or my favorite – showering after a long day at the beach. When it comes to the home, I’m all about simply pleasures. Quality bedding, a stack of fluffy soft towels, and good hand lotion and lip balm are a few of my favorite things. What are yours? If you are looking to treat yourself to something wonderful, may I make a suggestion?

Lollia Life

Lollia Life hand creams, candles and pillow cases. A freshly made bed topped with these pretty cases, a candle burning nearby, a vase of peonies and a good book just before bed… oh and wait, don’t forget to apply their Wish or Inspire silky soft hand cream. This is a nightly ritual for me and the only way that I can get a good night’s rest. And remember, don’t go from the laptop to the bed. Give yourself at least an hour or two to unwind for best results the next morning. You’ll wake feeling refreshed and ready for a new day.

Lollia Life

Lollia Life

So tell me, what simple pleasures are meaningful to you? Do you have any evening rituals before bed? May I make a good bedtime reading suggestion? Body + Soul magazine from Martha Stewart.

(images: lollia life)

Posted in bathroom, bedroom on June 05, 2009

Mooza Designs – Signs and Letters

Want to perk up your bathroom? I was reading Melissa Loves last night and came across a link she shared to Mooza Designs in Australia where I found the best bathroom signs ever. I really like these things, they’re quirky and right up my alley especially since you can order them with any pattern from their collection shown below.

Mooza Designs

Melissa found them via Shannon at My Fine Garden who also digs these things. I’m thinking we need to start a blogger trend and display them on our bathroom doors at home. :) Mooza also customizes letters so you can spell things out and display them on your wall.

Would you display these on your bathroom door? How about in your retail space? Ideas for these letters anyone?

(images from mooza designs)

Posted in bathroom on May 14, 2009

Les Indiennes {ethnic eco-friendly}

Les Indiennes is such an inspiring portal to worlds beyond, ethic prints and patterns continue to inspire and amaze me and Les Indiennes makes some of the loveliest I’ve seen. I’ve known about them for awhile, but after reading their personal story today in the Washington Post I felt inclined to blog about this online jewel.

Based in Tucson, Arizona, Les Indiennes is American designer Mary Bergtold-Mulcahy and Indian designer Srinivas Pitchuka. Together, they design and produce eco-friendly fabrics from organically grown cotton and natural dyes. Made entirely by hand using India’s traditional Kalamkari method. You can shop them online for bedding, tabletop, pillows, wallpaper and books, fabric by the yard, and felt pillows and slippers — They have it all! It appears as though they only ship within the U.S. currently but you can email them to inquire further (info AT They have retail showrooms in America, Europe, South Africa, and Australia if you’d like to view them in a shop nearest to you click here.

Their online flipbook is a brilliant way to present their collection. It’s so easy to quickly view their gorgeous homewares styled to perfection in magnificent spaces. I love how they’ve merged eastern and western design into a modern eco-friendly collection, I find it all very sophisticated, calming, and cozy.

(images from les indiennes)

Posted in bathroom, kitchen, textiles on July 10, 2008


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