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Blik + DIY Decal Headboards

Good morning and happy Monday + new week to you! Let’s jump right in – head first – and get inspired by some decorating ideas shall we? What do you see when you try to imagine a vinyl wall decal of a headboard? Do you see something as cool as these from Blik? I personally love this idea but I may change things up though because it’s fun to customize and get creative! After checking out these images together I’ll give you some creative ideas on how to use them, below.


Decorating idea: Okay so I’m thinking that it would be really fun to buy one, install it, and then with a pencil trace around it and then remove it. Now you can handpaint, apply fabric or wallpaper or do whatever you would like now — you can use the vinyl as a giant stencil of sorts. You could also use Nessa in a pretty cool way — trace the outline very lightly (the inner edges not the outer) and remove the decal. Paint only the inner section of the silhouette in your favorite color or even wallpaper it in a fun pattern. Once everything is all set and dry, put the decal back up. Viola! Wouldn’t that be sweet?




All of the above photos show vinyl decals but you must know that all decals are available in a range of colors so if those shown down appeal to you then click here to see more. The Nessa in yellow is my favorite. What design appeals to you?

(images: blik)

Posted in bedroom on April 12, 2010

A Beautiful Bed

Ah… a lovely bed greeting you as you enter your sleeping quarters. Bliss! One that is dressed simply but beautifully making it a gorgeous focal point but also a cozy spot to curl up in and leave your cares behind. Would you like to see a beautiful bed? This is Danielle’s bedroom in her gorgeous country home outside of Amsterdam, she shot a photo of it because she just received a limited supply of vintage bedspreads in white — no two are the same — and she offered me one and this is what I selected…

vintage bedspread

It just arrived today and I scooped it up out of its box like a newborn baby  — holding it up into the air smiling like a total dork from some cheesy fabric softener commercial. But when you find something so lovely you cannot help but feel a sense of pride overly a newly acquired gem.

vintage bedspread

If you like this one, Danielle has about 8 more in different sizes and patterns that she will list on Ebay this weekend. You may want watch this page (currently there is nothing in stock but that will change!) to make sure that you do not miss your chance because trust me — you really will love one of these on your bed!

(image: danielle delange)

Posted in bedroom on January 28, 2010


I heard from Kaitlin Andorfer who runs b.poetic and couldn’t resist writing about her handmade collection of girly things as they’re quite pretty! Kaitlin creates banners, headbands and belts, shoe clips, and unique pillowcases that are silk-screened (black on white) and can work in a variety of different decor styles – modern, romantic, eclectic… She shows them in a romantic bedroom but I can totally see them in a more streamlined modern room as well.


I love pieces like these pillowcases that are versatile like this, I’m still thinking of House Doctor and how they said their new collection is about, “mixing the elements rather than matching the elements”. They really hit the nail on the head with that statement, I think that’s what I’ve been trying to say for years but never quite sure how!  I decorate in a very eclectic feminine style where styles of the pieces I have in my home do not match but are mixed — my last home had a Swedish credenza, a modern sofa, a round IKEA dining room table, Eames chairs, a Danish stool, a modern lacquered desk with clean lines, etc. I think personally the “key” to doing this whole mixing thing successfully is to not mix your woods (oak table, walnut chairs, mahogany credenza) — try to stick to one wood type or various woods with the same finish (medium, light, dark) and then if you want to add something more ornate, like carved chairs or a fancy carved dresser from India, you can as an accent piece in that particular room. But you wouldn’t necessary put several accent pieces in the same room unless you like a more flea market/no rules look. I personally believe that when it comes to accent pieces, it’s best when that piece is a different color or finish than the others in the room.


A space can be very vanilla if everything is the same (all white or all pickled wood or all oak), which is why catalogs tend to look very boring as they show rooms with furniture that is all the same. For some healthy tension, throwing in a very different piece in a color or finish that stands out from the others is a good way to break things up. For instance, say you have furniture with clean modern lines. Bring in an ornately carved dresser from India and paint it glossy black or turquoise or even bright yellow so that it really stands out. I think that is how, “Mixing the elements” can work successfully.

But back to b.poetic… I’ll take some pillowcases and a hair band, please! :)

(images: b.poetic)

Posted in bedroom, fashion + accessories, textiles on January 07, 2010

Cozy Sheets + How To Layer Patterns

I want to mix and match my bedding more in 2010, how about you? I need to live on the edge a little (smile) because there is nothing sweeter than slipping into a gorgeous bed after a long day, especially one that is alive with pattern and color. In addition to giving you a few how to tips for layering patterns, I’d love to share with you a few of my bedding favorites at Anthropologie. Aren’t these sweet? Lemons, pears, limes… I can feel Spring just looking at these despite the cold temps and snow outside.

Layering Linens

Do you ever wonder if there is a secret to mixing patterns so that it looks good versus goofy? I wrote a little pattern mixing how-to nearly four years ago, but it’s still relevant so feel free to browse my suggestions here. I’ll leave you with a quick and dirty version below in case you don’t feel like reading the rather lengthy original post.


  • Use patterns that coordinate somehow, working off of the same color palette. Let’s experiment with three patterns in this example.
  • For your first layer, incorporate either a solid or a small understated print into the mix for a foundation.
  • For the next layer go for a favorite pattern, perhaps something floral or geometric. Make sure you have at least one coordinating color from your “foundation” pattern in this one. You can go as bold as you’d like with pattern or simple – opt for medallions, a check or a pin stripe. Look for a mid to large size pattern.
  • Now for the third layer, this is where you’ll play with scale a little. Look for a pattern that complements your second layer but on a smaller scale (at least 50% smaller).
  • Example: I like to start with my solids first, so a solid or tiny understated pattern on my fitted sheet. Next, either use the large or the small pattern for the top sheet, then add your pillows in the pattern that is left. I usually go with a large pattern for the top sheet and a smaller one for the pillows. But you can mix all of this up however it appears to you visually. You can even layer in four or more patterns with many different pillowcases and throw pillows.
  • I use solid color duvet on top, usually white or cream, with a floral or geometric pattern of the same color (white or cream so that it’s understated) or I find a cover with some texture – which I think makes the overall mix look pulled together and neat.

If you would like to explain how you layer patterns on your bed, please comment as I’d love to learn of your technique and may find it to be much easier than my own!

(images: anthropologie)

Posted in bedroom on December 30, 2009


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