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Nicola’s Homes

I was reading recently that Garnet Hill has teamed up with interior designer Nicola Manganello of Nicola’s Homes in Maine to create a lovely bedding collection that looks simply dreamy! I love all the texture and vintage charm in this new line, I think exceptional bedding is pretty important and though I don’t own tons of linens what I do have to dress my bed is quality — I can’t sleep on anything that feels scratchy or synthetic. Of course, beauty is important too and I can’t think of anything quite as nice than beautiful bedding. Nicola is a lady after my own heart, she loves combining the old with the new.

Aug 5th at Garnet Hill

“Nicola’s philosophical approach to bedding embraces creativity with one rule: a match, not a set, makes a statement. Antique quilts, traditional needlework, vintage linens, and turn-of-the-century prints — it’s all about combining patterns, colors and textures in an artful way. This new collection draws inspiration from the contrast: the mixing of flea market finds, antique shop treasures, and heirloom pieces nestled away in attics — and newer boutique discoveries from international artisans.” – Garnet Hill.

Would you like to see this new collection? You’ll have to wait until Wednesday, August 5th when it premieres on the Garnet Hill website — mark your calendar!

(photos: garnet hill & nicola’s homes)

Posted in bedroom on July 30, 2009

Amy Butler Bedding Now Available!

Remember how I gave you the complete scoop about Amy Butler’s eco-Bedding and how it would debut this Summer at Bed Bath & Beyond? Well it’s here!

Amy Butler Bedding

Click here to view her selection – enjoy and act quickly because I can see this stuff selling out pretty quickly and ending up on eBay… you know how it goes here in America — a popular name always ends up on eBay costing 3x the original price!

(images: amy butler design)

Posted in bedroom on July 13, 2009

Amanda Nisbet Interior Design

Have you visited the online portfolio of New York Interior Designer Amanda Nisbet? No, you say? Time to change this and peek into her perfectly designed rooms along with me. I spotted her in a recent issue of Elle Decor and well all I can say is don’t expect minimalistic, Plain Jane, or mostly neutrals with Ms. Nisbet. Oh no. She goes big, bold and all fancy-like and you most certainly won’t be catalog shopping with her at West Elm. She’ll introduce you to fabric lines you can’t pronounce. She may paint your crown moldings purple. And if given the chance, Nisbet will deck out your daughter’s bedroom so exquisitely that your little princess just may stop texting long enough to thank you. And your fear of mixing patterns or how to make purple look grown up? Gone, abracadabra… poof!

Amanda Nisbet Interior Design

Amanda Nisbet Interior Design

Amanda Nisbet Interior Design

If I could rewind and be a purple-loving one eye one horned tweenster again, I’d surely want this room to be my own. Okay, maybe part of me wants this room now.

Amanda Nisbet Interior Design

Check this out… monogrammed towel perfectly placed, gorgeous silver leather pouf for resting fashion mags, ledge for a glass of wine, gorgeous soaking tub surrounded by lush pink floral wallpaper. Yes, please. I’ll be over at 7:00 with lavender balt salts and a bottle of Riesling.

(images: amanda nisbet design)

Posted in bedroom, designers, inspiration on June 29, 2009

Namolio & Crochet Bedspeads…

I came across this photo a moment ago and connected with it on so many levels. Okay, obviously the giant doily throw caught my eye (you know me and my doily obsession) but the bench overlooking the Engish countryside…sublime. I want to be sitting there at this very moment gazing out over those homes and hills cuddled under the chunky and soft wool throw.



And speaking of a lush throw, you can purchase this one and others from an etsy shop in the UK called Namolio. I found a beautiful wool gray blanket with a tiny crochet trim for those of you not feeling the doily look. It’s sold here and shown above. I see Anna over at Door Sixteen liking that one.

Living Etc

And while we’re at it, I’m still trying to find this bedspread if anyone has leads, please let me know. I’ve been looking since at least last Fall, and all I could find is that the one shown in the Living Etc bedroom above is from Designers Guild London and they’re no longer available. :*(

Danielle's Bedroom - Style Files

Seeing Danielle’s new bedroom the other day over at The Style Files renewed my determination to locate a similar spread. I emailed her about this gorgeous bedspread shown above but unfortunately for me it’s vintage and one-of-a-kind. Plus I’m not looking for the star pattern without fringe, I’m hoping for a fringe and a flower pattern (I don’t have cats so the fringe won’t be a problem). I love how Danielle has her bedspread pattern (star) and her pendant (star) coordinate perfectly. She’s so talented and I love when someone pays such close attention to the details. Love it!

(images linked to their sources above)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, bedroom on June 26, 2009


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