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Is Pinterest Killing Blogs?

I heard someone predict recently that Pinterest will ultimately kill off our blogs. I felt a bit put off by that. Maybe they don’t realize that most of what is pinned is from blogs. If there are no more blogs, where are people going to find all of the fab DIY projects bloggers are posting, the great decorating tips, home tours and inspiring art and graphic design… Sure, people will pin from websites but when you look at what you are pinning, isn’t most of it from blogs? That is why I think that this prediction is a bit off. But…

Is Pinterest Killing Blogs?

BUT there is one thing that rings VERY true and that is this: Pinterest can kill SOME blogs, or shall I say, harm some bloggers. Here is why: Pinterest forces bloggers to STEP IT UP a notch simply because Pinterest is showing our readers EVERYTHING in one place. Pinterest is like a boat with a massive trawling net catching everything thanks to its massive member base. This sheer volume of stuff forces bloggers, magazines and even book publishers to step it up. I don’t think that is a bad thing, the better we each nudge one another to become a bit more polished, then there is nothing wrong with that. Iron sharpens iron.

The point is that none of us can repetitively toss up photos and leave it at that on our blogs. A little chit chat is needed. A little of, “I love this because…” and “This works because…” and “I think you can learn from this because…” goes a really long way for any blogger. If you want to add value through your blog content then put your heart into it. Be a bit more bold and lay your opinions openly out there, express yourself more freely than ever (as long as you don’t become a meanie, not what I encourage), be honest and funny (if you want to be funny), be yourself… Blog YOUR way. That will set you apart from the pack. Then Pinterest does not threaten your beautiful blog – you can use it to promote your blog and Pinterest will continue to tap in to all of us who are using it for their content. Currently, Pinterest drives more traffic to decor8 than – so I’m not complaining – that’s good stuff. Thanks, Pinterest.

I wonder what your honest opinion is when it comes to Pinterest. Do you think it is killing blogs? Do you think it is making bloggers step back and reexamine their blogging approach? Do you USE the content you are pinning on Pinterest to create anything – are you doing anything with all of that inspiration? As a blogger, are you finding more traffic coming in to your blog from Pinterest? I’d love to hear your take on it.

By the way, I’m on Pinterest. Follow me if you’d like, I’m @decor8.

xo, Holly

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Meet Me in London for the Launch of Decorate Workshop!

I’m very excited to announce the official launch party for my next book, Decorate Workshop, on Tuesday, November 6th at Anthropologie on Regents Street in London at 6:30 pm. It was difficult finding the right place to launch the book, should I do it on my home soil and launch in America or do something a little closer to my new home in northern Germany? When Anthropologie approached me asking if I’d like to hold my launch at their gorgeous Regents Street store, I had my answer. It would be London.

Come Meet Me + My Friends in LONDON

After visiting 20 cities in both America and Europe for Decorate last year, I am not sure I will go on a big tour for this book since the holidays are coming and I am going away on vacation in December, but I may do a US launch for Decorate Workshop in New York City or Boston early next year in January or February. For now, LONDON is where I’ll be and I hope we can fill Anthropologie with bloggers and blog readers and have an amazing time together!

This event will include two special guests, a dear blogging colleague of mine from London who goes by the alias Bright Bazaar  — the wonderful Will Taylor — AND an American stylist who once worked for Domino magazine, James Leland Day, who is not only IN Decorate Workshop but will be talking about how to style your home like a pro. Will will be interviewing me, we’ll be talking about blogging and books, I’ll explain how a book comes to together and how to break into book writing, it’s going to be a wonderful event! I’ll also answer your decorating, styling, book writing and blogging questions because like most events I do, I am asked questions on every topic and I love to just go with it and cover the spectrum – more fun and everyone gets their answers.

Decorate Workshop

A spread showing James’ home in my book.

For those of you not able to attend, I hope that you don’t feel left out. I’ll be tweeting from the event LIVE (follow me @decor8 from 5:30-9:30 that day for pics and updates) plus we have a blog book tour that we’re scheduling for the UK, then the US and in February, in Germany, with some of my favorite bloggers, THEN later in November a video coming out about the book AND I’ll share photos and fun stuff as I go on the Decorate Workshop board over on Pinterest. That way, everyone is part of the fun somehow!

To RSVP for the London event, please email ANTHROPOLOGIE by November 2nd – they need a final headcount so it’s important that you send them a quick email with the subject, “Decorate Workshop Launch Party” and send to community [at] anthropologie [dot] eu

Books will be available for purchase that night at Anthropologie, so please RSVP by November 2nd so we have enough copies. I’ll sign your book (of course), too. I can’t wait to see you all and to see what you think of my book. :)



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12 Blogs I’m Reading

Hello everyone! How are you doing today? I’ve been busy teaching over at the Blogging Your Way Boot Camp – wow, my students are super energetic in this class and are keeping me on my toes — which is great! But yeah, I’m busy teaching at the moment among other things! I’ve also been looking at lots of blogs lately to share with my students as inspiration so I thought I’d share a few of  my personal favorites with you, too. Some of these babies are ones I’ve known about for awhile but hadn’t checked out again until recently and when I did, boy oh boy did I discover loads of inspiring new content. Others, I’ve only recently learned about. Are you ready to check out some blogs to add to your blogroll? Goody! Here are 12 to keep you busy…

blogs I'm reading

My Little Fabric
Blogs I'm Loving


Blogs I'm reading

Bohème Circus
Blogs I'm Loving

Oh happy day!

Blogs I'm Loving

Pen & Peplum

Blogs I'm Loving

la casa sin tiempo

blogs I'm reading

Hello Sandwich
Blogs I'm Loving

Haikje’s blog

Blogs I'm Reading

Door Sixteen

Blogs I'm Loving

eat this food

Blogs I'm reading

Princess Misia (disclosure: this blogger is also my friend.)

Blogs I'm Loving

Spoon, fork, bacon

Have fun clicking around, y’all! :)

Now tell me, what blogs are you reading at the moment? Please share the links in your comment!



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Stylist Anna Gillar Writes An Inspiring Blog Because…

I’m always so inspired when I come across the blog of a talented interior stylist. I love seeing work that I may have missed otherwise since there are so many magazines that I’ll never come across and work that I wouldn’t see as a result. I like when a stylist shares the work of others in addition to their own – a good mix of what they love, who they admire, coupled with some of their own work – this makes a good mix in my opinion. It feels right to me, because too much me me me can be a drag on any blog. What do you think? Out of all the stylists and designers that you follow, who do you wish had a blog?

Stylist Anna Gillar

I’ve been to some blogs and it seems at times like they are only pushing their work to the forefront and nothing more. How do you feel about blogs like that? I believe that it is important for creatives to make a genuine effort to connect with whomever stumbles upon their blog and this is done through sharing – always sharing – not simply to use the blog as a platform to market their work. That is a bit boring, don’t you think? I love it when talented people are sharing everything that is influencing them, even abstract things (those are often the BEST posts) and both related to and unrelated to their work. I like to see what comes across their desk, what matters to them and what is meaningful at the moment to them. I want opinions and openness.

Stylist Anna Gillar

Stylist Anna Gillar

I like the blog of Anna Gillar in Sweden, who is both an interior designer and stylist. She writes an inspiring blog because… She shares what she does for work, but also what and whom she simply loves – what catches her creative eye and what calls to her heart. I adore seeing what is on the radar of style experts and trend ‘watchers’ out there. Her blog works for me because it’s like having Anna as a friend and she’s simply sharing what she finds interesting with me as we’re hanging out having tea or something… That is what makes a bog inspiring to me, when I sense a kindred spirit from a faraway place!

Stylist Anna Gillar

Please check out her blog and see what you think. I’ve chosen some shots for this post that I think best represent her blog & style – hip, cool, clear, clean, graphic and artistic. Also not very colorful, but that’s okay, it’s nice on the eyes now and then to rest on simple charcoals and creams. Serene and perfect for Autumn planning… A base like this gives you so many options to mix in color if you like, as it hits you. A little mustard, a hint of orange, a bit of copper… With a simple base you can really explore.

(images: anna gillar’s blog)

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