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12 Blogs I’m Reading

Hello everyone! How are you doing today? I’ve been busy teaching over at the Blogging Your Way Boot Camp – wow, my students are super energetic in this class and are keeping me on my toes — which is great! But yeah, I’m busy teaching at the moment among other things! I’ve also been looking at lots of blogs lately to share with my students as inspiration so I thought I’d share a few of  my personal favorites with you, too. Some of these babies are ones I’ve known about for awhile but hadn’t checked out again until recently and when I did, boy oh boy did I discover loads of inspiring new content. Others, I’ve only recently learned about. Are you ready to check out some blogs to add to your blogroll? Goody! Here are 12 to keep you busy…

blogs I'm reading

My Little Fabric
Blogs I'm Loving


Blogs I'm reading

Bohème Circus
Blogs I'm Loving

Oh happy day!

Blogs I'm Loving

Pen & Peplum

Blogs I'm Loving

la casa sin tiempo

blogs I'm reading

Hello Sandwich
Blogs I'm Loving

Haikje’s blog

Blogs I'm Reading

Door Sixteen

Blogs I'm Loving

eat this food

Blogs I'm reading

Princess Misia (disclosure: this blogger is also my friend.)

Blogs I'm Loving

Spoon, fork, bacon

Have fun clicking around, y’all! :)

Now tell me, what blogs are you reading at the moment? Please share the links in your comment!



Posted in blogs on October 10, 2012

Stylist Anna Gillar Writes An Inspiring Blog Because…

I’m always so inspired when I come across the blog of a talented interior stylist. I love seeing work that I may have missed otherwise since there are so many magazines that I’ll never come across and work that I wouldn’t see as a result. I like when a stylist shares the work of others in addition to their own – a good mix of what they love, who they admire, coupled with some of their own work – this makes a good mix in my opinion. It feels right to me, because too much me me me can be a drag on any blog. What do you think? Out of all the stylists and designers that you follow, who do you wish had a blog?

Stylist Anna Gillar

I’ve been to some blogs and it seems at times like they are only pushing their work to the forefront and nothing more. How do you feel about blogs like that? I believe that it is important for creatives to make a genuine effort to connect with whomever stumbles upon their blog and this is done through sharing – always sharing – not simply to use the blog as a platform to market their work. That is a bit boring, don’t you think? I love it when talented people are sharing everything that is influencing them, even abstract things (those are often the BEST posts) and both related to and unrelated to their work. I like to see what comes across their desk, what matters to them and what is meaningful at the moment to them. I want opinions and openness.

Stylist Anna Gillar

Stylist Anna Gillar

I like the blog of Anna Gillar in Sweden, who is both an interior designer and stylist. She writes an inspiring blog because… She shares what she does for work, but also what and whom she simply loves – what catches her creative eye and what calls to her heart. I adore seeing what is on the radar of style experts and trend ‘watchers’ out there. Her blog works for me because it’s like having Anna as a friend and she’s simply sharing what she finds interesting with me as we’re hanging out having tea or something… That is what makes a bog inspiring to me, when I sense a kindred spirit from a faraway place!

Stylist Anna Gillar

Please check out her blog and see what you think. I’ve chosen some shots for this post that I think best represent her blog & style – hip, cool, clear, clean, graphic and artistic. Also not very colorful, but that’s okay, it’s nice on the eyes now and then to rest on simple charcoals and creams. Serene and perfect for Autumn planning… A base like this gives you so many options to mix in color if you like, as it hits you. A little mustard, a hint of orange, a bit of copper… With a simple base you can really explore.

(images: anna gillar’s blog)

Posted in blogs on October 01, 2012

Liz & Jewels

I taught a morning session at a food styling and photography workshop recently and it was there that I made several new friends. Two lovely and talented German ladies really stood out as they are both authors, cooks, photographers and stylists (whoa!) and now – new bloggers! They are Liz and Jewels and together they’ve launched a blog and I love their concept. Check it out below…

Liz and Jewels

“Every week, we will come together (virtually!) to challenge each other.  We will both cook the same recipe, then style it and photograph it. But far apart from each other… Liz in Münster (Germany), Jewels in New York. We do expect difficulties: and exactly that tempts us! Will we find the same ingredients, how much does the dish cost in Germany, how much in the US? Will Liz find and use the same brown sugar as Jewels? Will we interpret the recipe the same way? When two people follow the same recipe, will they actually end up eating the same dish? Whatever comes out of it: We will share it with you. And we want you to participate by giving us ideas for recipes. Tell us what to cook or bake next!” – cool blog idea, right? I love it.

Liz and Jewels

Liz and Jewels

Liz & Jewels

If you think a food blog like this may interest you, make sure to visit Liz & Jewels right here. Congrats on your new blog, ladies!

(images: liz & jewels)

Posted in blogs on July 17, 2012

Connecting For Reals: Girl Crush

I wonder how much of what I’m about to say will ring a bell with you… Well, we shall see won’t we? So. I love connecting both online and in person. I enjoy both almost equally, though when I’m feeling a bit anti-social the online thing really works for me – its bunny slippers, yoga pants and my laptop all the way and I can pretty much roll with that for days. But there is this thing about being together in person, isn’t there?


When I started blogging over 7 years ago as a profession (gulp! still hard to type that word), in-person connecting was a lot more difficult and creepy even – I remember a blogger calling my home in 2006 and I was totally freaked out by it – and I gave her my phone number and it was still freaky to me that she actually used it! I think the general assumption back then was that loners, drifters and rapists were creeping around online and everyone was doing some major posing including us bloggers – we were lumped into that poser crowd too. Most weren’t too keen on connecting outside of the comments section of a blog. Can I see a show of hands if you remember this time online at all?

Do you remember when (insert air quotes) “Social Networking” wasn’t even a phrase yet? Blog conferences weren’t on the map, Facebook was unheard of and Twitter wasn’t around yet. In fact, most people didn’t even know or care what a blog was. I remember pitching story ideas to magazine editors in America – I wanted to write about how I felt blogging was an up-and-coming trend and every single editor declared my story idea as totally brainless. One top editor of a very well known magazine hung up on me after saying, “Bloggers will never amount to anything“. Today SHE has a blog.

Things got real. Thank god. We little guys had a voice and spoke up. Good on us. And while there are still some people out there who think like this guy, that all bloggers are pretty much self-conscious, I’m hear to say NOT TRUE. I met lots of you on my book tour and when I’m out teaching and wow, I love you guys MORE after meeting you so I tend to feel really good about bloggers overall and think we have a really good thing going on.

Today blogs are going strong and people use them as a resource more than ever. But wayyyy beyond that, we use blogs to make genuine connections and build some of those connections into friendships because it’s what friendship is really all about – you find someone you like and start to talk and boom! things start to grow.

In a way, blogging has become an online dating service without the cheesy walks-on-the-beach bios. With a blog, you can build friendships. These friendships can be quite one-sided but then again, not always. You find a blog you like and start reading it. Maybe you get the courage to comment. Maybe the blogger comments back. Your arm hairs stand on end if you’re new to blogging because it’s this blind leap of friendship that you’ve taken and in your head, it was scary to reach out to a total stranger like that. Maybe she likes you too? Maybe she also reads your blog? It’s like the beginning stages of dating, right? Girl finds blog. Girl reads blog. Girl wants more.

girl crushart shown above made by dottie angel

I believe there is a blog for everyone, often multiple blogs. There are so many bloggers that you can pick from when you need a virtual friend. Have you always wanted a perky and creative pal who seems to be eternally on uppers? The blog world has ‘em. Have you always wanted a friend who simply gets your obsession with colored paperclips? Bloggers abound with similar leanings, including washi-tape addicts, balloon addicts and bunting addicts. Do you wish more of the moms in your local community would talk candidly about their messed up, whacked out family life or insane children? TONS of those women are online writing blogs and they are witty, intelligent and often over-sharing at alarming rates. When you find a blog with that sparkle – that energy that you’re looking for, it can be totally rockin’. Am I right or am I right? But it’s a whole ‘nother level when these people you click with online become actual friends exchanging emails and tweets. You start talking about your cramps, baby making issues, boy problems and the racy novels you’ve been reading.

But then…

Then there is this moment during the whole blogger friendship thing where you just want to meet your favorite blogger. In the blogging world, it’s common to hear the phrase, “I have a total girl crush on x”, which is a non-sexual (or? ha ha!) term that pretty much means you think such-and-such blogger is someone you either aspire to be, secretly want to stalk, wish you could meet, wish you could be besties with, but generally it doesn’t mean you want to shower together. A girl crush is a very innocent way of saying that someone makes your life a bit more lovely, that this person inspires you and that you would do almost anything to meet them. It also means that if they lived down the street from you, you’d do some serious drive bys.

girl crush

Thanks to workshops, meet ups, classes, blog conferences and events we CAN connect. I’ve taught thousands of mostly women online for over three years in my e-course and these ladies stay in touch, some of them organizing frequent meet-ups in their cities. It inspires ME so much when I hear that my students are meeting, connecting, building relationships that go beyond the occasional blog comment. Opportunities to meet fellow bloggers are everywhere now and we can only expect more to come because people want to connect with their girl crushes. I don’t think for one minute that women are pouring into these events solely based on learning. Most of us can refer to a slew of free stuff on the web or buy a book to learn how to set up a blog. We want personal experiences on topics we’re curious to learn more about by those lovely blogger friends of ours that we admire. We also want to see if our girl crush was really worth burning our lunch breaks for each day over the past few years. AND when she is, your heart pounds and you shake her hand IN PERSON and OH.MY.GAWD.

Just add water. Insta-friends! Weeee! We love this stuff. Everyone wants to belong to something greater and blogging connects us.We all need a good girl crush (or 10) don’t we? These women (and men) inspire us and sharing, touching a life, connecting, offering love and kindness, lending advice, isn’t this what most of us are blogging for in the first place?

Think about it if you are a blogger who has been writing online long before the fame (ha ha HA), long before the money (a-hem) from your ads or the possibly of people buying anything from your shop or finding out about other ways you make money, long before all of the sticky stuff – when you strip it all away don’t you really just blog for the sake of connecting and sharing? I do. Beyond the gain I’ve have from a career standpoint, the impact of being out here, with all of you, that this has had on my life is pretty massive and I am eternally grateful that we have this community. Here’s to the girl crush! Hurray!

Okay so all of these words above were directly inspired by a recent post that I read on Melanie Biehle’s blog, Inward Facing Girl, about an event in Seattle held recently called Girl Crush started by The Jealous Curator . Girl Crush events are unfolding in different parts of the US now thanks to The Jealous Curator and if you want to go to one, you totally can – just see her blog for more info.

What do you think of meeting bloggers in person? Who have you met? Did you feel more connected after meeting them when you read their blogs? Did anyone disappoint you (please don’t say who) and if so, why was that? Would you attend an event to meet other bloggers or do you not really have an interest in meeting up?

(images: melanie biehle)

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