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Thank You, Bright Bazaar!

I have to thank someone for being so welcoming to me over the course of this year – particularly this year because last year I didn’t really know much about him. That person is fellow blogger and London-based stylist Will from Bright Bazaar. He’s a really good guy and supportive of so many — which makes our online community such a great space when you have friends who truly care online.

My mood board

This little post is really just to shout him out and to thank him for being a great person all around… AND to say that he took the best photos of my event in London the other day at Anthropologie on Kings Road so thanks for that Will. In fact, this mood board photo is from him and I just love it. Leslie and I pinned it (it’s a mood board for a guest bedroom with a global eclectic vibe) and he shot it when we were finished. Thank you Will!

Will, keep shining bright!

(image: will/bright bazaar)

Posted in blogs on September 28, 2011

Blogging Your Way e-Course: Registration OPEN!

I have great news! The decor8 Blogging Your Way e-course, the first online blogging, photography, styling (and more!) workshop created over two years ago will have our last class for 2011 scheduled to run from October 7 – November 7, 2011. I’m so excited to be teaching again, we run two each year and can’t wait to do this one – AND we’ve added new things to the curriculum (view the course outline here). Leslie along with Thorsten will be back to teach you too! (You can learn more about them here.) We can’t wait to have you in our class, so if you’d like to register please click here. We have to cap this class at a set number of students, so once it’s full — it’s full!


See you in class and take a peek at the Blogging Your Way website – it’s new and much nicer than the former one. :)

(image: my desk, taken by thorsten becker)

Posted in blogs on September 13, 2011

Le Dans La

Oh la lovely! It’s time to share the decor8 blog of the week once again, a tradition that I’ve held since 2006 as a way to share with my dear friends and readers all of the blogs that catch my eye that I think could be a great source of inspiration for each one of you as they are to me.

Le Dans La

Today the tradition continues over five years later as I diligently update my blog of the week with the same passion and intention as before – to spread the love and play it forward because bloggers supporting bloggers, at least blogs we connect with and believe in, is important. This week, Le Dans La, is the featured blog and my my my I just love it. If you cannot read French, open the blog in Google Chrome and click “Translate” in the toolbar and you will have a better understanding of what Le Dans La is all about.

Le Dans La

Le Dans La is written by Zooey, a French stylist and I just love her casual, fresh aesthetic, her home shots, outdoor photos and her darling child with the golden ringlets in her hair… And of course, how can one not love the gorgeous shoes that she co-designs and has made by hand in Mexico for women and children that she sells in her shop called Albert et Henriette, named after her grandparents who were linen merchants and in the millinery business. Her life in France reads as both idyllic and intriguing and combined with her gorgeous photography, well, I have to say Le Dans La is quite a fantastic little gem.

Le Dans La

Le Dans La

Le Dans La

Le Dans La

I hope that you enjoy Le Dans La this week and thanks to Sharon Smith on Pinterest for pointing me indirectly to this blogger.

(images: le dans la)

Posted in blogs on July 18, 2011

Nordic Design Blog

I had a chance to meet the founder of the Nordic Design blog recently, Catherine Lazure-Guinard, and she was so nice but her blog is also gorgeous since she is a talented curator with great vision. Catherine is a public relations and communications manager by day and a blogger by night who is from Quebec, Canada but now lives in the Netherlands and writes a blog about Scandinavian style. Hey, good for her for being so open-minded to change and new culture! Love it! Here is just a glimpse of some of the things she shares on her blog…

How sweet is this bedroom with those gorgeous painted wooden floors, the wonky lamp on a stool near the bed and that messy bed? This is so typical Scandinavian to me, casual but something to envy.

I like this messy work area that I’m thinking, doubles as an eating space or perhaps a client meeting area. The mismatched chairs in lacquered black are simple, understated beauty along with that vintage table.

Another wonky little lamp, this time with some taxidermy – a duck! I like the openness of this space and how welcoming it feels.

With Catherine’s strength being in corporate branding and public relations, I can see why her blog is so well laid out and designed. Catherine is obviously drawn in to the homespun charm that Scandinavian design embodies — something so many of us love — and that is all about hygge – the Danish word for cozy, acceptance, well-being. I think that’s why when you see a Scandi home, you can smell fresh rolls, flowers, see magazines laid out on the table, a sweater draped over a chair, a casual lived-in elegance that is imperfectly perfect as I always refer to these casual styles as being on decor8.

I hope that you’ll visit Nordic Design and check out Catherine’s finds today – it’s the decor8 blog of the week so enjoy!

(images: femina, lucky boy sunday, Mikkel Adsbøl and stylist Katrine Martensen-Larsen, Fritz Hansen and Bolaget.)

Posted in blogs on June 29, 2011


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