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Blog of the Week: Ishtar Olivera

I’m happy to introduce a new blog of the week, this time we’ll be peeking in on illustrator Ishtar Olivera Belart in Spain. She loves to craft and create many things in addition to her hand drawings — she’s so creative and an inspiration to me personally.

Blog of the Week: Ishtar Olivera

Blog of the Week: Ishtar Olivera

Blog of the Week: Ishtar Olivera

Her photos capture such a nice mood — cozy, accepting, without judgment, familiar, crafting, home… I do hope you’ll visit her blog.

(images: ishtar olivera)

Posted in blogs on March 16, 2010

Forever Is Today: Blog of the Week

One goal I’ve had is to be more diligent about posting a new blog of the week each and every week — I did really well with this for the first three years but when I relocated last summer I started to get behind and my blog of the week has been more of a blog of the month and this needs to change! I’m resolved to get it back on track weekly and so today begins a new week so let’s focus on a new blog.

Forever Is Today

Forever Is Today

Forever Is Today

Forever Is Today

Forever Is Today (reminds me of a James Bond film!) is authored by 22-year-old Hilda Grahnat who is a graphic designer living in Sweden with a great eye for vintage finds and a gorgeous, inspirational site. Her one room apartment is so inspirational — you can see it here. I like how she photographs arrangements of her vintage finds and that the photos on her blog are ones that she took. Hilda is a very talented girl and I hope that you will take the time this week to visit her and show a little community spirit and spread that bloggy love!

(images: hilda grahnat)

Posted in blogs on March 08, 2010

Oh, Hello Friend!

I’ve refreshed the new blog of the week, did you see it? It’s Oh, Hello Friend! This blog is by the talented Danni Hong in California who has a beautiful etsy shop and who is such a sweetheart… I just love her soft, feminine aesthetic and all of the pretty things that she produces. I think you will really enjoy following her blog — here is just a glimpse of her beautiful photos which capture bits of her life that she shares on Oh, Hello Friend.

Oh, Hello Friend

You can find Danni at her blog, Oh, Hello Friend and also on Flickr, her website, and her pretty etsy shop.

(images: oh, hello friend)

Posted in blogs on March 03, 2010


With fresh snow on the ground, an enormous clear blue sky above, and warm sunlight streaming onto my desk as UK talent James Morrison sings to me in the background I have found my bliss. These moments are so precious. Living within this very minute — these are the best ones… But if this all sounds too dreamy for you, then let me just say that my week so far has been the shizzle on the fosnizzle, the shazaam squared, the queen mary motherload. Wikad awesome.


How are you today? Yesterday I took off to work on some projects and to enjoy the day — and after spending 6 hours teaching my class last night it felt nice to wake up to sunshine and blue skies.


Ready for some inspiration today? I sure am! I just added a new blog of the week and would like to officially welcome you to the wonderful world of Will Taylor in London who works of the Anthropologie UK web team in addition to authoring his super-fantastic design blog called Bright.Bazaar. I first heard about Will today as his blog was suggested to me via Twitter by Leslie who is a fan of his work. The photos in this post are from his blog which already tells you one thing: Will knows good design. Make sure you give this guy some blog lovin’ and cruise on over to Bright.Bazaar when you have a chance to visit him. We need more amazing boy-bloggers out there in the world of design.

(images: from various sources, see bright.bazaar for links)

Posted in blogs on February 16, 2010


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