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Spring Has Sprung!

I know it’s winter but Spring has sprung! I just got the news from Michelle, Life Coach from When I Grow Up (and a friend of mine, woot!) that her new blogging project just kicked off called Spring. What is it? It’s a collaboration of four creative female entrepreneurs who want to inspire others by talking about their passions, professions, and how they’re navigating it all.


Who are they? Life coach Michelle Ward, illustrator & pattern artist Jessica Gonacha Swift, author and blogger Carolyn Rubenstein and jewelry designer Jessica Constable.

They’ve just posted their first episode where they discuss Gratitude and you can watch them here. Enjoy and ladies — serious, great initiative – congratulations!

(image: Spring)

Posted in blogs, inspiration on December 02, 2009

Line Klein Photography

It’s time for a new blog of the week, what do you think? Yes? Okay good so let’s examine another lovely, inspirational space. This week we’ll visit the space of Danish photographer Line Klein, whom I discovered thanks to Sidsel. I did not know that Line had a blog – which delighted me on this gray Monday with gorgeous views of places she has been and things she has seen. It’s a very special honor to view the world through the talented, trained eye of Line…

Line Klein

Line Klein

Line Klein

I hope that you will enjoy her blog along with me this week and if you haven’t already, please take a moment today to enjoy her portfolio online. It’s pure eye candy.

(images: line klein)

Posted in blogs on November 30, 2009

FRYD + Design

Before I wrap up for the week, I simply must share a very lovely blogger and peeks of her home in Norway! I first heard about FRYD + Design this morning when BoligLiv sent an email showing some of the new content that they just posted on their site. Immediately my eyes were drawn to Jeanette Lunde of FRYD + Design, a graphic designer and blogger in Norway and thankfully for most of us, who writes her blog in English.

FRYD + Design

Jeanette’s world is such a sweet escape so I invite you to get lost with me today in her dreamy Norwegian wonderland. All these photographs were taken by her of her welcoming and charming home in Skien.

FRYD + Design

FRYD + Design

FRYD + Design

Psst: Jeanette also has a darling shop where she sells some of her own unique creations, including prints! Enjoy!

(images FRYD + Design)

Posted in blogs on November 20, 2009

Paper Flower Girl

It’s time to update the blog of the week so I searched high and low to see who I could introduce that may be fresh and new to your eyes. This week meet Paper Flower Girl who is Isis Sturtewagen — a young jewelry designer + artist living in Belgium with her husband and she authors a beautiful blog, etsy shop, dawanda store and takes the most stunning images of her home! What a gifted person she is. Like me and many of you, she loves natural tones and homes with lovely bones… she also loves to cook. I’ve included a recipe to this lovely compote shown below, so scroll to the end of this post to scribble it down in your notes.

Paper Flower Girl

Paper Flower Girl

Paper Flower Girl

What I love about these corners is that they’re all lovingly curated and much attention went into the details. I also enjoyed reading that most of Isis’s finds are thrifted and/or handmade. It demonstrates a real sense of self and style to be able to decorate in a way that so expertly highlights cherished possessions in a personal way – making the item fit you and not the other way around. And now, for the recipe from Paper Flower Girl that I promised earlier. It’s delicious, I know because it’s the same recipe my cousin shared with me recently. You can also modify it using pears instead of apples…

Apple Compote Recipe:
4 big apples
the juice of 2 oranges
4 cloves
1 teaspoon cinnamon
honey to taste

Peel and slice the apples. Put everything in a pot and bring to boil. Leave to simmer until tender. Bring to a boil again and pour everything in glass containers.

(images: paper flower girl)

Posted in blogs on November 18, 2009


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