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Thanks to Anna, I now know about a fantastic crafty blog called Rummage that I just so happen to be rummaging through at the moment. And I found this below, the author’s crafting space. I love looking at the spaces from which beautiful things are born, don’t you?


Rummage also has a Flickr account called Curds N Whey in case you’re interested, she has a yummy folder called Corners where pretty spots in her home are waiting for you to enjoy.

(image: rummage)

Posted in blogs on July 20, 2009

Sia Grafica

Just a little note that I’ve updated the blog of the week… meet Sia Grafica from Rotterdam. Sia is a doll, we met in person last year and I instantly felt like she would be someone I’d like to stay in touch with for a long time.

Sia Grafica

I love her illustrative style, she is so talented… and her personal style is just great too which you can easily spot the second you visit her lovely blog where I always find the best & most unique things from music to decor and fashion. Plus she’s a fan of Bones and Bjork — what’s not to love about her. :) Enjoy!

(images: sia grafica)

Posted in blogs on July 06, 2009

Blogroll Note

Hello friends! A quick note to let you know that if your blog was added to the last blogroll update in March then you may have noticed it’s no longer showing up on my site. This is not because I have removed it. My datacenter wiped out any updates made to decor8 post March 3 which included posts, comments, blogroll updates, press updates, and anything else that I updated between March 3 and June 19. I’m still working on recovering posts for March and April, I have some but not all, and the blogroll is my next task which I’ll be working on over the next few days. If you blog is shown in this image, don’t worry… you will be back up on the blogroll very soon.

Posted in blogs on June 28, 2009

Pretty Good

I stumbled across Pretty Good today and I’ve bookmarked it for future drooling. I love how this clever lady pulled together her blog — each post is a photo in which she doodles her thoughts on for that particular moment. The site is pretty much text free and all the photos appear to be ones she has taken herself.

Pretty Good

Pretty Good

Pretty Good

Pretty Good

I love this very visual approach to blogging and that it’s her own work — quite unique and definitely worth your time today if you have a moment to look at Pretty Good… you’ll like the happy feelings it leaves you with I’m sure.

(images: pretty good)

Posted in blogs on June 11, 2009


Some of my books...

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