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Share Some Candy

Share Some Candy (not to be confused with Daily Candy) was founded by Reuben and Yael Miller and is a site dedicated to design finds and art. Along with Rueben and Yael you’ll find 10 “curators” who help them pull together content for the site. Share Some Candy is like taking We Heart It and a blog template and smashing both concepts together. It looks like a blog but works more like We Heart It, since there is no real text outside of the title of each post.

Share Some Candy

Well the title and their found location which is cited briefly using the word VIA. Which brings me to my one and only little problem about the site, in my opinion I think instead of “via” they should consider citing the actual source by name, like “apartment therapy” or “decor8″ or “martha stewart” because we bloggers and business owners on the web work really hard to come up with unique ideas and content and to just have our work linked in this way, shown on a site as a “via”, bothers me. Plus it’s better when actual names are used on sites for ranking purposes, all technical stuff that I won’t bore you with but things that blog authors care about. But aside from that. everything else about Share Some Candy, from navigation to layout and design, is top notch and lovely or else I wouldn’t bother sharing it here today. I found out about them via Creativitae. I hope you’ll go check it out — loads of beautiful things to find there!

(images: screenshot)

Posted in blogs on June 10, 2009

Bursts of Happy

These images all make me very, very happy for many different reasons. Some reasons don’t have feelings attached that are easily penned. They are very emotional, perhaps as you look at these you’ll feel little bursts and tingles just like I do. They’re all from random places, links are below, but found living together beautifully on the decor8 blog of the week: Dress, Design & Decor.

Dress, Design & Decor

Row 1: Blueprint magazine, Martha Stewart. Row 2: Italy via Flickr (unknown), Martha Stewart. Row 3: Martha Stewart, Alexa Chung (photographer unknown).

Something about yellows and blues and blush pink…

Posted in blogs on June 09, 2009

BH&G Do It Yourself Issue – Yay Bloggers!

I picked up a copy of Better Homes & Gardens special Summer issue “Do It Yourself” over the weekend and was so excited to run into two lovely bloggers there. Victoria from SF Girl By Bay and the cute little couple, Sherry and John, from This Young House. Here’s a peek to whet your appetite for more…

Buy This Issue! :)

Sherry & John

Sherry & John

Victoria (SFGirlByBay)

Victoria shown above in cute clothes (what else would you expect?) blogging away. Psst: You can catch a great interview with this lovely lady over at Shiny Squirrel today with some pretty photos since she’s changed her apartment a bit since BH&G took the photos found in this issue..


Victoria’s uber chic space. This is so exciting, go bloggers, go! If you live in the U.S. make sure you pick up a copy to support these lovely members of our blog community.

P.S. Sorry my photos are a little fuzzy, the lighting in here today is horrid. I did my best. ;)

(images: holly becker for decor8)

Posted in blogs, Books + Magazines on May 26, 2009

A Creative Mint

I can’t wait to show you these lovely photos from fellow blogger, A Creative Mint or as I know her, Leslie in Los Angeles who has a degree in interior design and architecture. I’ve been wanting to tell you about this blog for weeks as I met Leslie online in April when she enrolled in my BYW class only to realize that Leslie and I had been fellow students in a previous life in Susannah Conway’s Unravelling course. Small world! This is a photo is one that she took for Unravelling that I recall really liking…

A Creative Mint

Leslie is talented in so many ways and I love how she is developing her brand new blog, it’s one I’ve bookmarked for regular visits because her photography is feminine and beautiful and of course I can’t get enough of seeing what other people are influenced by – at the moment she is into cherry blossom pink as you can see below. She pulled together some photos of things that inspire her presently along the pink theme and I really like her eye for detail and how nicely she described and linked everything in this post. These photos were also inspired by her recent trip to Vancouver Island where she grew up.A Creative Mint

A Creative Mint

I marked these as a favorite in Flickr the moment she uploaded them there — so beautiful! You can add her as a Flickr contact if you’d like, here is her photostream and of course make sure you check out her blog too.

Leslie honey, you’re the best!

(images: leslie, the creative mint)

Posted in blogs, inspiration on May 21, 2009


Some of my books...

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