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A Creative Mint

I can’t wait to show you these lovely photos from fellow blogger, A Creative Mint or as I know her, Leslie in Los Angeles who has a degree in interior design and architecture. I’ve been wanting to tell you about this blog for weeks as I met Leslie online in April when she enrolled in my BYW class only to realize that Leslie and I had been fellow students in a previous life in Susannah Conway’s Unravelling course. Small world! This is a photo is one that she took for Unravelling that I recall really liking…

A Creative Mint

Leslie is talented in so many ways and I love how she is developing her brand new blog, it’s one I’ve bookmarked for regular visits because her photography is feminine and beautiful and of course I can’t get enough of seeing what other people are influenced by – at the moment she is into cherry blossom pink as you can see below. She pulled together some photos of things that inspire her presently along the pink theme and I really like her eye for detail and how nicely she described and linked everything in this post. These photos were also inspired by her recent trip to Vancouver Island where she grew up.A Creative Mint

A Creative Mint

I marked these as a favorite in Flickr the moment she uploaded them there — so beautiful! You can add her as a Flickr contact if you’d like, here is her photostream and of course make sure you check out her blog too.

Leslie honey, you’re the best!

(images: leslie, the creative mint)

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Blogroll Updates

Hello friends! I’ve spent the entire day working on the decor8 blogroll (whew!) and though I cannot fit in all of the requests I get I have a lovingly curated selection of blogs that you can view and enjoy here and here.

Added to my blogroll

This is it for updates this quarter; I’ll update the blogroll again in August. Please browse and enjoy these lovely sites, the A-M group is here and the N-Z group is here. I selected a broad range for all tastes and interests and included a few personal friends of mine, too.

If you are currently on my blogroll and would like to link back I’d love that! Please use (not the former blogspot address). If you want to add a decor8 banner instead of a text links you can — I have several sizes here that you may choose from to add to your blog or website. Oh and if you are on my blogroll and want to update your current banner, please send that to me: holly AT decor8blog DOT com. The measurements need to be 120 pixels wide by 70 pixels high and please make sure your blog name is crisp and clear.

Thank you!

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Inside Out: Blog of the Week

For all of you Aussie interiors mag lovers you will be happy to know that the fab Inside Out magazine now has a blog. Did you know that? I heard from an editor there just today who pointed me to their new blog which I thought was really nice. I remember that feeling of being a new blogger and reaching out to others showing your site for the very first time, it’s hard sometimes even if you’re a big magazine. Maybe even especially if you’re a big magazine. I mean, so much expectation to live up to. Thankfully for those of us outside of Australia who may not read Inside Out regularly, we feel lucky to catch a tiny glimpse of the magazine and if it’s tearsheets on a blog from time-to-time then so be it! Speaking of, here are a few pages from a recent Inside Out issue where they feature artist Lizzie Buckmaster Dove.

Inside Out Magazine

Lizzie Buckmaster

Inside Out Magazine

I really like this lady and her art, doesn’t she look so friendly and creative? She also looks like a lovely mother and seeing her work proudly displayed in her home makes me happy because I think it’s great for her family to live around her passion like that. Inside Out had the honor of interviewing her and shared their conversation with their blog readers here. I could sit with someone like this for hours though I must admit at first I’d feel slightly intimidated by her lifestyle & talent wouldn’t you? But it would not hold me back from accepting her invitation! I think the first half hour would be me seated there just drooling on the floor.


In addition to Lizzie, I also learned about a company called Lightly in Melbourne from the Inside Out blog. They have the most lovely objects on their website, please take a moment to look at it because I know you will like it very much. I found these butterfly saucers which can be mounted to the wall as art and they’re a new favorite mine because they are delicate and feminine. If you don’t fancy them you may find another product better suited to your tastes as they have a wide range of all sorts of beautiful things at Lightly. I really love butterflies… So soothing and to me they represent such freedom, spontaneity, and gentleness. Did you know that in some cultures they are a symbol for long life, acceptance of all creatures, martial bliss, the necessity of a secure home, strength and persistence, success, the overcoming of obstacles and hardships, happiness, freedom, individuality and more. Interesting, yes?

(images all via the inside out blog)

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Blog of the Week: Real Living Magazine

If you aren’t already familiar with her work, Deborah Bibby is the Editor-in-Chief of Real Living magazine in Australia, my current design mag fix (in English) now with Domino gone. Real Living is truly a feast for the eyes! In addition to the pages inside their highly inspirational decorating mag, Bibby authors the Real Living blog giving fans a behind-the-scenes look into their gorgeous, colorful world.

Real Living Magazine

I particularly love how they spotlight finds from recent design shows they’ve attended in addition to showing what goes on during photo shoots including images that didn’t make the final cut. I love how laid back and approachable their blog is and I get a sense that they’re not only connected to what’s going on in Australia and New Zealand but they “get” what is happening in the rest of the world — like right here in America. They frequently spotlight artists, bloggers (like me), and designers from the states, and for that I’m grateful!

Real Living Magazine

Real Living Magazine

Real Living Magazine

Real Living Magazine

Real Living Magazine

Real Living Magazine

Real Living Magazine

Real Living Magazine

Real Living Magazine

In addition to the Real Living blog, they have their own gorgeous shopping website called Real Shopping. Their online editor Belinda Graham also blogs, she writes The Happy Home highlighting her personal decorating projects (like this custom letter project) along with spotlighting trends and other, more personal, inspirations.

If Bibby, Graham and the RL shopping site weren’t enough to fuel your design cravings then add RL deputy editor, Natalie Walton, to your list because she authors her own blog called Daily Imprint. The design cup over at this mag truly runneth over! I love her recent post about London-based designer Lisa Stickley (her gray bag is shown in the last photo above – swoon!).

Now if this doesn’t inspire you to check out the blog of the week, well friends — nothing will! Have fun! Ill be back after lunch with Etsy Take Five Tuesday

(images from real living, daily imprint and the happy home, all linked above)

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