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Food & Rooms

Today over at Real Simple I wrote about a delicious food blog that I discovered and how food inspires room design. Here’s a teaser to entice you…

You can click here to drool see more.

(image from aran goyoaga)

Posted in blogs on February 18, 2009

decor8 Tweets!

I’m a Twitter addict and have found it to be the perfect micro-blogging tool for me! If you like decor8 {the blog}, you may want to follow decor8 {the tweets} over on Twitter. I tweet throughout the day, weekends included, linking you to artists, great blogs, contests, websites, and other things I’m checking out or doing that don’t always make it to my blog. I also tweet from the road, so if I spot something on sale or hear some good design news I’ll be tweeting it for sure! You can click here to follow me if you’d like. Chirp!

Hope to see you over at Twitter!

(image from holly becker for decor8)

Posted in blogs on February 02, 2009

Lovely Links from Visual Notes

I met a very nice Finnish lady, Maaret, in Berlin last Autumn at a small business and blogging event that I helped pull together with the goal of encouraging those living in Germany to start blogging and share design from their part of the world because there is a really strong art and design scene over there –  Berlin is like an extra large Brooklyn. That’s why today I was so happy to hear from Maaret and learn that she launched a blog just before the holidays called Visual Notes.

This print is the work of from Sonnenzimmer in Chicago. Love his screen prints, this one is still available ($48) and looks really nice in Maaret’s Berlin apartment.

I like Visual Notes for many reasons, one being that it’s in English so more have an opportunity to read it and next, I like that she shows lots of finds from Europe which definitely makes it more interesting. There are so many design blogs out there now that I’m really hoping to see more localized content so I personally can learn more about the part of the world where the blogger lives and what is going on there when it comes to design. I think it’s a way we can all make our blogs stand out as a bit more unique if we add in some local stuff. When I’m in New Hampshire I sometimes talk about events and things in my local area (and Boston) and when I’m in my apartment in Germany you’ll find me talking about stuff I do and events I’m attending over there. I think it makes blogging more exciting when you can share what makes you proud about your city or country in addition to all of the international finds you may feature because certainly inspiration is never confined to one area. I digress…

In looking over Visual Notes today I came across a few favorites that I’m sharing below so you can get a sneak peek of what Maaret likes to blog about.

Maaret shared with her readers Castle in Australia, a bedding company that also happens to carry a darling collection of hand stitched one-of-a-kind pieces on vintage French linen.

She also wrote about schubLaden, a company in Berlin who fits new furniture with vintage drawers. They do bespoke work, too. Love this!

I found out about Nadja Müller who is a designer in Berlin who makes some very unique things for the home – blankets, bedding, curtains, lighting, . More here. Everything is handmade!

And finally Hanna Konala and her gorgeous illustrative work. She has a most inspiring blog, too.

Be sure to visit Visual Notes for more beautiful finds and congrats on your new blog, Maaret!

(images linked to their sources above)

Posted in blogs on January 20, 2009

Enhanced Blog Feature: Share and Save!

Just a quick post to let you know that I’ve beefed up a feature to this blog… the Share or Save button below each post. I had only a little heart there before but no one ever clicked it and if by chance you did it brought you to this really confusing page where you could share the post but it was so tricky to figure out. Now when you find a post on decor8 that you want to share (i.e. your product was featured here, etc.) you can click on Share or Save and select where you would like to share or save the post whether that be on wists, Facebook, Twitter, you name it. Yay!

Once you click on it, a window pops up with 12 sharing options but if you click on the arrow bar beneath them the window will expand to include a full list of choices. The pop up has tabs that enable you to directly email the post to a friend or to bookmark the post on your computer. I use features like this constantly on other sites so I thought adding it to decor8 would be helpful to readers here.

In addition to share and save, I realized that I’m not using the space in my posts as well as I could so I’m enlarging all photos on the site going forward. Bigger is better! :)

I also did a little cleaning up… Today I asked my husband to temporarily remove the “Previously” plug-in from the center column (directly to your right —->), it showed you a snippet of an image and if you clicked on it you were taken to the post it was from. Did you find that helpful at all? I personally did not because I realized that many of the pictures shown were still on the main page anyway so you could just scroll down to see the content so what was the point? It would only help if I posted more than 10 posts a day (posts 11+ go to the next page). Thorsten is working to add a different plug-in to replace it that will enable me to show you the top posts instead, but it will most likely be text based and will feature a short list of posts that are popular based on number of comments. Would you find something like this helpful or should we not bother? These things are meant to make the time you spend on this blog more fun so your feedback (or alternate ideas – what you would like to see in the center column) would be great.

Happy Friday everyone! I’ll be back in a moment with some eye candy so we can get back on topic!

(images from holly becker for decor8)

Posted in blogs on January 16, 2009


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