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Please Read This Post {important notes}

When you visit decor8 on Monday, July 28th you be automatically redirected to a new URL and a completely new decor8 blog. It looks nothing like this one, so please don’t assume you are in the wrong place! :) I’m spending the day finishing up on last minute site details so I don’t plan to blog again until Monday.

Please note: comments left on this blog after 6am EST Saturday morning (7/26) will not move over to the new decor8, so please either comment today or wait until Monday.

It’s time for change!
(clock from
Decoy Lab, $30)

And two final notes to share. First, we have a good conversation going here thanks to reader Pippa if you’d like to jump in with your thoughts. We’re basically talking about art vs. craft, how taking a risk is defined, and other thoughts on this topic so please join us. It’s a good one! Again… Comments left on this blog after 6am EST Saturday morning (7/26) will not be moved over to the new decor8, so please comment either today or wait until Monday. I wouldn’t want your thoughts forever lost!

And finally, the Inspire Me! contest will wrap up at midnight tonight. All comments left until then will be considered for the giveaway so please make sure to enter if you haven’t already. I’ll post the winners on Monday so meet me back here in a few days to see if you’ve won and to visit the new decor8.

See you on Monday and have a lovely weekend… xo, Holly

(image from decoy lab, text/border added by decor8)

Posted in blogs on July 25, 2008

I Heart Design Freebies

I’m in love with this new blog called Free Design authored by Summer Allen-Gibson, the same lady behind Design Is Mine and who co-authors Bread & Honey alongside pal Alicia Carrier. Design Freebies is a brilliant idea for a blog, I’m loving some of the more focused blogs out there because now I know exactly where to go for really nice free stuff on the web.

Summer, with her impeccable eye for beautiful things, scours the web and posts lovely freebies that I know I’ll like and I bet you will too. She found out that the The Small Object has free downloads on her site and she even discovered Amelie wallpapers. Big smiles for all!

In addition to her three blogs, Summer just launched her own collection of t-shirts that read, “Be kind, design” for $19 over on Etsy. How fab is this lady, huh? She wears so many hats, each one as pretty and special as the next.

(images from small object)

Posted in blogs on July 22, 2008

Blog of the Week: Design Aglow

I hate to gush but… I just found the most amazing blog (thanks to an anon reader for the tip!) all about photography and how to display photos in your home called Design Aglow. This blog just started in January and already has pages of inspiration to offer readers, you simply must feast your eyes on the beauty here!

Design Aglow even offers these amazingly helpful templates on how to display art on your wall. I’m completely blown away by this site and I’m sure you will like it just as much.

(all images from design aglow)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, blogs on July 21, 2008

International Bloggers at Domino {yay!}

Today is a really great day! A piece that I wrote for Domino just went live on their website featuring 16 international design bloggers. I pulled it together last month so I’ve been anticipating it to go live every since… I hope that you enjoy it — it’s so thrilling to see these great blogs with their name up in lights. They totally deserve it.

The Style Files, one of the 16 blogs featured.

It was fun to step away from my etsy column for a moment to explore a different topic and I thank Domino for being so open to the idea of spotlighting bloggers for their very own slideshow. I wish I could have chosen more because so many exist out there but I was limited to only 15-16 slides. Perhaps we can do a Part 2 in the future. :)

Thanks, Domino!

…And a special thanks to all of the lovely bloggers who assisted me in my research.

By the way, Domino has a new Search function on their website, go check it out. Makes life so much easier.

(image from domino online)

Posted in blogs on July 10, 2008


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