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I found out about this beautiful French company called Serendipity and it was there that I spotted tons of inspiring images – I especially like the pillows with home appliqued across the front in contrasting prints. Really nice and a fun little project to take on for a little DIY crafting afternoon. I really like their floor pillows in linen with the words bla bla bla on the sides. You’ll have to look on their website for those. Another well designed site, I might add. Although you can’t shop on it, so it’s a bit frustrating but still a delight. I love all the grays, violets, and linen I’m seeing at Serendipity.

It’s important to note that this gem called Serendipity came by way of Ez over at Creature Comforts who found them on an amazing blog called D?cocentric (I cannot read it though!) that will have you drooling for hours. So many pretty things to find online, I love the web!

(images from serendipity via d?cocentric)

Posted in blogs, kids on January 30, 2008

An Angel at my Table {Mari Eriksson}

Mari Eriksson authors a beautiful blog called An Angel at my Table and though it’s in Swedish her more recent posts contain a bit of English so you can follow along. It’s filled with photos of her home and workspace that are nothing short of inspirational and lovely. There are so many things that I enjoy about her home, from the white wood floors to the industrial pieces living so nicely alongside modern country, chandeliers, and great vintage finds (like the lockers and her sewing machine). Isn’t this a glowing space?

Mari lives in Sweden and as I drool over her magazine worthy abode, I’m left to wonder what this obviously talented lady does for a living. A designer? stylist? photographer? She doesn’t mention it in her blog. Her home has lots of character and positive energy, everything is arranged so effortlessly chic!

Pairing unexpected things seems to be a theme here in Mari’s home. All of the furniture appears to have modern clean lines no matter what period it is from. Good tip to note when you try this look at home. Select furniture that coordinates by color/wood – select a few that you like, i.e. gray, white, and medium wood tones for instance, and then by style like clean modern lines (works best). If you have a curvy piece, you can add it to create a little tension but go easy on mixing curvy with straight because you won’t be able to pull off Mari’s look if this is what you’re going for. I’d consider one curvy dresser or desk and leave it at that.

I love the idea of using a bench along the wall in an eating nook. It’s a clever use of space because if you live in small quarters a slim bench is so practical. You can also look for one with a lift up seat to provide additional storage. My friend in Montreal uses a detailed vintage church pew (like this one only with a clear stain) that she purchased at a flea market and it’s topped with a simple white linen cushion. The detailed carvings and overall patina of the wood paired with her white-washed farm table and white Bertoia side chairs looks so nice.

Show of hands… How many would like to move in? :)

{1/22 3:48 pm update: Thanks to a few comments below, it was revealed that Mari is a photographer. Thank you Linnea and Annemeike!}

(images from mari eriksson)

Posted in blogs, Home Tours, travel on January 22, 2008

Weblog Awards

Quick mention…My friend Maryam has been nominated for a 2007 weblog award so if you read her blog My Marrakesh and like it please cast your vote here! I know it would mean a lot to her – but hurry, voting ends soon!

Posted in blogs on November 06, 2007

Faces In Places: New Blog

Here’s a fun Friday afternoon thing to do… Visit the cute blog called Faces In Places. I just read about it over on Apartment Therapy and found it to be quite entertaining. Isn’t this sink the cutest?

“Sinking Feeling”

I like to challenge myself when I’m out taking photographs, sometimes to shoot only things that are blue, or signs, or things that are round, etc. Now I’m up for a new challenge, faces in places you’d least expect them. Great find, AT!

(image from moonbird on flickr.)

Posted in blogs on September 28, 2007


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