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Thank you, Elle Decor!

I was quite excited to see decor8 mentioned in the June issue of Elle Decor magazine as a blog that the Margaret Russell, Editor in Chief, considers one of her favorites. Pinch me!

On the editor’s page, she talks about her personal experience as she blogged during Top Design on the Bravo website and then mentions some of her favorite blogs — Style Court, Apartment Therapy, Design*Sponge, Another Shade of Grey, decor8, Chameleon Interiors, The Cool Hunter, and The Nestmaker, so of course I’m extremely flattered to be part of that round up. :)

While reading her thoughts on blogging, I can tell she gets it, gets us, and I’m encouraged by that because when I started decor8, few even knew what a design blog was, and if you told them, they only listened to be polite. It was a lot harder to “sell” the idea of blogging back then, and to motivate myself to stay on top of decor8 and keep pressing forward. Today, many are reading design blogs, including those with impeccable taste like Ms. Russell, so it’s the best time to be involved. Having her nod of approval is huge, not just to me, but to our growing community in general. We’re being heard, bloggers!

Thank you Ms. Russell for showing your support, it means so much!

(image from elle decor)

Posted in blogs on May 24, 2007

Swedish Design Blogs + Thanks, Emma!

First, I have to thank Emma from one of Sweden’s leading design blogs, emmas designblogg, for asking me to be part of her “10 Quick” series. I’m flattered to be featured alongside other “10” ladies such as Lena Corwin, Ranvita la Cour, Louise Campbell, and Lotta Jansdotter. Thank you so much, Emma!

Ah. The thought of visiting Sweden. Swedish Interiors. Gorgeous design. Mmm. Doesn’t it send a slight longing through your soul? The streets of Stockholm, strolling the coast, riding through the countryside, and the shopping. Sweden is a dream destination, and if you’re like me and can’t hop a plane over whenever you’d like, you can start scanning Swedish design blogs for a taste of the magic. Emmas designblogg is a great design source, and she translates quite a bit of text to English, a major draw for me.

While reading one of my favorite American blogs, SFGirlByBay, I found out that Victoria discovered Swedish blogger, Annika of HOOM. We can always trust Victoria’s taste, so whenever I click her links, I find the best places to peruse. Anyway, HOOM is such a beautiful Swedish blog with some posts in English so you can do more than drool at the pretty pictures.

More to love: RoomService, Tinas blogg, hemmariket, and the beautiful chez lison. These blogs are 100% eye candy. I think it’s so important to look at the world of design, not just the popular trends and designs coming out of your own country, but to explore beyond the borders and see what’s happening in distant lands. And with new design blogs popping up constantly worldwide, it’s suddenly so easy to do.

We each have a voice, a perspective, and something important to bring to the world of blogging. It’s not just a world for few, but a place for all. Let us start with Sweden. :)

(images from emmas designblogg, hoom sthlm. and room service)

Posted in blogs, inspiration on May 22, 2007

Blog of the Week: Toast and Tables

I want to extend a warm welcome to the very stylish Devita Davison and her new blog, Toast and Tables, which is all about entertaining in style. I love her current theme, black and white, it’s super, she pairs fashion with dinnerware, fantastic!

Toast and Tables will appear in the left column as blog of the week until May 28th, so make sure you check out Miss Devita’s blog for the latest and greatest in trendy tabletops!

(images from toast and tables)

Posted in blogs, kitchen on May 21, 2007

Hostess with the Mostess: Win Free Stuff!

Jennifer Sbranti, the amazing talent behind Hostess with the Mostess, is having a bunch of fun stationery giveaways on her blog all week and asked her blog pals if we could send over some of our readers. My answer, YES! So what are you waiting for, go check out the beautiful HWTM blog! If you recall, she was a Blog of the Week ages ago here on decor8 and has built herself quite a monster of a blog and website since then. So if you haven’t visited her lately, this is your chance! And you could win some free stuff too. Who doesn’t love that!?

Thanks Jennifer for the email! :) You are doing a fantastic job!

(image from hwtm)

Posted in blogs, contests, stationery on May 16, 2007


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