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Paper Flowers & The Importance of Spreading Yourself Around

I just love Instagram because there are so many great people that I sorta re-find again and as a result of their photo stream, I suddenly pay attention for some reason. Like with Brittany Jepsen from the blog, The House That Lars Built… I’ve seen her work around blogland before but seeing her behind-the-scenes on IG made her come to life and suddenly I really pay attention to what she’s up to. Here are a few photos from her IG account and blog (@houselarsbuilt) if you’d like to follow her, too. Here are a few from her blog that I love spotlighting her recent trip to teach in southern California.


I really love flowers, so her paper flower garlands and workshops in general, that she teaches in the states, definitely caught my curious eye. And I love the DIYs that I just discovered on her beautiful blog, too. Here are more images from her gorgeous IG account.


Do you have any favorites on IG that you knew about before but following them on IG made you a believer, too? Isn’t it true how certain social media outlets really aren’t “one size firs all”? People who may love your blog may not connect the same through your IG photos, Facebook account or twitter… You know? That’s why I always tells bloggers to experiment and see what works and what people are responding to that you also love and feel you’re reaching others making a genuine connection. I think lots of bloggers make a common mistake – they measure their followers by how many BLOG readers appear on their site each day. That’s not such an accurate way to determine how many followers you truly have since lots of people may follow you on Instagram but never read your blog. So keep an open mind about that and don’t get down if you have 1,000 blog readers and 30,000 on Instagram and another 800 on Facebook and 500,000 on Pinterest – I mean, c’mon – you definitely have more than 1,000 people who dig your work, they are just coming in from different streams.

What do you think about spreading yourself around when it comes to social media?

p.s. Brittany you’re awesome!

(Images: Brittany Jepsen)

Posted in blogs on March 07, 2014

Tour The Bloesem Creative Space

I have to write a post about a blog colleague, a lovely lady, known as Bloesem but for those of you who really know her, she is Irene Hoofs and is simply a doll through and through. She worked with me on a previous Blogging Your Way e-course and did a bang up job, too. She’s just one of those people that is kind, gentle and is a genuine champion of others and their work. She’s always been so supportive of me and so in return I thought I’d shout her out and share a glimpse into her most recent project – the Bloesem Creative Space in lovely Singapore – part shop, teaching studio and workspace. Love!


Irene is Dutch but lives far away from her home city, Amsterdam, in a beautiful part of the world with her husband and two small boys. To take on a studio space with children, a blog and the other projects she works on (like her online store) is a real undertaking to say the least but she seems quite confident and content so far and I’m so proud that she just opened her doors. (And Irene, you look just wonderful in these photos!)





Above is a glimpse but you’ll need to visit her blog to see more photos and to learn more about this space and her intentions for it.

Irene – my heartfelt congrats to you and your business, your creative space is wonderful and I wish you all the luck in the world! xo – Holly

(photography by Rebecca Toh)

Posted in blogs on February 21, 2014

Thank you Apartment Therapy

We are so honored that Apartment Therapy asked us to show Aidan’s nursery as part of a room tour on their site yesterday. I’ve been an AT reader since 2004 so whenever they feature me I always feel a warm and fuzzy glow. :) Thanks Maxwell and Lauren for this!

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 9.33.14 AM

And thank you Thorsten for taking such beautiful photos of his room!

(image: screenshot from AT)

Posted in blogs on February 20, 2014

Blog Tip: About Page Photo Idea

I have a blogging tip that I think may help those of you looking to pretty up your About page on your blog while also keeping things comfortable from a privacy perspective. I am currently immersed in teaching my online class, Blogging Your Way, and my students are keeping me on my toes for sure! It’s amazing to me how C R E A T I V E my brain becomes when I’m surrounded by curious students – their questions challenge me and for this I am grateful. It’s so easy once you been doing something like blogging professionally for 8 years to stick with what you know.


For instance, one student recently asked about online privacy. She wants people to see what she looks like but isn’t entirely comfortable posting her photo on her blogs’ About Page (bio). I totally get it. You may want to grow your readership and you know to do this, readers enjoy seeing you in some form – even if you’re not looking straight into the camera, because it helps build trust and credibility online. So, how do you maintain a bit of anonymity while still fostering an environment of trust if you’re going to show your photo – doesn’t that sorta blow it? One way, as I explained to her, is to work with an illustrator to create a fun sketch to show who you are without filling in all of the details. It could be watercolor, pencil, whatever… As long as it matches your blog template and overall vision. You are still sharing your identity but also, in a way, you’re not. And that can feel really good for some people and I respect that.



These examples are illustrations that are both affordable and not super-detailed that I think could work, by Todd Borka. Based in Lyon, France, he creates the sweetest custom portraits and ships worldwide so you can frame them, etc but also you can talk to him about obtaining a small digital file that you can use on your blog. In his Etsy shop, you can see the images each of his illos are based on which I also liked and helped me to see that though they are close matches, they’re not identical so most likely, your blog cover wouldn’t be blown since an illustrated version of you is not the same as the real deal.

What do you think, do you like this blog tip? Have you already done something similar that you’d like to share? If so, leave the link to your About page in the comments section so everyone can have a peek.

Happy Friday!

(images todd borka)

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