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Blogger’s Favorites: The Style Files

Hello everyone! Last Friday I launched a mini series called Blogger’s Favorites on decor8 devoted to my love of blogger’s and their amazing sense of style – they always seem to know what’s current and this is the main reason why so many of us love and follow blogs, right? So to continue with my series, Blogger’s Favorites, I’m going to share with you our next blogger spotlight on Danielle DeLange from The Style Files who lives in a gorgeous country home just outside of Amsterdam. Here is Danielle in her home with her darling son, Kick. Danielle is a good blogger friend of mine, we met in person in 2006 when I was assigned to write about Dutch Design Week for Domino magazine and a few years later, we traveled together to Stockholm for a mini getaway. Since, I’ve seen her at various events and we’re still in touch despite our very busy schedules. Danielle is such a talented and sweet person – I’m so happy that she is one of the bloggers I’ve been honored to meet and know more personally.


Name: Danielle de Lange / Blog: The Style Files / Online Shop: Le Souk / City+Country: Amsterdam, The Netherlands / Pinterest account: @TheStyleFiles / IG account: @danielledelange

Five favorite things:

natural style 3
natural style 2

photo: romain ricard

natural style 1

photo: romain ricard

1: Favorite look- my favorite interior style is a modern bohemian look with natural materials such as wood as you can see above.

plants 1

photo: femke pastijn
plants 4

photo: weekday carnival

plants 2

photo: fredericia furniture

plants 3

photo: stylizimo

2: Favorite trend- I like the trend that house plants become styling objects. On blogs and on Pinterest I see a lot of images of beautiful interiors styled with plants. Personally I don’t have many plants in my home as we have a large garden in which I spent a lot of time but I do like that people use nature to decorate their homes.

my home with new coffeetable 1
my home with new coffeetable 2

3: Favorite object - my favorite object at the moment is my new coffee table which you can see in my home shown above. I have searching for the perfect table for years and I just found one that is perfect for home, which is an old farmhouse outside of Amsterdam. It is made of a piece of wood and it has a rustic look. I am very happy with this find!


photo: le souk (danielle’s online shop)

kilim 4
photo: lovely life

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose


photo: reath

4: Favorite object that you see everywhere at the moment – I love my vintage kilim rugs and I do see a lot of vintage rugs such as kilim rugs, beni ourain rugs and boucherouite rugs being used in interiors. I love to use rugs because they can give a room instant style and color. They have an immediate effect and give a space a lot of character.

5: Favorite miscellaneous - My 3 year old son is very happy with his new gardening tools (for kids). We spend a lot of time in the garden (when weather permits) and he can now help me with tending the plants. We also made a small vegetable garden where he can grow his own vegetable.

Why do you like these five – what attracts you?
I am usually attracted to natural materials. I also like when a item has a story. For example with a beautiful 50 year old vintage rug from Turkey I wonder about the people who have used the rug before me.

What trends are you bored with? I don’t like marble so I don’t understand the current marble revival. It is now not only used for bathrooms or floors but also for home accessories. The look is just too cold and classic for my taste.

blue 2


photo: bloomingville

blue 1

photo: emily henderson

What do you predict will be hot next? I think various blue hues such as indigo will be hot this season. We have already been seeing these colors in fashion (denim on denim) but I now see lots of blue for interior accessories as well.

Thank you Danielle for your list of faves! More Blogger’s Favorites will post this week, stay tuned!

(images linked to their sources above)

Posted in blogs on March 10, 2014

Blogger’s Favorites: Happy Mundane

Hello everyone! I hope that you are having a very nice Friday because who doesn’t love a good weekend, am I right? We will have sunny weather in the mid 60s tomorrow so I’m eager to get out with our little boy and go for some long strolls in the nearby forest. I LOVE being a mother, it’s the best thing ever and we’re definitely am savoring each and every moment. I’ve somehow been able to stay on top of my work which comes as a big surprise because I thought I would crumble beneath the load of it all – but my husband and I share parenting equally since we both work from home, so stuff is getting done either by him or me and it’s just wonderful. Our son is doing great, too. He has tummy aches here and there, which give him bad moments, but most of the days have been very good and he is on a great sleep schedule so we’re only getting up with him during the night every 3-4 hours. Usually midnight, 3 or 4 am and again around 6:30 am. Then he sleeps in the mornings for a few more hours as we eat breakfast, shower, etc. I like that he already has a bedtime routine – we made it a point to do this – so once it’s bedtime we talk softly, play relaxing music or put on our white noise app, dim the lights, whisper to him vs. use our daytime voice, and do other little things to prepare his brain for bedtime. It works like a charm and we are both sleeping and feel pretty good considering that neither of us sleep straight through 6-8 hours as we once did – but the interruption in the night is something we’ve gotten used to and it’s fine now. Eventually, he’ll be sleeping full nights but honestly we don’t care – he’s a newborn after all. These are special times.

Okay so that’s my personal life update. Now to tell you about a mini series I’m going to run on decor8 for the next month or so called Blogger Favorites. I’ve worked with my lovely assistant, Jessy Senti, to approach bloggers and see what they’re “into” lately. I’m always fascinated by what my peers love. Not everyone is only blogging, lots of them are designers and stylists, etc. who just-so-happen to have a blog. Either way, today I’m bringing you the first from my blogger batch, Jonathan Lo from Happy Mundane. I’ve known him since 2006 and have been following his blog ever since – he’s got amazing style and as an art director, he definitely is in on all of the hottest trends. Plus, he lives in southern California, how can he NOT know what’s trending?!

Name: Jonathan Lo

Blog name: Happy Mundane / Pinterest account: / IG account: @happymundane

Five favorite things:


1: Favorite look – Rooms that are modern, relaxed, bright, happy, and have a great eclectic mix with little pops of color.


2. Favorite Trend - Muted Pastels


3. Favorite object - This set of Terracotta “POTS” storage jars by menu & benjamin hubert



4: Favorite object that you see everywhere at the moment - hexagon trays



5. Favorite miscellaneous - I’m currently slightly obsessed with Prada’s Spring/Summer 2014 menswear collection.

Why do you like these five – what attracts you? I seem to usually gravitate towards things that are modern and graphic, but I also love things that are more organic. Also, I can’t resist a good vintage piece. I think the best results are when all of those things are combined or juxtaposed together.

What trends are you tired of? I think anything with a chevron pattern could take a rest for awhile!

What do you predict will be hot next? A rediscovery of post modern 1980s “Memphis” style

Thank you Jonathan! Our next edition of Blogger’s Favorites will appear early next week and I’ll spotlight Dutch blogger Danielle DeLange from The Style Files.

(images submitted for this piece by jonathan lo)

Posted in blogs on March 07, 2014

Paper Flowers & The Importance of Spreading Yourself Around

I just love Instagram because there are so many great people that I sorta re-find again and as a result of their photo stream, I suddenly pay attention for some reason. Like with Brittany Jepsen from the blog, The House That Lars Built… I’ve seen her work around blogland before but seeing her behind-the-scenes on IG made her come to life and suddenly I really pay attention to what she’s up to. Here are a few photos from her IG account and blog (@houselarsbuilt) if you’d like to follow her, too. Here are a few from her blog that I love spotlighting her recent trip to teach in southern California.


I really love flowers, so her paper flower garlands and workshops in general, that she teaches in the states, definitely caught my curious eye. And I love the DIYs that I just discovered on her beautiful blog, too. Here are more images from her gorgeous IG account.


Do you have any favorites on IG that you knew about before but following them on IG made you a believer, too? Isn’t it true how certain social media outlets really aren’t “one size firs all”? People who may love your blog may not connect the same through your IG photos, Facebook account or twitter… You know? That’s why I always tells bloggers to experiment and see what works and what people are responding to that you also love and feel you’re reaching others making a genuine connection. I think lots of bloggers make a common mistake – they measure their followers by how many BLOG readers appear on their site each day. That’s not such an accurate way to determine how many followers you truly have since lots of people may follow you on Instagram but never read your blog. So keep an open mind about that and don’t get down if you have 1,000 blog readers and 30,000 on Instagram and another 800 on Facebook and 500,000 on Pinterest – I mean, c’mon – you definitely have more than 1,000 people who dig your work, they are just coming in from different streams.

What do you think about spreading yourself around when it comes to social media?

p.s. Brittany you’re awesome!

(Images: Brittany Jepsen)

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Tour The Bloesem Creative Space

I have to write a post about a blog colleague, a lovely lady, known as Bloesem but for those of you who really know her, she is Irene Hoofs and is simply a doll through and through. She worked with me on a previous Blogging Your Way e-course and did a bang up job, too. She’s just one of those people that is kind, gentle and is a genuine champion of others and their work. She’s always been so supportive of me and so in return I thought I’d shout her out and share a glimpse into her most recent project – the Bloesem Creative Space in lovely Singapore – part shop, teaching studio and workspace. Love!


Irene is Dutch but lives far away from her home city, Amsterdam, in a beautiful part of the world with her husband and two small boys. To take on a studio space with children, a blog and the other projects she works on (like her online store) is a real undertaking to say the least but she seems quite confident and content so far and I’m so proud that she just opened her doors. (And Irene, you look just wonderful in these photos!)





Above is a glimpse but you’ll need to visit her blog to see more photos and to learn more about this space and her intentions for it.

Irene – my heartfelt congrats to you and your business, your creative space is wonderful and I wish you all the luck in the world! xo – Holly

(photography by Rebecca Toh)

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