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Heart Home e-Magazine

If you’re a blogger you must be able to relate to me right now. I’m overwhelmed! I’ve been sitting here for the past few hours sorting through lists and lists of things that I need to post on decor8 because I’ve been finding so much over the past few months during my travels and have no clue where to begin now that I’m back in the office. I have over a thousand business cards that I’ve collected from all of the lovely readers and new friends that I met while in America, England and the Netherlands and I just don’t know where to begin though I found that the best way is to simply start somewhere… One post leads to two and so on. So! Let’s talk about a gorgeous magazine that has the web a-buzz lately… Heart Home!

Heart Home magazine

Oh, but first I have something to share. I recently interviewed a designer and she asked if I ever run out of things to post about on decor8 and I answered so quickly I giggled a bit because “NO!” escaped me before the question was fully out of her mouth. Like I said earlier, there is just SO MUCH out there to see and explore and experience, I can’t imagine ever running out of content as I’m sure many of you can relate. Sometimes I’ll comb through my archives to review some of my past finds and I’m always amazed as the sheer talent that exists, the people I’ve met, the places I’ve visited, and just how lucky we all are to be living during a time when there is so much artistic and creative expression to be seen, on a global scale, that we can witness daily online. As I look through all of the wonderful things on my lists that I have yet to write about, I’m so happy that I have a job like this. I much rather be overwhelmed by finding too much than from finding not enough.

Heart Home magazine

But back to Heart Home. Oh my goodness… speaking of inspiring content, you have to check out this newly launched UK-based digital shelter magazine. Founded by my friends and fellow bloggers Arianna Trapani, Carole King and Daniel Nelson, together they have created such a beautiful publication with a focus solely on homes in the UK making this magazine the first of its kind! The concept is brilliant and I’ll certainly tune in to this quarterly online publication regularly to see what properties they’ve scouted and styled, and who they’re profiling in the world of UK design next.

Heart Home magazine

I’d like to add that I’m honored that they devoted two pages of their premiere issue to me and my book (see above). It was quite nice of them to do that! You can read an interview that they had with me here as well that is a bit of an extended version of the article.

Heart Home magazine

Heart Home magazine

I loved seeing the home of Jeska Hearne from Lobster & Swan (images above) and her feminine home. I’m a huge fan of hers so it was such a treat to peek into her personal space and to read about her inspirations. Here are a few more favorite peeks from the homes of others featured in the premiere issue of Heart Home…

Heart Home magazine

Heart Home magazine

I can’t wait to see the next issue of Heart Home – way to go Ari, Daniel and Carole! Woot woot!

(images from heart home)


Posted in Books + Magazines on October 05, 2011

Sarah Jane Studios

Hello everyone! I’m back! I’m back! It feels so great to be seated here before my laptop talking to you again. I’ve missed decor8 so much and though I’ve loved having some space away from blogging to meet lots of you in person during my book tour, I love getting back to my bloggy roots writing once again – it feels really good. My book tour has wrapped up in the US and UK, so I’m home now and don’t plan to do any more book-related events again until mid November in Germany but that won’t keep me away from the blog so you’ll have me front and center again for a long time. :) Yay – I’ve missed you but decor8 is back in action!

Sarah Jane Studios

Over the next few weeks I will share some highlights from the road, namely the people that I met who either make something that caught my eye or who simply said or did something that stuck with me. One of those inspiring peeps is illustrator and textile designer Sarah Jane. I met Sarah at The Creative Connection in St. Paul and found her sweet characters to be most charming. She JUST finished a children’s book which published a few days ago with Harper Collins, so you can imagine her excitement. She also has a small line of pretty fabrics and an etsy shop where we sells prints, cards and other things that both children and their parents love.

Sarah Jane Studios

Sarah Jane Studios

Sarah Jane Studios

Sarah Jane Studios

If you like what you see above, you may be interested in learning more about Sarah Jane… if that’s the case, you may visit her blog, etsy shop or find her new book here.


(images: sarah jane)

Posted in Books + Magazines on September 28, 2011

Styled e-Magazine

I’m always up for new, inspiring content in any format I can get my hands (or eyes!) on, so when I heard about Styled, a digital magazine founded and produced by bay area blogger Victoria Hudgins from A Subtle Revelry my ears tingled! On Wednesday, September 7th (that’s tomorrow!) she will launch issue #2 of her magazine which will focus primarily on entertaining and DIY projects around the theme of Autumn merrymaking.

Styled Issue #1

Styled is a collaborative project where Victoria rounds up her favorite bloggers to produce exclusive content which is good to hear because we all know how boring it is to see something repeating itself again and again in a magazine or book that has already been online. There is no originality in that and I like that Victoria has a genuine passion for bringing us something fresh and forward.

Styled Issue #1

Styled Issue #1

Styled Issue #1

Styled Issue #1

To whet your appetite today, I’ve shared some imagery from the last issue in case you’d not heard of Styled before — now you’ll have something to get excited about for tomorrow’s launch of issue #2! It will be brand new and fab, I’m sure!

Watch this link tomorrow for the debut of her Autumn issue. The link will take you to the current one today but come Wednesday, it’s all about Fall, baby!

(images: screenshots from Styled magazine)

Posted in Books + Magazines on September 06, 2011

Thank you New York City!

I love New York! I know, I know… everyone says that but it’s so true. For me though it goes beyond the extraordinary city itself — I think the people make it so special. My final stop was in the big apple on my US Book Tour for Decorate sponsored by Chronicle Books and Anthropologie and it was a m a z i n g. I saw so many dear readers and online friends, it was such a great evening! I have to thank my special guests, Marcia & Paul Zia Priven. I also want to thank Vicente Wolf for stopping by, it was so nice to see him!

nyc4Barb Blair from Knack Studios

I was flattered beyond words that the event was packed – for an author doing a book signing… that’s the ultimate and especially since I went through so much to be there between canceled flights and trains due to the hurricane. Having a full house was confirmation that my efforts paid off beyond my expectations so THANK YOU New York City for welcoming me with a giant hug and for supporting Decorate.


Top: Grace Kang from Pink Olive / Bottom: Raina Kattelson from A Stylist’s Life.


Top: Melissa de la Fuente from Melissa Loves /  Middle: Kristen Appenbrink from Real Simple / Bottom: Marcia & Paul Zia Priven from Zia Priven Lighting.


Top: Anna Dorfman from Door Sixteen / Bottom: Samantha Hahn of Samantha Hahn Illustration.


new york city

I can’t wait to return to NYC in the future to see everyone again!

A special thanks to Michelle Verdugo for planning a special night out after the event at both The Yard followed by Lucky Strike (loved!). Also a big hug to Nichole Robertson, Michelle Ward, Michele Varian, Amy Atlas, Christina Batch-Lee, Elizabeth Bauer (her home is in the book!), Brooke Hagel and the many, many others who were so extra sweet to me and went out of their way to make me feel at home.

WHAT AN AMAZING BOOK TOUR IN THE USA! I’m so happy that I had to chance to be sponsored by Chronicle and Anthropologie to do this – a real dream come true. Meeting everyone in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, LA, Philly and NYC was an honor. xoxo

BY THE WAY: My white balance was off – my hair is not green, I swear! xo

(images: some are mine, others unsure since so many great people took over my camera and helped me out. Thanks everyone!)

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