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Romantic Style by Selina Lake + Sara Norrman

I’ve been wanting to review this book ever since it released but between traveling, teaching online and off, moving, working on my own book — there hasn’t been a lot of time for me to sit down and read the book and then pull together a proper review! Today I vowed to write one, even though it’s not as thorough as I would have liked — for a simple reason: I adore Selina’s latest book, Romantic Style, and I want to show my support. Selina did a fantastic job on this title and I feel like shouting it from the rooftops, I am proud of her and her accomplishments. I also just-so-happen to love her photographer Debi Treloar because she and I worked together this year to shoot Decorate and Debi is a real gem. Anything Debi does, it comes out so, so nice. And so, this book review is to celebrate Selina’s new book and to give a high five to her great photographer, Debi and fantastic writer, Sara Norrman!

Romantic Style by Selina Lake + Sara Norrman

Romantic Style is a beautiful book published by Ryland Peters & Small with luscious images, lots of them full bleed (which I love), and I really liked how Selina groups Romantic Style into specific categories because I’ve not seen that done really before. Usually people just call Romantic Style, “Frilly, girly, sweet, pink Shabby Chic”, when really there are many different types of ways to bring Romantic Style into the home without buying a big white slipcovered sofa and a worn chippy sofa table! Of course, that is what most people associate with Romantic decor, but Selina was clever enough to show Romantic Style in many different ways through her styling work, Debi captured it perfectly with her camera, and the text which was written by Sara Norrman, supported the visuals so well. With every paragraph I found myself wagging my head in agreement as the imagery around the text fit so expertly. I love how well Sara captured Selina’s vision, it is a joy to read.

Romantic Style by Selina Lake + Sara Norrman

Romantic Style by Selina Lake + Sara Norrman

And so, with that, I encourage you dear readers to take a look at Romantic Style online (a sneak peek can be found here) which is also the decor8 book of the week. If you already have a copy, please tell me what you think (Selina will be reading your comments, too!) because I’d love to know what you thought about the book overall. If you don’t already own it, you can purchase it online at Amazon — if you’d like to order through me (I am an Amazon affiliate) you can click here and if you purchase the book 6% of the total sale goes to me so I can keep buying beautiful books to review on decor8. Fun stuff!

(images: ryland peters and small – photography by debi treloar.)

Posted in Books + Magazines on November 23, 2010

Rue Magazine: Issue 2 Sneak Peek!

Ready to be inspired by a pattern and color-filled industrial meets feminine loft? Oh I bet you are, open space, clean lines, bursts of color, industrial meets girly with loads of white… oh my stop! I’m getting all tingly! When Crystal Gentillello from Rue magazine sent in some gorgeous images to share with decor8 readers today I couldn’t refuse — this is a special sneaky peek of their gorgeous issue #2 which will release on Sunday, November 21st right here.

Rue Magazine Issue #2

This loft is super amazing and I thought it would be fun to share some glimpses to whet your appetite for the magazine so here’s my favorite home from issue #2, in fact this homeowner (you can find out who she is later today when the issue is live) has a very similar look going on to what I’m pulling together in my own house currently (which is why I have been traveling so much, to collect!). She has several things that I’ve purchased already on my past few trips to Istanbul and Marrakesh and so for me to see her space in my inbox this morning (I got to see the entire loft, full room views, just wait — you’ll die when you see the issue) I felt so encouraged and motivated to finish my own home.

Rue Mag Issue #2

Love the dessous! Love the back of that gorgeous chair! This is a great space in my gushing opinion. So what do you think? Amazing right? To see full room views and to learn all about the homeowner, be sure to visit the Rue website on November 21st when issue #2 goes live.

(images: emily anderson)

Posted in Books + Magazines on November 17, 2010

At Your Leisure Zine

I have to show you some peeks of Jonathan Lo’s zine, At Your Leisure, that I just received in the mail today. It’s amazing! I love it and highly suggest that if you like small, unique publications with interesting articles, beautiful photography and snazzy layouts then you’ll adore lifestyle zine At Your Leisure. Jonathan is an editor (Happy Mundane) and an art director (J3 Productions) and has the most exquisite taste — he should be doing magazines and books for a living in my opinion because he has such a great eye and there just isn’t enough great stuff on the newsstands these days that is by men that doesn’t include the typical man-fare out there (gummi-boobs, blood and gaming). Ha ha!

At Your Leisure Zine

Jonathan Lo has such a unique vision, it’s very forward and his zine doesn’t duplicate what you already see a million times but it raises the bar. When I look at his work through the pages At Your Leisure, I see a very fresh, forward-thinking guy who isn’t afraid to take risks and I like that. Nothing about it says mainstream snooze-fest and that, these days, is quite an accomplishment.

At Your Leisure Zine

At Your Leisure Zine

At Your Leisure Zine

At Your Leisure Zine

At Your Leisure Zine

At Your Leisure Zine

Jonathan I applaud your efforts, adore your blog (for years now) and love your zine – the second issue is just great and I can’t wait for the next, and the next and so on! I hope everyone who reads it “gets” your vision and loves it as much as I do because seriously dude, your rock.

P.S. Hottie Alert! The man candy in this issue (shown also above) is model/actor Joshua Kloss. He is in the Katy Perry video, Teenage Dream, in case his face looks familiar but if you’re like me… well, I didn’t even notice his face… :)

To get a copy of At Your Leisure, click here.

(images: j3 productions)

Posted in Books + Magazines on November 12, 2010

US Book Cover of Decorate

Okay you guys, now I’m really doing flips because I just saw the cover of Decorate in the US on the Chronicle website thanks to Laura Lee for sending it to me. This is very exciting! Wow, what a day this has been – a very emotional one! It’s all so real to me now. On this cover is the home of a friend of mine who is a stylist  — I can’t wait to show you more in the book.

Decorate US Jacket

I hope you like the US cover! I do, Chronicle did a nice job on it! :) I feel so shy all of sudden — like I want to run and hide under the blankets! It’s all becoming very real for me, this project I’ve had to keep more or less quiet for since the beginning of the year. I can’t wait to see it in stores and get your opinion of the text and photos inside.

If you would like to pre-order the US version you can do so now though it won’t ship until after April 20th — but again you can pre-order it here on the Chronicle website.

(image: chronicle books)

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