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On My Wish List: Books!

I have a growing wish list of books that I can’t wait to get my hands on from crafting to interiors! I thought I’d round up a few today in case you are interested in seeing what good things are soon to pop up at bookstores near you!

On My Wish List...

Paper + Craft, 25 Charming Gifts, Accents, and Accessories to Make from Paper by Minhee and Truman Cho.Crafting a Meaningful Home: 27 DIY Projects to Tell Stories, Hold Memories, and Celebrate Family Heritage by Meg Mateo Ilasco. Creative, Inc.: The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Freelance Business by Joy Deangdeelert Cho and Meg Mateo Ilasco. Handmade Weddings: More Than 50 Crafts to Personalize Your Big Day by Eunice Moyle, Sabrina Moyle and Shana Faust. A Perfectly Kept House Is the Sign of a Misspent Life: Creative Ideas and Real-life Tips for Making Your Home Lived-in, Warm, Welcoming and One-of-A-Kind by Mary Randolph Carter. Tricia Guild: Colors, Patterns, and Space by Tricia Guild. Life and Work: Malene Birger’s Life in Pictures by Marlene Birger. Romantic Style by Selina Lake. Details: A Stylist’s Secrets to Creating Inspired Interiors by Lili Diallo. Lotta Jansdotter’s Handmade Living: A Fresh Take on Scandinavian Style by Lotta Jansdotter. Amy Butler’s Style Stitches: 12 Easy Ways to 26 Wonderful Bags by Amy Butler.

Out of the covers/titles above, which ones interest you? I want them all but I love the covers for Amy Butler, Handmade Weddings and Paper + Craft because they are clean and gorgeous — they lure me in and make me want to own the book. It’s important to have a cover that calls out to people from the shelf!

(images: amazon)

Posted in Books + Magazines on June 16, 2010

Stylist Lili Diallo

New York props stylist Lili Diallo has such an amazing eye, I loved her work in Domino magazine and can’t wait until her new book releases at the end of the year. Have you heard of her? If not, you’ll be happy for the introduction after seeing a few views from her online portfolio…

Stylist Lili Diallo

I caught a peek of her upcoming book on Amazon — it is being published by Clarkson Potter and is called Details: A Stylist’s Secrets to Creating Inspired Interiors. It looks quite juicy — I love the idea of a stylist sharing her secrets in a book! I imagine that so many will really feel inspired after seeing beautiful rooms and reading her tips and inspirations throughout. How can you not be!? Below is a shot of the cover, stay tuned for a review once I get my hands on a copy later this year. I can’t wait to share more!

Stylist Lili Diallo

I’m really looking forward to this book and Lili’s take on interior styling and hope that if you have time today that you’ll pop over to her website to see more of her work. Enjoy!

(images: lili diallo)

Posted in Books + Magazines on June 08, 2010

My First Shoot for Decorate

Hello dear friends! I want to quickly pop in to say hello to you, are you doing well today? For many of you this is a holiday, but for me I worked. I am based in Copenhagen this week but today was very special because we went to Sweden for the day and had the best time on our first shoot. We shot the beautiful home of Anna-Malin from Helt Enkelt who is a former montessori school teacher and artist but also a fantastic blog author and decorator. She is very talented. I loved spending the day in her beautiful home and learning of her inspirations and the many handmade things in her home.

Today was the first official shoot for the Decorate book so I was a bit anxious to get started and Anna-Malin made us feel at home — and she prepared a delicious lunch for us. In this photo above you can see Debi (left) and I (right) working. Debi Treloar is the photographer with whom I am working with for the summer and it is an extreme honor to be with such an incrediable talent but also a very sincere and charming woman! Debi has shot many books including Flea Market Style for Emily Chalmers (from the shop called Caravan in London) and many others and I have followed her work religiously for many years and so it is a bit surreal to work with Debi. We had such a great time today with the dear Anna-Malin who even took us shopping afterwards at Indiska and for Swedish design magazines. :)

Thank you so much for opening your home to Debi and I and for making the first shoot for this book so memorable and special to me. Anna-Malin I am so happy to know you!

I will be posting again tomorrow — some inspiration and such — so I’ll meet you back here tomorrow everyone!:)

(image: anna-malin lindgren)

Posted in Books + Magazines on May 31, 2010

We Love Living: New!

While at the farmers’ market this morning gathering peonies, freesia and veggies for my table I came across a kiosk and spotted a brand new decorating magazine called We Love Living. Great title! The magazine is very similar to Living & More (also published in Germany) but has a bit more English text in it and feels fresher and younger which I love.

We Love Living

Their motto is to, “Be the change you want to see in the world”, a familiar expression but so powerful. I like the message behind this magazine as it supports what I stand behind so fully — the idea of loving your life and being happy THEN tailoring your home to meet the needs of you and your family — to support you spiritually, emotionally, physically… in every way. I think for a long time we were more interested in impressing others and less so in living at home – really living there and loving it – this is how it should be but how it wasn’t for awhile as the trend was to simply fill your home with what would make the neighbors say, “Ooooh my”.

We Love Living

These days I feel this shift, it’s been going on for awhile but getting stronger, but I feel a shift in how people live at home and how they are decorating — don’t you? In more affluent parts of the world in pockets where there is wealth there is always a feeling that one must have the biggest and best to beat out all of the others. But in my circle of friends, and no doubt in yours too, there is more of a feeling now to personalize the space and to be a bit different from the pack.

We Love Living

We Love Living

We Love Living

We Love Living

Truly, the home is the only place on earth where we have absolute freedom of self expression. We can run nude from room to room if we choose, eat cereal for dinner from time to time, throw our clothes on the floor if we’re too tired to bother, and dance in the shower singing Donna Summer tunes with a shampoo bottle as our mic. It’s not just where we can be 100% ourselves, but it’s also where we can show our personality through how we choose to decorate and live — the colors we select, the crafts we make and display, all of it gives us a unique opportunity to surround ourselves with what makes us, well, us. I’m still a student of German so I cannot read all of the text in We Love Living as well as I wish I could — but I get the sense that this magazine supports how I feel about the home and it precisely why I like it. It’s also very affordable, only 2,90 Euros per copy and it is sold all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland, 10 issues per year beginning with the one shown in these photos – their first of what I hope to be many, issues to come.

We Love Living

I wish the team in Offenburg at We Love Living, Caroline Vogel, Angelika Wuenscher, Stephanie Volk and Petra Weissburger all the best with their new magazine!

(images: holly becker for decor8)

Posted in Books + Magazines on May 26, 2010


Some of my books...

Further editions available: Decorate published by Murdoch Books for AU/NZ, Decorar BR, Alt om indretning DK, Inspirace pro váš byt CZ, Dekorácie SK, La décoration FR, Lust auf Wohnen DE, Sisusta tyylillä FI and Sztuka aranżacji wnętrz PL.


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