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Appliqué Your Way

I’m so excited to share this news with you today, in fact I couldn’t wait until my copy of Appliqué Your Way arrived for this very reason! If you flip it over you’ll read my praises on the back of Katie Terry’s beautiful new book. Thank you so much Kayte for asking me to be a part of this, I’m honored. And in addition to the projects, the photography is gorgeous and were taken by the extremely talented Jennifer Causey.




I started following Kayte’s work through her blog years back, then I met her in person at a craft fair in Brooklyn back in ’07 and instantly felt a creative connection — she is talented and very humble about it, which I appreciate so much because even in the craft world there can be snobs.  After meeting, Kayte and I worked on a project for a magazine shoot and so I felt confident in supplying a quote for that reason — I felt like I was in the position to give it since I knew her work a little more personally from that experience. Again Kayte, thank you for including me.

If you want a super inspiring, beautiful book all about the art of appliqué — then this book is for you. There are so many things you can embellish in your home including pillows, tea towels, handbags and clothing that you’ll most likely go on a appliqué spree! I can’t wait to try out a few of her ideas. Yay!

(images: holly becker for decor8)

Posted in Books + Magazines on November 04, 2009

Lotta’s Printing Studio

Recently my contact at Chronicle Books in San Francisco was nice enough to send me a copy of Lotta’s Printing Studio, which is more like a kit, and it arrived this morning which was a nice way to begin a new week. Lotta’s Printing Studio was my morning read that I enjoyed as I had breakfast, and bonus! Because it’s very light reading and compact I finished it in about an hour. Yippee! I love a book that is simple and quick when it comes to crafting. If it gets too wordy, I’m likely to not make it beyond chapter 3. This booklet was great and I hope that more craft books go down this path of booklets because they’re so easy to toss in a bag and show your best friend over lunch and they just feel accessible – quite the opposite of some of those crafting bibles out there that often leave me overwhelmed and feeling a bit like I signed up for something I cannot commit to. Or worse, I go out and buy the long list of supplies that the craft project calls for, then I fizzle out halfway through and never go back to the project again. Sure, some things I’ll take my time on like quilting, my last quilt took me a year but it was worth every cut and stitch. However when it comes to an afternoon craft project, I want it quick and dirty. :) Here are a few views of this great new booklet with other goodies on my work table…

Lotta's Printing Studio

Lotta's Printing Studio

Lotta's Printing Studio

Lotta's Printing Studio

In this newly released kit you receive a 48-page booklet, stenciling sponges (2), a set of carving tools with two different blades in case you want to try lino-block printing at home, and custom stencils drawn by the talented Lotta Jansdotter who lives and works in Brooklyn. I’d like to note also that the booklet was photographed by freelance photographer, Jenny Hallengren, who is based in Stockholm. I’ve included a glimpse of her work below too.

Jenny Hallengren Photography

This DIY decorating kit will certainly give you many creative ideas and a ton of inspiration, you’ll be stamping your aprons, curtains, walls, clothing and handbags in no time. And at $19.95, it’s a terrific value. Carving tools alone can run you half of that price, but also consider the stencils included and the sponges. This is a great budget option and would be a perfect gift for a friend who needs a little creative push because it suits beginner and intermediate crafters (though I wouldn’t suggest it for advanced stencil pros and printers, it’s basic and not really meant for those who have years of experience). Enjoy!

And by the way, Chronicle gives me nothing for posting this – they send me books from time to time and if I like them I review them, if not, I don’t. Of course, I get to keep the book but that’s it!

(images: top four: holly becker for decor8, bottom grouping: jenny hallengren)

Posted in Books + Magazines on October 26, 2009

The Well-Dressed Home {Book}

Fashion and interiors definitely go hand in hand, especially since fashion often finds its way into interior design trends within a year or two after walking down the runway… sometimes even sooner. I love watching the master minds out there translate what they’re seeing on the runway into a cohesive collection for the home, whether it’s West Elm, Zara Home, or your local boutique – fashion does seem to inspire many a home collection. Yesterday over at Real Simple, I reviewed a newly published book called The Well-Dressed Home by Annette Tatum, which not only shows examples of fashion and mood boards but how all that inspiration is collection and translated into a room. It’s a rather interesting book, you can read more about it here in case you’ve been wondering about this title since it seems to be popping up on lots of blogs lately.

The Well-Dressed Home

Also, The Well-Dressed Home is the decor8 book of the week. This means that if you purchase it after clicking this link that I will earn 6% from the sale.

Have you read this book? Or flipped through it? What are your impressions?

(images: the well-dressed home)

Posted in Books + Magazines on October 20, 2009

Jonathan Alder Dachshund Bookends

Barnes & Noble has these delicious little dachshund bookends designed by Jonathan Adler and I’m dying here because I cannot order them as they don’t ship outside of the U.S. – wahhhh! (update: Wait! I take that back! They will ship other things outside of books and videos. YAY!) I want these so badly for my books. Well those of you who are in America, you are the lucky ones… You can have this set of precious white resin bookends for under $40. Oh, I’m positively dying here. Want. These. Badly.

Want. These. Badly.

Look at the little tongue. Cute. Ness. And let me tell ya, I just know that pup is sticking his tongue as if to say, “nah nah nah nah you can’t have me!”. Little jerk! Rrrrrr.

(image: barnes & noble)

Posted in Books + Magazines on October 06, 2009


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