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Style Statement: Live By Your Own Design

April 28, 2008

I recently dug into a new book called Style Statement: Live By Your Own Design by image consultants Carrie McCarthy and Danielle LaPorte. As I started into the first section, the ideas sounded vaguely familiar and it was then that I remembered columnist Cynthia King first introduced these ladies to us awhile back in Domino magazine in the May 2007 issue, “Phone date with (style) destiny”. Since I like what I’m reading so far, I’ve decided to make this read the decor8 book of the week.

Style Statement: Live By Your Own Design
I can still recall how intrigued by McCarthy and LaPorte Cynthia was, and their ability to take in all this information about a person and using only two words, describe exactly their style, or as they call it — your Style Statement that defines your authentic self. Self-branding if you will. Cynthia is Cultivated Wonder.

“In a culture obsessed with image and materialism, it can be hard to feel like yourself. Amidst the craze of ?bigger, better, faster?, living real takes some determination. All too often, one?s best self gets buried beneath conformity and confusion. You wonder if the real you?the life-loving, juicy, most dynamic parts of you?can be excavated, re-invented or finally pulled together all in one place.” – Style Statement.

For instance, author McCarthy calls herself Refined Treasure. She has styled and designed homes, hotels, and magazines. LaPorte’s style statement is Sacred Dramatic. She brands companies for a living. You can learn more about the authors on their website, Carrie & Danielle, Inc. I often think I’m too complicated to be described in only two words, which is why I purchased Style Statement: Live By Your Own Design because I’d like to see if after reading this book I can actually do it. The book is loaded with profound (sometimes funny) questions and mini tests, if anything I’m up for a little self-discovery and fun. I’d even love to have a phone consultation with them as did Muse Marian, wouldn’t that be fun?

What can self-branding do for you? These ladies feel that it can help you to be more confident, make wiser decisions, and even dress and decorate with more confidence. In other words, to be more authentic — to be exactly who you are without fear, to live your life in full color.

Has anyone read this book yet or have an interest in uncovering your Style Statement? Your thoughts on this?

(image by holly becker for decor8)

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The Boss of You {book of the week}

April 11, 2008

The Boss of You: Everything A Woman Needs to Know to Start, Run, and Maintain Her Own Business just released and it looks like a very promising read. I think this book is a perfect tie-in to our What To Do… series this week!

The Boss of You {book of the week}

Authors Lauren Bacon and Emira Mears are best friends and business partners based in Vancouver, Canada who founded Raised Eyebrow Web Studio Inc., a business that primarily serves women-run small businesses, arts groups, and not-for-profit organizations. For more information please check out their fabulous blog.

Congratulations lady, you go girls!

(image from bacon and mears)

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Listography {Your Life in Lists}

April 3, 2008

On the whole self help theme, or shall I say, finding your true calling in life, which I love talking about by the way, why not try this fun book/writing exercise… I picked up this new journal tonight since I thought it would be fun to practice what I preach and hey, all of us can learn a thing or two (or 100) about ourselves because the process of growth is never quite complete.

Listography {Your Life in Lists}
Listography – Your Life in Lists is a book authored by Lisa Nola and it’s pretty much self explanatory, pages contain a single sentence meant to push you to fess up like, List Your Guilty Pleasures, List The People You Love The Most, and List Professions You’d Like To Try. It’s a great way for you to open up and write your own autobiography and for $12 it’s a lot cheaper than a therapist.

Listography {Your Life in Lists}My list above is taking shape…

It’s especially helpful for those who have a hard time maintaining a spot where you record your daily life. Some people buy journals with every intention of filling them but then crack it open and ———— draw a blank. Nothing comes to mind, the white pages stay white, and well the book lays in the drawer of your bedside table for months neglected and alone. Poor little journal. This book gets you thinking and writing. How about trying this out for a bit of self discovery? Even for those of you who think you have the world in your hands, it’s still good to take an honest look at yourself because there’s always something new you can learn no matter how far you’ve come. Plus, the more you write lists the more you reveal that deep dark buried under 10,000 layers of clay stuff that otherwise rests untapped in your brain. Dig it out and write about it.

(images from listography)

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Bazaar Style Sneak Peek

March 7, 2008

Yesterday a book arrived in the mail from publisher Ryland Peters & Small in New York that I think you may like to see… It’s called Bazaar Style or as I call it, Bohemian decor gone deliciously wild.

Bazaar Style Sneak Peek
Do you remember Selina Lake? Well she styled the rooms in this book. Photographer Debi Treloar is responsible for the beautiful photos, and FYI her work was featured today by Ez on Creature Comforts (Debi’s portfolio is jaw-dropping, great find Ez as always!). I interviewed Selina recently for decor8 and so to hold her book in my hands today is especially nice since I feel like I know the lady behind the photos making it so much more interesting and special to me.

Click on all images for larger view.

Bazaar Style Sneak PeekBazaar Style Sneak PeekBazaar Style Sneak PeekBazaar Style Sneak PeekBazaar Style Sneak PeekBazaar Style Sneak PeekBazaar Style Sneak PeekBazaar Style Sneak Peek
This book is a visual feast as you can see, not a single of its 144 pages lack a fully-saturated image. Writer Joanna Simmons gives some helpful tips along with Selina on combining different elements to pull together the boho look, so it’s not just pretty but informative. Last year my favorite book was Midwest Modern, this year it may just be Bazaar Style.

You can pre-order it on Amazon for $19 (sponsored link here) or wait until April to pick yours up at the bookstore. Enjoy!

(images taken of personal copy of Bazaar Style by Holly Becker for decor8.)

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Decorating: Better Homes and Gardens

February 15, 2008

You know how Better Homes and Gardens releases special quarterly Decorating issues? Well I rarely purchase them because they’re a little too traditional and ‘perfect’ for my taste and I can’t deal with matchy-matchy interiors. Okay so yesterday I ended up at Barnes & Noble looking for the March LivingEtc issue and since it wasn’t there I picked up the only new thing I could find that looked new — Decorating from BH&G. Expecting to see the normal taupe, blue, chocolate and striped to death interiors, I took a seat and started flipping through it. You know, in that I’m sooo not interested in this magazine but it’s better than nothing fashion. And surprise! This is the part of the story where I eat my words. A darling small space belonging to an artist decorated solely with flea market finds with lots of gold, pink, and turquoise. Pinch me. It’s in the current Spring ’08 issue in case you’re interested and it’s so perfectly imperfect – a knock-out eclectic mix.

Decorating: Better Homes and Gardens
The article is called Breaking Convention (on pages 76-83) and features the colorful space of children’s book illustrator Rosie Winstead photographed by Alise O’Brien. Her Springfield, Missouri home is extremely charming and somewhat small as it’s only 1,100 square-foot space. I tried to find information about Rosie on the web, as the article doesn’t point to a website, but I had little success finding anything personal about Rosie with the exception of the books that she’s illustrated and this bio. I was disappointed to see that the magazine didn’t spotlight the article in their resource guide as I’m dying to know where she found some of her fabric. My guess is that they excluded her home in the guide because so much of it was pulled together using vintage finds so BH&G didn’t have much to go on.

The second I flipped open to this article I thought of Nicole Balch from Making It Lovely because she has a similar color palette in her Chicago home. I can totally see Nicole drooling over this article.

The magazine highlights a smallish living/dining room combo, an office (that was once the dining room) and a lovely bedroom. What I like about it is that Rosie isn’t a professional decorator, she just has that magic touch – she knows what she likes and she has a certain look that she sticks with so whenever she brings something home she’s confident it will fit in. If you notice her work space below, the arrangement of art above her desk is just great and was collected from flea markets and from family members.

Decorating: Better Homes and GardensDecorating: Better Homes and GardensDecorating: Better Homes and GardensDecorating: Better Homes and Gardens
These are very rough shots of my issue only meant to whet your appetite. To see them in all their full-sized glory you’ll need to pick up the issue or purchase a subscription online. I think you’ll like most of the homes featured inside and there’s a huge 14 page section devoted to flooring that I find extremely helpful when it comes to selecting the right surface according to room. Another nice home tour is Think Pink on pages 30-41.

(images from holly becker for decor8)

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Books I’m Excited About…

February 9, 2008

I’m a major book junkie. What about you? But lately I can’t say that a single title has caught my attention, it’s been awhile since I walked into the local bookstore and felt excited about the interior design or arts ‘n crafts section. Fortunately, that’s about to change starting as soon as later this month – yay! Our fantastic design fix is soon to come and I couldn’t be happier. Here are some books on my pre-order wish list, including one from Lotta Jansdotter, a book from Dooce, and that great Selina Lake book discussed here on decor8 recently during our interview. Here’s a few on my wish list…

Books I'm Excited About...

Apartment Therapy Presents: Real Homes, Real People, Hundreds of Design Solutions by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan (the pioneer of design blogs over at Apartment Therapy), Lotta Prints: How to Print with Anything, from Potatoes to Linoleum by Lotta Jansdotter, Bazaar Style by author and stylist Selina Lake (you already met the author here), and Crafting a Business from Country Living magazine.

Also shown above; Junk Beautiful (these ladies have a massive cult following, here’s their first book Junk Market Style), New Decorating: With Stylish, Practical Projects for Every Room by Elizabeth Wilhide (the same author that brought us New Decor, she’s really great), Sew & Stow by Betty Oppenheimer, and Things I Learned About My Dad: Humorous and Heartfelt Essays by Heather B. Armstrong of Dooce fame (Go, Heather!)

Feeling crafty? There’s Papercraft by Angelika Wolk-Gerche, Pretty Little Patchwork and Pretty Little Potholders looks fun, then there’s ReMAKE ReSTYLE ReUSE: Easy Ways to Transform Everyday Basics into Inspired Design (I have this in German but it’s soon to be released in English and I couldn’t be happier!), if you love paper products then The Paper Home: Side Tables, Clocks, Bowls, and Other Home Projects Made from Paper may be a good one for you, it looks like a neat DIY book.

Another few titles that hold promise: Debbie Bliss Home: 27 Hand Knits for Living, Pillow Book: Over 25 Simple-to-Sew Patterns for Every Room and Every Mood, or if you’re in the drawing mood there’s Fashion Illustration Techniques. Finally there’s a little something for the faux fans out there called Paint Style: The New Approach to Decorative Paint Finishes from Benjamin Moore which promises to deliver a more modern take on faux designs (thank God) that mimic wallpaper and such and allows you a shot at some creative expression while saving money by doing it yourself.

Whew! Now if that wish list doesn’t satisfy your cravings…

A few of these titles just released but most of them are available on Amazon as pre-orders. I’m an Amazon affiliate which means I earn a whopping 4% on books that sell via the links above, so maybe if a couple hundred books sell I may be able to buy a paperback. That’s not why I post about books, but I wanted to at least disclose the affiliate part.

(images from amazon)

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